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**AUDITION SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED!  If you would still like to audition, you may come to Civic Theatre during the audition times and we will work you in when we have cancellations/no shows.**


Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is holding auditions for the musical THE SOUND OF MUSIC on Saturday, September 18th and Sunday, September 19th.  Auditions are open to the public.  This production features a cast of 30-35 adults and children (ages 7+). 

Please see the Character Description document below for more specific information about available roles.



Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Suggested by The Trapp Family Singers by Maria Augusta Trapp.

Salzburg, Austria. 1938. Nazi Germany prepares to begin the Second World War. While she takes time to decide whether she wishes to become a nun, Maria takes a job as governess to a large family. She falls in love with the children, and eventually their widowed father, Captain von Trapp. After the Anschluss, Captain von Trapp is ordered to accept a commission in the German navy, but he and Maria execute a plan to flee Austria with the children.



Director: Bruce Tinker

Stage Manager: Rhonda Lehan

Music Director: Brendan Hollins

Choreographer: Lewis Richards

Assistant Music Director: Corie Auger




For more detailed description of the audition experience, including tips on how to prepare, please see the AUDITION GUIDE link below!



  • Auditions are organized in 30 minutes slots by age. You only need to sign up for ONE 30 minute audition slot below! 
    • Saturday, September 18 from 10am-12:30pm: Children ages 7-16 ONLY
    • Saturday, September 18 from 1:30-4:00pm: Adults and Children ages 7-16
    • Sunday, September 19 from 6pm-8:30pm: Adults ages 17+ ONLY
  • Auditions will take place at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre: 30 N. Division Ave, Grand Rapids MI.  You will enter through the Main Lobby Doors on Library Street, across from the Ellis Lot.
  • Please arrive at LEAST 20 minutes prior to your audition time, and plan to be on-site for about 60 minutes.



  • The Audition will consist of a singing element and dance element.  NO reading from the script will happen at the initial audition.
  • Auditionees should prepare 16-32 bars from a Broadway Musical, preferably in the style of the show.  Please bring sheet music that includes a piano part in a 3 ring binder.  An accompanist will be provided. Please see the Audition Guide Link below for more specific guidance on choosing music.
  • The first half of the dance combination will be available via video approximately one week prior to the audition.  Look for it on the Sign Up Genius page!  We will teach the second half of the dance combination at the audition.  See below for links. **PLEASE NOTE: ONLY YOUTH AUDITIONEES AGES 16 AND UNDER WILL DO A DANCE AUDITION**
  • Perusal scripts can be checked out with a $10 deposit at the Civic Theatre Box office M-F 10am-5pm until Friday, September 10th.  After that, you may read the perusal script AT the theatre but the scripts may not leave the building.

DANCE AUDITION VIDEOS:  Auditionees ages 16 and under will learn a short dance combination at the initial audition.  You can learn the first half of the combination using the YouTube Links below, and you will learn the second half at the audition itself.  Adults will NOT need to dance at the initial auditions, but may be asked to dance the callbacks, if invited.



IMPORTANT COVID NOTE:  ALL auditionees, and ANYONE in the building will be required to wear a mask over their mouth and nose while in the building.  We will allow auditionees to remove their masks, if they choose, for their 16-32 bars of singing ONLY.  Auditions will be held on the Meijer Majestic stage to ensure the best possible distancing and ventilation throughout the audition.  For more information on Civic's Current Covid Policies, please see the Audition Guide Link Below. 



Tuesday, September 21st 6-10pm

Callbacks are by invitation only based on the needs of the individual productions.  Those invited to callbacks will likely read scenes & sing songs from the show, and may learn additional choreography.



  • We will be asking EVERYONE in the building to wear a mask over their mouth & nose for the entire audition process EXCEPT for the very short time that they are performing their 16-32 bar song.  PLEASE SEE THE AUDITION GUIDE FOR IMPORTANT, DETAILED COVID PROTOCOLS FOR AUDITIONS, REHEARSALS, AND PERFORMANCES. 
  • Parents may wait with their auditioning child in the waiting area, but will NOT be allowed in the audition room. 
  • Auditions can be very stressful, so we politely request that parents ONLY bring children who are going to be auditioning to the audition to keep the waiting area from becoming over crowded or overly distracting. Thank-you for your understanding.


Location: GRCT

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Created by:   Allyson Paris

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
09/18/2021 (Sat.) 10:00am - 10:30am  

Children ages 7-16 (10)

All slots filled
Ella Redwine
Heidi Fahrenkopf
Brielle Gates
Peter Bryant
Gia Monterusso
Cady Kehr
Olivia Perez
Kayla Bolhuis
Kadence Harris
Mustapha Corneh
10:30am - 11:00am  

Children ages 7-16 (12)

All slots filled
Bria Umlor
Wendy Sutherland
Ainsley Sutherland
Olivia DeMarco
Valarrah Melton
Tabitha Blanski
Abby Blanski
Ellie Brower
Avril Taber
Isla Engelhard
Chiara Hemsley
Susannah Hemsley age 9
Amberly Kies
Braeden Kies
Landon Fleming
Nadia Heath
11:00am - 11:30am  

Children ages 7-16 (12)

9 of 12 slots filled
Kim Morris
Anna Morris
Trey Butka
Margaret Fay
Eleanor Fay
Maggie Martin
Madison Fitch
Madison Fitch
KJ Gorman
Jade Carroll
Elizabeth Sholl
Jason Slaikeu
11:30am - 12:00pm  

Children ages 7-16 (12)

8 of 12 slots filled
Colette Hages
Nora Rumery
Jacob Barnes
Jacob Barnes
Danielle Haskins
Isla Haskins
Megan LaSorsa
Katie Krueger
Sarah Krueger
Ayana Rusticus
Kendra Dame
12:00pm - 12:30pm  

Children ages 7-16 (12)

11 of 12 slots filled
Katie Ouding
Evangeline Ouding
Addison Groom
Rachel Hammond (2)
Parker and Fiona Hammond
Theresa Landis
Emmaline Krajewski
Christian Maloley
Eliza Moody
Breeann Gorham
Hailey Gorham
Angela Ochoa
Audition for Maria Ochoa
Kathryn Bier
1:30pm - 2:00pm  

ALL AGES (7+ through Adult) (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Lindsey Scheidler
Hadley Smelker
Katie DeVries
Hailie MacKay
Adrian Almas
Heidi Brandt
Vanessa Kohlenberger
Jayce Dykstra
Rylie Tate
Sophja Dublis
2:00pm - 2:30pm  

ALL AGES (7+ through Adult) (12)

9 of 12 slots filled
Ellen Terzino
Ava Grillo
Alex Weiss
Jennell Challa
Quinn Kozakiewicz
Krissy Dawn
Anne Slezak
Emily Jacobus
Amelia Moody
Michelle Momber
2:30pm - 3:00pm  

ALL AGES (7+ through Adult) (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Ben Van Dyk
Jessica Carlson
Nicki Paarlberg
Eleanor Paarlberg
Anna Paarlberg
Desi Papangelopoulos
Jonah Howell
Abigail VanDoorne
Jen Adams
Alex Adams, Age 8
Joy De Windt
3:00pm - 3:30pm  

ALL AGES (7+ through Adult) (12)

9 of 12 slots filled
Emma Boer
Joey Collins
Emily Diener
Abby Fischer
Trevor Straub
Faith Adams
Cameron Kok
Jessica McMillan
Gwendolyn Saulino
3:30pm - 4:00pm  

ALL AGES (7+ through Adult) (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Julia Callahan
Addie Huston
Christian Moorlag
Jen Seiler
Isabelle Seiler
Desiree Tuohy
Jaylah Riekena
Tyanna Angeline
Miro Alan Alagoz
Katie Austin
Claire Austin, 9
Kylie Walkington
4:00pm - 4:30pm  

ALL AGES (7+ through Adult) (12)

All slots filled
Morgan Kotrch
Rachel Zywiczynski
Kate Carson
Jennie Judd Reyes
Ashley Isenhoff
Nathan Salvati
Missy Search
Ray Setlock
christina ford
Brielle Ford
Kailey DePriest
Makayla DePriest
Harper Smith
Mustapha Corneh
09/19/2021 (Sun.) 6:00pm - 6:30pm  

Adults Ages 17+ ONLY (14)

13 of 14 slots filled
Sarah Carey-Stoddard
Jennie VanderLugt
Maddie Wierda
Jake Bieniewicz
Carly Uthoff
Christina Gonzalez
Rebecca Boerman
Natalie Aguirre
Irina Kadantseva
Shelley Tober Taylor
Ally Weston
Anthony Ochoa
Alexa Wollney
Oh boy, my apolagies I realized I was signed up under the completely wrong age category and this is me fixing my mistake:0
6:30pm - 7:00pm  

Adults Ages 17+ ONLY (14)

All slots filled
Micah Hamstra
Shannon Driy
Madeline Meeter
Nancy Dodge
Michael Dodge
Allison Gullett
Kayla Felty
Michelle Seguin
Kat Hogan
Amanda Stokes
Rodney TeSlaa
Taylor Nitz
Avery Mills
Robb Lamer
7:00pm - 7:30pm  

Adults Ages 17+ ONLY (14)

All slots filled
Hannah Cooke
Shannon Heldt
Debra Rockey
Chris Koorndyk
Heidi Hertel
Eva Switek
Lareyna Plescher
Grace Caprathe
Melaura Rice
Abbie Westers
Abbie Holmberg
Joseph Nadon
Emily Lipinski
Molly LaBeff
7:30pm - 8:00pm  

Adults Ages 17+ ONLY (14)

13 of 14 slots filled
Diane Machin
Derek Portillo
Tiffany Roy
Ashley Lombardi
Jessica Baker
Jennifer Baker
Sophie Bolen
Elijah Roesner
Hannah Fankhauser
Travis Ebels
Leo Zainea
Herr Zeller or Franz
Meghan Felch
8:00pm - 8:30pm  

Adults Ages 17+ ONLY (14)

12 of 14 slots filled
Erica Zamloot
Jake VanNeuren
Kelsey Colburn
Karrie Noble
Alyssa Bauer
Mary Green
Jaclyn VerHulst
Lyra Galle
Xia Skowronek
Sara Brooks
Can’t wait to audition! Was in this show in elementary as Gretal
Jillian Naeyaert
Erin Robere
8:30pm - 9:00pm  

Adults Ages 17+ ONLY (14)

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