Confirmation Candidates 2021

The Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation 2021

Confirmation Masses:

  • May 2, 2021 at 1:00PM - St. Athanasius Car Mass
  • May 2, 2021 at 3:00PM - St. Athanasius Car Mass

Dear Candidates, Sponsors & Parents,

I want to thank you for your support this past year as we journied through a year of unexpected challenges and unexpected graces poured out upon the Reading Catholic Community through the works of so many faith filled volunteers and families.

Our 20/21 Confirmation Prep Program is large, the largest it has been in my 11 years of service here in Reading.   Being large in numbers is both a blessing and a challenge when trying to plan for 152 teens who hope to celebrate this sacrament in the next few months.  We have concluded our process of discernment on how we best honor the two year preparation process that is built upon strengthing our relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church through study, prayer, worship and service.

We are happy to offer a full Mass for each celebration versus celebrating Rite of Confirmation only (which is a current practice during COVID).  Thinking outside of the box, in order to keep candidates and their families safe we have decided on offering a "Car Mass".  The "Car Mass" will provide immediate family members the opportunity to attend their candidate's celebration with their Sponsor as long as they are all members of the same "bubble" or "pod".   You are limited by the number of guests that can fit in one car per candidate.  Each family is allowed one car.  

Our celebrations for the Sacrament of Confirmation will be held on Sunday, May 2nd at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.  Both Masses will take place at St. Athanasius. 

In order to preapare for these celebrations all candidates must use the following link to enter their Full Name (First, Middle, Last), their Confirmation Name (Saint Names Only) and Sponsor Information.  Note: this link will also provide information to candidates that will guide them in selecting their Confirmation Name and Sponsor.

*Please select your date below and fill out online form on RCC's Website no later that March 15th.

Link for Confirmation Name & Sponsor Information  -

I am hosting two Zoom Parent Meetings after Easter - April 12th and April 14th, both at 7:00 pm.  You only need to attend one to review the details of our Masses and ask questions you may have.

Join Zoom Meeting Link -

Password - Disciple

I realize that the "Car Mass" will be a new experience for many,  however to date, our celebrated Car Masses have been wonderful, the music joyfilled and reception of the Eucharist,  profound.  It truly is a testimony to the perserverance of a community of faith, while keeping all who attended safe.

Thank you again for your support.

United in Christ,

Paula Colpitts

Date: 05/02/2021 (Sun.)

Location: St. Athanasius

Created by:   Paula Colpitts
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Time (EDT) Select ONE Celebration Only
1:00pm - 2:15pm  

Candidate First, Confirmation & Last Name (76)

Sponsor First & Last Name

All slots filled
Kathleen OLeary
John E. Kennedy
Hellena Trojer
Isabell Handl
Pam Higgins
Caroline Higgins Kathy Piretti
Max Conway
Eleana Conway
Audra Cashin
Sally Theresa Cashin
Ethan and Hope Haggerty
Tim Haggerty and Julie McDonough
Nate Johnson
Alice Shaughnessy
Audra Cashin
Emmy Marie Cashin
Robert John Granara
Dana Granara
Patti Thomson
Kevin Thomson Lisa Thomson
Madison Fox
Lois Wilson
Kasie Sullivan
Ava Anne Sullivan, Katherine Sullivan
Stacey Levesque
Lauren Levesque
Grace Sullivan
confirmation name: Grace Elaine Sullivan, sponsor name: Elaine Quartarone
Janeane Pennucci
Evan Pennucci. Sponsor : Jared Pennucci
Lesley Fraine
Daniel Gerald Fraine
Kelly Trahan
Thomas John Trahan Sandy Czarnota
Karen Serevitch
Anna Serevitch, sponsor: Olivia Parziale
Kate Leone
Sponsor is Erica Alves; St. Jude
Maureen Hurley
Katherine ‘Isabelle’ Hurley; sponsor: Abigail Hurley
Lily Haverty
Dina Marie Cail
Nora Flaherty
Kate Flaherty
Dina Cail
Lori Ann Haverty
Olivia Beaupre
Taylor Perella
Kerry Yurewicz
Sofie Yurewicz , Sponsor Madelyn Yurewicz
Jodi Cirrone
Brianna Cirrone, Marisa Cirrone sponsor
Laurie Abdella
Andrew Abdella, Joseph Abdella
Ethan, Aaron Bean
Gail Bean
Alicia Garbarino
Michael Kenneth Joseph Miele
Charles joseph Miele (sponser)
Michael Garbarino
Andrea Lindmark
Melissa Lindmark
Liam and Joseph Donaghey
Eric Donaghey/Robert O'Meara
Daniela McGilvray
Benjamin McGilvray
Melissa Vaccari
Ava Vaccari/ Will Vaccari
Lynne Upton
Scott Maurice Upton Sponsor’s name: Kevin Upton
Connor Gorski
Barbara Gorski
Caren Champa
Joseph Champa; Richard LeBlanc
Thomas Kessinger
Thomas Kessinger
Christine Collymore
Spencer Collymore, sponsor Eric Fields
Michele Farrell
Abigail Farrell
Jon Dougherty
Lauren Kennedy
Madeline LaMarche
Thomas Fratto
Meredith Maietta
Cara Joyce
Lindsey Joyce
Guy DeMartinis
Amy St Joan (of Arc) DeMartinis sponsor is Melissa Mendez
Bryan Beneke
Jean Von Ancken
Molly Strout
Ryan Anthony Strout. Sponsor: Caitlin Strout
Julie Raimo
Jack Raimo, TBD for sponsor
Giacomo Iapicca
Giacomo, Angelo Iapicca
Christy Magoon
Owen Magoon, Jeanne Walker
Shannon Doherty
Jesse Doherty
Max Leone
Sponsor = Jonathan Alves; St. Sebastian
Susan Gigliotti
Mikayla "Lucia" Gigliotti; sponsor Carolyn Livingston
Laura Perpetua Yatsuhashi
Lindsay Yatsuhashi
Becky Maitino
Marcello Anthony Maitino, Gabriella Maitino
Declan Joseph Reilly
Braden Reilly
Jill DeCourcy
Matthew DeCourcy-Kelley Cleary
Dorothy Mahoney-Sweeney
Danielle Sweeney
Allyson Murphy
James Murphy
Stacy Mazzarella
Pat Ross
Karen Galvin
Galvin, Zachary
Erin McTaggart
Erin Marie McTaggart Barbara Cefali
Kelli Learned
Carter Richard Learned Erin Lyle
Maria Puglielli
Joseph John Puglielli, Leah Puglielli
Joseph Shutt
Charles Shutt
Linda Camelo
Caitlyn Maria Camelo (Sponsor Courtney Camelo)
Julie Bass
Emily Rose Bass Sponsor: Rosann Hansen
Valerie Bennett
Gabriella Gloria Bennett. Sponsor Nicole Politano
James John Filosa
Andrea McNamara
Sean Tesoro
Ally Tesoro
Kathleen Ryan
Darren Jerome Ryan, Timothy Ryan
Brian DeMild
John Doherty
Pina Rizza
Maximus Rizza
Olivia Fiorenza
Conf Name-Lorraine; Sponsor-Matthew Fiorenza
Benjamin Wright
Sponsor - Kevin Wright
3:00pm - 4:15pm  

Candidate First, Confirmation & Last Name (76)

Sponsor First & Last Name

69 of 76 slots filled
John Reilly
Kathleen Reilly
Maxwell Carcione
Maxwell Joseph Carcione
Timothy Mulvey
Matthew Mulvey
Cooper James Johnson
Maureen Kenney
Susan Marquardt
Erin Marquardt, Michael Marquardt
Jessica Malley
Jacqueline Malley
Angela Pinette
Daniel Pinette, Jennifer Silva
Jacquelyn DiDonato
Anne McDonnell
Barbara Mulvey
Ryan Mulvey, Mary Ann Sullivan
Amy Keddy
Ella Marie Keddy ~ Maureen Bollacker
Julia Barbato
Julia Barbato, Ella Barbato
Katrina Maher
Samantha Maher & Alexandra Maher
Emma Aiello
Sandra Savini
Elise Verrier
Jocelyn King
Megan Pappo
James Mourad
Nicole O’Sullivan
Helen Conroy
Patrice Duggan
Timothy Duggan Julia Duggan
Megan McLaughlin
Natalie Sullivan
Laura Gesmundo
Suzanne Millett
Ethan Forse
David Walsh
Lindsey McCarthy
Daniel Baxter McCarthy
Marianne Tompkins
Peter Michael Tompkins Alli Tompkins
Will Schromn
Will Schromm Catherine Sutherland
Thomas Walsh
Thomas TBD Walsh- sponsor Chris Walsh
Alexander Hanson
Marisa Centrella
Olivia Ritondo
Thomas Ritondo
Colleen Dolan-Murphy
Sean Murphy, Stephen Murphy
Trevor Coughlin
Matt Coughlin
Michelle Goldner
Courtney, St Angela, Goldner. Sponsor: Stephanie Goldner
Amanda Adreani
Debbie Decologero
Nick Fenuccio
Katie Johnson
Olivia Johnson, Caroline Johnson
Victoria Bean
Joseph Bean
Kaitlyn Drummey
Maura Drummey
Sarah Collins
Madeleine Tattrie
Elisabeth Quirbach
Lauren Cosgrove
Natalie Cecilia Ho
Natalie Cecilia Ho, TBD
Michael Joseph Iacoviello
Joseph Iacoviello, III
Caroline Kyle
Melissa Pucci
Andrew Francis Pucci Kevin Petrillo
Diane Naczas
Nicole Matilda Naczas Brooke Naczas (sponser)
Benjamin DiNapoli
Benjamin DiNapoli - Daniel Flaherty
Jennifer Taupier
Andrew Taupier, James Curley
Kristi Keaveney
Courtney Cecilia Keaveney, Ashley Keaveney sponsor
Christian Alfieri
Phoebe Kilduff
Phoebe Ceciila Kilduff, Ann Morris
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Stephanie Bonarrigo
Paige Sharkey
Kelly Imperato
Michael Guarracino
Michael Gatta
Emily Croteau
Connie MacQuarrie
Makayla, Camilla Bruzzese
Madison Bruzzese
Cole Kenyon
Jeena Granata
Collin Michael Donahue
Richard Donahue Ii
Hunter Connelly
Stephen Surette
Michelle Walsh
Mary Kiene
Christopher Matias
Bella Matias
Valerie Loughman
Shane Mark Loughman, Alana Loughman
Catherine Horan
Madeleine Columba Gray, Joshua Gray
Jana DiNapoli
Alex Luca DiNapoli, Jana DiNapoli
David Swanson
Brady Brian Swanson; sponsor David Swanson
Brian Nowicki
Braden Maximilian Nowicki Michael Ferragamo
Karen Bartley
Luke Bartley Jack Bartley
Danielle Bekkenhuis
Aidan Bekkenhuis
Julie Centrella
Eileen Walsh
Allyssa Clarkson
Emily Clarkson
Michenzi McKenna
Thu 4/8/2021 7:54 PM - We would like the 3 o’clock time for the conformation mass please
Ashley Mary Ockerbloom
Molly Ockerbloom
Natalie Benassi
Sponsor - Andrew Benassi
Molly Keating
Molly Margaret Keating and Abigail Agnes Keating
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