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OPES Angel Tree 2019

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Spread cheer by helping our Orchard Park students and their families enjoy a Merry Christmas. Simply sign up for an Angel, or Angels, and follow the instructions below. Clothing and wish list items are merely suggestions provided by Angel family members and not meant to imply you should complete the list. Your generosity and continued support of this program is immensely appreciated. (Please note, gifts are due back to OPES no later than December 11th so be sure to double check shipping times if you shop on-line.)

  • Deadline to have gifts at OPES (take to front office): Wednesday, December 11, the earlier the better. Please drop off as soon as you have them.
  • New items only
  • Do Not Wrap Gifts
  • Place gifts in any type grocery/shopping bag and label with NUMBER & LETTER (uppercase or lowercase)
  • Include roll of wrapping paper if possible
  • Include gift receipts when possible
Created by:   Cathy Kowalski
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Available Slot

1A, boy age 10

Clothes: sz 12 shirt & pant, sz 14 hoodie, sz 8 shoes, sz 12/14 coat. Favorite color: blue

Sara D’Amico

1a, boy age 10

Gift cards (McDonalds, GameStop, Walmart), loves Carolina Panthers and playing XBox One

Lori Flynn

2A, boy age 10

Clothes: Youth Large shirts & pants, sz 7.5 shoes, sz Large coat. Favorite color: Blue

Leslie McCarty

2a, boy age 10

Legos, scooter, board games, art set, remote control cars, nerf guns

Jennifer Gates

2B, girl age 9

Clothes: Youth M (10/12) shirts & pants, sz 7 shoes, sz M (12) coat. Favorite colors: pink & purple

Kayce Ford

2b, girl age 9

Barbies and Barbie accessories, LOL Dolls, Art kit

Lindsay Link

2C, girl age 6

Clothes: Youth Small (5/6) shirts and pants, sz 1 shoes, sz Small coat. Favorite color: pink

Michelle Martin

2c, girl age 6

Legos, slime, Barbies & accessories, LOL Dolls, Art kit

Jennifer Schreiber

3A, boy age 8

Clothes: Sz 10/12 shirts and pants, sz 5.5 shoes, sz 12 coat. Favorite color red

Brooke Ober

3a, boy age 8

Spikeball kit, Avenger action figures, football and anything football related. Loves Pittsburgh Steelers

Lyndsey Hastings

3B, boy age 12

Clothes: sz 14/16 boys shirts, sz Men's Small pants, sz 11.5 men shoes. Note: favorite color gray

Melissa Koeman

3b, boy age 12

Bluetooth speaker, microwave popcorn popper, GameStop gift card

Kim Hedrick

3C, boy age 17

Clothes: sz Men's XL shirts, pants & coat. Sz men's 12 shoes. Note: likes joggers and Nike socks

Myranda Faulk
Ms. Faulk's Class

3c, boy age 17

Firestick with remote, The Driving Book, GameStop gift card

Lynn Given

4A, boy age 8

Clothes: sz 10/12 shirt, pants, coat. Sz 5 shoes. Favorite colors: blue and green.

Chelsea Charles

4a, boy age 8

Board games, puzzles, books, action figures

Michelle Gamble
Mrs. Gamble's class

5A, girl age 9

Clothes: Sz 10/12 shirts, sz 12 pants, sz 4.5 or 5 shoes, sz 12 coat. Favorite color: purple

Kayce Ford

5a, girl age 9

tablet, bike, electric scooter. Likes cheerleading, making slime

Brooke Ober

5B, girl age 8

Clothes: sz 10/12 shirts and pants, sz 4.5 shoes, sz 12 coat. Favorite color: green

Sara D’Amico

5a, girl age 8

tablet, bike, Barbie mansion. Likes soccer and playing on electronics

Kin Hedrick

5C, girl age 11

Clothes: sz 14/16 shirts and pants, sz 9 shoes, sz 16 coat. Favorite color: blue

Karen Barnes Dineley

5c, girl age 11

tablet, laptop, clothes and shoes (see 5A for sizes). Likes painting nails, lip gloss, drawing

Karen Barnes Dineley

5D, girl age 12

Clothes: sz 14/16 shirts, sz 14 pants, sz 9 shoes, sz 14 coat. Favorite color: Yellow

Nichol Druckemiller

5d, girl age 12

tablet, laptop, clothes (see 5D for sizes). Likes drawing and art-related activites

Faith Riquelme
Tablet and Art Supplies

6A, boy age 7

Shirt and Pants size 8, Shoes size 1.5, Jacket size 8, Favorite Color is Red

Elizabeth Mix

6a, boy age 7

Roller blades, Legos, family board games, Discovery Kits. Likes Basketball, Carolina Panthers, drawing and books on Animals

Amanda & Scott Stack

6B, girl age 4

Shirt/Pants size 5, Jacket size 5, Shoes size 10.5-11. Favorite colors Pink and Purple

Kyla Perey

6b, girl age 4

Likes Doc McStuffins, Pretend Purse playset, Elsa dress, Baby doll, building blocks

Amanda & Scott Stack

7A girl age 16

shirt size woman's large, pants size 7, coat woman's large

Myranda Faulk
Ms. Faulk's Class

7a girl age 16

Loves Art and drawing pencils


7B girl age 14

shirt-junior XL, pant junior 11, coat junior XL

Rebecca Chassie

7b girl age 14

Likes fashion and Volleyball

Kristy Rossi

7C boy age 3

shirts/pants Youth small, coat youth small

Melissa Michael
Ms Munn and Mallery’s class

7c boy age 3

loves Spiderman and sports

Amanda & Scott Stack

7D girl age 6

shirt/pant youth large, coat -youth large

kristin wade

7d girl age 6

slime, dress up, dolls likes dance

Lauren Poleto

7E girl age 7

shirt/pants, youth medium, coat Y-M

Emily Richelson

7e girl age 7

slime. dress up, dolls and likes dance

Michelle Gras

8A, girl age 10

Shirt/Pants Youth XL (14/16), Shoes size 7, Jacket size 14/16. Favorite color yellow

Lauren Bumgardner
Mrs. Mallery's class

8a, girl age 10

LOL dolls, lip gloss, JoJo Swia, purse, iphone, laptop, finger nail items, jewerly. Likes the Panthers and dance

Michelle Gamble
Mrs. Gamble's class

8B, girl age 8

Shirt/pants size 10-12 (youth large), shoes size 6, Jacket size 10-12 (youth large), Favorite color, Pink, blue and red

Melissa Michael
Ms Munn and Mallery’s class

8b, girl age 8

LOL dolls, lip gloss, unicorns, purse, iphone, nail supplies, jewerly. Likes Dallas Cowboys and gymnastics

Kelli Schimpfhauser

9A, boy age 8

*Sensory Child (prefers soft, fuzzy blankets, pj's etc) Shirts sze 14, PJ's- 14/16, Pants size 12, shoes size 4, Jacket size 14. Favorite color Red

Sophia Stansbery

9a, boy age 8

Wooden Build Kits from Lowes, Pokemon, Bey Blades, A-Z Mystery Books, I survived Books, Super Heros. Likes Panthers

Amanda & Scott Stack

9B, girl age 9 months

12 months clothes size, shoes 2-3 (infant), Jacket size 12 months. Pink

Khanh Ton

9b, girl age 12 months

Learning Toys (Daddy likes the Red Sox, and Patriots)

Maggie Laval

10A, boy age 9

Pants/Shirts size 8, Shoes size 2, Jacket size 8. Likes Blue

Carolyn Wray

10a, boy age 9

Tablet, Clemson Football


10B, boy age 8

Shirt/Pants size 8, Shoes size 2, Jacket size 8. Likes Red

Elizabeth Bradley

10b, boy age 8

Tablet, Basketball and the Chicage Bulls

anna tindal

10C, boy age 6

shirt/pants size 6, Shoes size 9, Jacket size 6. Likes green and yellow

Bethany Thomas

10c, boy age 6

Paw Patrol truck sets, likes Clemson Baseball, plays football

Amanda & Scott Stack

10D, girl age 13

Shirts, XL woman's, Pants-junior 17, Shoes 8, Jacket woman's size XL

Josh Welch

10d, girl age 13

Amazon Gift card, Likes to do Nail art

Deanna Scott

10E, boy age 17

Men's shirt size Large, Pants size 30, shoes men's size 10, Orange

Jenn Grant

10e, boy age 17

Apple Music gift card, likes The Panthers. Plays football

Jenn Grant

11A, boy age 11

Shirt/pant size 10-12, Shoes size 6, Jacket size 12. Likes Red and Black

Kim Hedrick

11a, boy age 11

PS4 games, Likes The Panthers, football and Basketball. Favorite color is Red, Black

Hillary Barger

11B, boy age 9

shirt/pants size 10, shoes 4.5, Jackets size 10. Likes Red

Amie Timmons

11b, boy age 9

PS4 games likes football, Seatlle Seahawks, playing games

Amy Bunting

11C, girl age 8

Shirt/pants- size 8, shoes size 3.5, jacket size 8. Likes Purple

Tina Hansen

11c, girl age 8

LOL Dolls, making jewerly, drawing. Likes Clemson Cheerleading and Football. Enjoys crafting

Kayce Ford

11D, boy age 7

Shirts/Pants size 8, shoes size 2.5, Jacket size 8. Likes Green

Haylie Kokoski

11d, boy age 7

Hot Wheels, Nerf guns, likes to craft and create. Likes the Panthers

Amanda & Scott Stack

11E, boy age 17

Shirt Men's M, Pants 30/32, Shoes 8.5-9, Coat Men's M

Meagan Glasco

11e, boy age 17

Art supplies, Likes to paint and draw

Danielle Campolo

12A, boy age 7

Shirt/Pants size 7-8, Shoes size 1y, Jacket size 7-8. Likes Blue

Jane Kirk

12a, boy age 7

Walkie Talkies, Pokemon toys, How to train your Dragon, tent. Likes the Panthers and Clemson

Allison Cramer

12B, boy age 4

shirt/pants size 5, Jacket size 5, shoes size 12 youth

Natalie Sanders

12b, boy age 4

Lego Duplo, power rangers, paw patrol, scooter, play doh. Likes football and coloring

Lisa Church

12C, boy age 2

Size 2T, Jacket 2T, shoes size 9 toddler.

Nicole Keeter

12c, boy age 2

Drum Sets, Guitar, toy cars, tricycle, dinosaurs, learning toys

kori mcintyre

13A, boy age 8

shirt/pants/coat size 8-10 (likes the Dallas Cowboys), likes light blue

Heather Stout

13a, boy age 8

video games PS3, likes to ride bikes, Likes Dallas Cowboys

Ashley VanHoose

13B, boy age 12

shirt/pants-youth XXL (18-20) coat-youth XXL (18-20) likes blue

Summer Hill

13b, boy age 12

likes Dallas Cowboys, Video games for Xbox One, likes blue. Gift cards

Tanya Smith

14A, boy age 9

Shirt 14/16, Pants 14/16, Jacket 14/16, shoes 8.5

Deb Rapa

14a, boy age 9

Likes Football, remote control planes. favorite colors red and blue. Likes the Panthers. Likes Basketball

Sarah Mcknight

14B, girl age 10

Shirts M-adult, Pants M-adults, Shoes size 9, Coat size M-adult. Likes Pink and Purple

Ashley Sweren

14b, girl, age 10

telescope, likes cooking, dance, and drawing

Deb Rapa

14C, girl age 3

shirt/pants 5T, Coat 5T, shoes size 10. Likes Pink

Danielle Campolo

14c, girl age 3

Bears and dolls, Minnie Mouse, drawing and cooking

Allison Cramer

15A, girl age 11

shirt -woman S/M, Pants, size 11/12 woman, shoes size 10.5/11, jacket woman's M/L. Likes shades of Blue

Kerri Mason

15a, girl age 11

converse high top (shoes), Hoodie shirts or dress, LOL Dolls, soccer ball, bike, scooter, jewerly maker, ipod, crocs with charms, slimes. Likes the Tar Heels, Panther's, crafting

Angela Baartman

15B, girl age 9

Shirts 12-14 (youth), pants 12-14 (youth), shoes size women's 8, jacket size 12-14. Likes purple

Aimee Carlotto

15b, girl age 9

karaoke machine, bike, scooter, microphone, learning games, slime, drum set, big LOL dolls, Baby reborns, Tablet, TV, build a Bear

Kristin Prater

15C, girl age 6

Shirts youth 10-12, pants 10-12, Jacket 10-12, shoes size 4/5. Likes pink

Katie Rutledge

15c, girl age 6

scooter, bike, power wheels (big wheel), learning games, kitchen set, baby alive, American girl doll, Ipod or tablet, keyboard piano, barbies, leapfrog

Kristin Prater

16A, boy age 9

Shirt size youth large (10-12), Pants size 9-10, shoes 6 y, jacket size 10. Likes Red

Kelley Macdonald

16b, boy age 9

Books, Games, toys. Like football and Karate

Patricia James

17A, girl age 8

shirt-youth XXL or Women's M, shoes 7.5-8 (w) jacket size youth XXL or adult M. Likes pink and purple

Megan Pavlovic

17a, girl age 8

Dolls, art supplies, books, slime, prefers girl themed toys and art

Kelli Schimpfhauser

17B, boy age 13

shirts-Men's XXL, pant-46, Men's size 13-shoe, Coat Men's XXL. Likes Red


17b, boy age 13

sports items, games, fortnite. Likes Basketball and Football

Erin Bieterman

18A, boy age 6

shirt xs (6), pant 6, shoe size 12-13, coat youth small. Likes Red

Suzanne Bayko

18a, boy age 6

dinosaurs, tractors, boy themed toys, superheros. Likes building, riding bikes, outdoors, coloring

Debbie Gazzuolo Ward

18B, boy age 10

shirt - youth large (10-12), pants (12), shoes size 2.5 0r 3 youth, coat 10-12. Likes red

Gigi Roland

18b, boy age 10

Superhero's, problem solving games, boy themed toys. Likes baseball, riding bikes an building

Pam Kedenburg

19A, boy age 10

shirts-xxl, Pants -size 36, shoes 8.5, coat-XL. Likes Red

Jennifer Goggans

19a, boy age 10

PS4 games, building items, drawing materials, coloring. Likes computers, video games and riding bikes, games and basketball

Tara Sheheane

19B, boy age 12

Shirt-XL, Pants-34, shoes size 9, coat-Men's large. Likes Red, Blue and black

Kelly Sittloh

19b, boy age 12

PS4 games, building items. Likes computers, riding bikes, and video games. Likes the Panthers, basketball and the color Blue

Lauren Rabb

20 A, boy age 11

shirt-youth XL (16), Pants, 16 Husky, shoes 8-8.5, coat-Youth XL-XXL. likes green

Robin Schachtner

20a, boy age 11

Halo and Call of Duty minfigures, Books about Castles and Lego's. likes to play Lego worlds, football and soccer

Robin Schachtner

21 A, girl age 12

shirt/pant youth 12, shoes size 6, coat-youth 12. Likes purple

Lisa Anderson Anderson

21a, girl age 10

slime kit, LOL dolls, easy bake oven with mixes, nail polish. Likes art's and crafts, dance and music

Amanda & Scott Stack

21B, boy age 9

shirt/pant 12, coat -12, shoes size 6. Likes Red

Roxana and Kevin Sullivan

21b, boy age 9

racing cars, remote control car, spiderman, Ironman, transformors, fortnite, video games for xbox 1, Nintendo DS games. Likes to build things

Sue & Matt Lydon

21C, boy age 7

shirt/pants 10-12, coat-10-12, shoes size 5. Likes Green

Rebecca Chassie

21c, boy age 7

Batman, Ninja Turtles, race cars, board games, xbox 1 games, Nintendo DS games. Likes to build.

Jill Fowler

21 D, girl age 13

shirts-womans XXL, pants 18, shoes 8.5, coat-XXL. Like Black, Red and White

Patricia James

21d, girl age 13

art's and craft's, nail polish, nail art, writing journals, BTS singing group, Anime Korean Pop

Anne Goodson
Molly & Mac Goodson

22 A, boy age 9

shirts/pants-size 10, shoes-4.5, coat-size large. Likes Red

Jennifer Purvis

22 a, boy age 9

Loves Science Kits, Pokemon cards, Yugi OH cards, Land of stories books, spy kit. Likes the Panthers, enjoys creating things, reading and football

Patricia James

22 B, girl age 11

shirts/pants-youth 12-14, shoes-4.5, coat large. Likes pink and purple

Allison Tooley

22b, girl age 11

Poekmon cards, craft kits, Amulet book series, LOL items, Likes the Panthers, and crafting

Jeffrey and Jessica Gaul (P)
Jessica Gaul

23A, girl age 8

Clothes: shirts and pants sz 8/10, shoes sz 3, coat sz 8/10

Jennifer Purvis

23a, girl age 8

D.I.Y kits, Nail polish kits, fake nails

Jacy Kelly

23B, boy age 6

Clothes: shirts and pants sz 8, shoes sz 3, coat sz 8

Mindy Franklin

23b, boy age 6

Nerf guns, baseball equipment or sporting goods gift card, anything sports related

Mindy Franklin
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