Confirmation Candidates 2020

The Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation 2020

Dear Candidates, Sponsors & Parents,

I want to thank you for your patience allowing the Reading Catholic Community to plan a celebration worthy of each candidate's reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

We are a large faith filled community which is a blessing and a challenge, when trying to plan for over 130 teens to celebrate this sacrament.  We have concluded our process of discernment on how we best honor the two year preparation process that is built upon strengthing our relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church through study, prayer, worship and service.

We are happy to offer a full Mass for each celebration versus celebrating Rite of Confirmation only.  Thinking outside of the box, in order to keep candidates and their families safe we have decided on offering a "Car Mass".  The "Car Mass" will provide families the opportunity to attend their candidate's celebration with their Sponsor and grandparents.   You are only limited by the number of guests that can fit in one car per candidate.  Each family is allowed one car.

Our celebrations for the Sacrament of Confirmation will be held on Saturday, September 26th at 10:00 am and 12 noon.  Both Masses will take place at St. Athanasius. 

*Our Rain Date is Saturday, October 3rd 10:00 am & 12 noon.

Please sign up below, following the directions - entering First Name, Confirmation Name & Last Name of your candidate as well as their Sponsor's First and Last Name.  If we are missing any information we will contact families.

I am hosting Zoom Parent Meetings Wednesday Evenings this month - September 9th, 16th & 23rd at 7:00 pm.  You only need to attend one to review the details of our Masses, and ask questions you may have.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 7453 1271
Passcode: Spirit

I realize that the "Car Mass" will be a new experience for many.  I attended my first "Car Mass" two weeks ago.  The message was wonderful, the music was joyfilled and receiving the Eucharist was profound, as I was overwhelmed at the perserverance of people of faith while keeping all who attended safe.

Thank you for your patience and support.

United in Christ,

Paula Colpitts





Date: 09/26/2020 (Sat.)

Location: St. Athanasius

Created by:   Paula Colpitts
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Time (EDT) Select ONE Celebration Only
10:00am - 11:30am  

Candidate First, Confirmation & Last Name (65)

Sponsor First & Last Name

50 of 65 slots filled
Cameron m Thornton Thornton
Ken Howland
Amy Staffier
Isabella Catherine Staffier
Kristen Gohr
Kathryn Frances Gohr John Gohr
Gretchen Masciarelli
Rocco Bernard Masciarelli , Joseph Tramontozzi
Carolynn DiCostanzo
Sara Teresa DiCostanzo \Christina DiCostanzo(sponsor)
Samuel Lonks
Linda Ahl
Karen Hammond
Tyler Hammond/. Matthew Hammond
Sara Haas
Laura Haas
Michele Malley
Jacqueline Malley, Steve Malley
Patti Thomson
Leah Thomson Lisa Thomson
Fran Sullivan
Joseph Luigi Sullivan, Vincent Sullivan
Suzette Goodchild
Collin George Goodchild, Steven Colitz
Kelli Benoit
Ryan Michael Benoit Kenneth Carter Jr.
Heather Murphy
Elizabeth Anne Murphy, Kimberlee Murphy
Danianne Pettorossi
Eric Leonardo Pettorossi, Frank Divito
Kelly Rae
Connor Peter Patterson, Jake Matthews
Michelle O'Connor
Ryan Roman O’Connor; Cara O’Neill
Claudia Kessinger
Maria Tavares
Kate Coughlin
Margaret Meehan
Marielle Pacillo
Michael, Anthony Agahigian sponsor Dante DeMarco
Marielle Pacillo
Anthony Michael Agahigian; Deniro DeMarco
Michele Pacillo
Maria Anne DeLuca Talia Anne DeLuca
Anthony DiVito
Kevin Shanley
James Goodreau
Robert Goodreau
Michael Dufton
Elizabeth Dufton
Grace Whalen
Thomas Whalen
Michael DiBenedetto
Anthony D’Aurora
Peyton Coppins
Peyton MaryEllen Coppins. Susan Connelly
Ricki Shankland
Kate Mary Shankland, Mary Senn
Suzette Goodchild
Colby Arnold Goodchild, Ryan Colitz
Benjamin Sperling
David Graziose
Nathaniel Boran
Nathaniel David Anthony Boran- sponsor- Jacqueline Lourenco
Will Sullivan
Dan Sullivan
Jenn Romboli
Rachel Marie Romboli, Alexa Romboli
Andrew Cabral
Victor Tavares
Lauren Fischer
Sean Fischer
Eva D’Entremont
Eva Jacqueline d’Entremont
Kyle Fahey
George Fahey
Jack Stathoulopoulos
Katie Stathoulopoulos
Michael Harden
Jennifer Harden
Elizabeth Napolitano
Ava Lucia Napolitano, Gabriella DeMaio
Josephine Keane
Ciara Martha Keane and. Nancy Daly
Jacqueline Duggan
Mary Agnes Duggan Elizabeth Duggan
Mary Duggan
Martha Grace Duggan Jennifer Albanese
Jennifer Battaglia
Madison Battaglia. Renee Gibbs
Catherine Connolly
Catherine Wilson
Ann Cruickshank
Liam John Cruickshank & Michael Cruickshank
Cindy Crosby
Emily Veronica Crosby Lindsay McCarthy
Colin O'Sullivan
Sandy Middleton
Meg Belezos
Logan Belezos, Brendan LaPuma
12:00pm - 1:30am  

Candidate First, Confirmation & Last Name (65)

Sponsor First & Last Name

All slots filled
Julia Mullen
Julia Mary Mullen; Nancy Savageau
Noreen Ryan
Aidan Patrick Ryan, Kaitlyn Ryan
Emilia Capone
Felicia Elizabeth Capone?, Celia Capone
Isabella Matias
Elizabeth Failla
Kerri Martell
Emily Helen Martell, Meg Gallagher
Miguel Martin
Santiago Martin
Heather Boudreau
Ryan Boudreau
Stephen Burke
Stephen Bernazzani
Kim Murphy
Brendan Joseph Murphy. Sponsor: Nicholas Murphy
Shannon Lightbody
Sophie Elizabeth Lightbody Haley Lightbody
Liam O'Connor
Barbara O'Connor
Jennifer Zurcher
Meaghan Patricia Zurcher, Margaret Mertens
Tommy Joyce
Michael Joyce
Teresa Arent
Madaket Rose Rzepka, Mary-Kate Bourn
Parker Devlin
Mark Bouyer
Michael Wall
Lyn Schimidt
Owen Schromm
Bill Sutherland
Daniel Robinson
Matthew Clemente
Alicia Zessis
Franklin Michael Zessis; Sponsor Robert Dangelmaier
Sandra Palermo
Nicholas Francis Palermo - Patrick Couillard
Jake Donovan
Beth Murray
Jill DiCara
Matthew Domenic DiCara. Nick DiCara
Beth Murray
Colin Murray Kristen Donovan
Kim Shanley
Sophie Shanley Janet Gallagher
Debbie Nusinov
Victoria Nusinov Julie Gibson
Joan Ferranti
Joseph Anthony Ferranti, Sponsor-Joseph Ferranti
Eileen Wilkes
Megan Marie Wilkes, Sandra Barrett
Dan Hackett
John Wayne Fox
Amy Gorman
Megan Gorman and Nicole Gorman
Kevin Kinney
Shirley Kinney
Natasha Costa
Benjamin Costa
Lisa Egan
Madeline Egan, Sarah Fitzmaurice
Lisa Egan
John (Jack) Egan, Sean Egan
Mary Houghton
Will Flaherty, Paul Houghton
Jeannette Koulouris
Lauren Victoria Koulouris, Chad Lemieux
Aidan O'Brien
Joseph Mulkern
Ashley Brzezenski
Christina Brzezenski
Connie DiMeo
Arianna Christina DiMeo
Melissa Lynch
Alexandra Anne Lynch Carolyn Bilodeau
Andrew Gagnon
Daniel Gagnon
Janice O’Brien
Julie Margaret O’Brien - Erin Fitzpatrick
Ali Silveira
Charles Silveira
Charles Lloyd
Emma Lloyd
Annmarie Goodspeed
Bailey Patricia Goodspeed. Morgan Goodspeed
Molly Julianna Manfredi
Martha Tucker
Matthew Ronayne
John Ronayne
Lynda Michel
Tricia Brisbois
Virginia Giuliotti
Sam Anthony Giuliotti, Joseph Giuliotti
Marissa Iapicca
Lauren McNelley
Gina Defilippo
Gianna Defilippo & Debbie West
Maria Georgopoulos
Dionysios, Paul Georgopoulos | John Tavano
Kyra O'Neill
Jacqueline O'Neill
Mary Pastore
Eva Lucia Pastore, Denise Tracey
Julia Delaney
Katherine Delaney
Solana O'Shea
Mateo Cappuccio
Corinna Tavano
Serafina Alina Tavano /. Sponsor: Corrine DiPietro
Michelle McKenna
Caitlin Nicole McKenna, Lisa Novello
Kyle O'Neill
Donald Parilla
Mary Ellen Chamberlain
Olivia Felicity Chamberlain *: Michele Flynn
Samantha Brabeck
Kalina Brabeck
John Drummey
Patrick Drummey
Anna Bonazoli
Sheila Mulroy
Cathy Brown
Kiley Carmen Brown, Alison McDonough
Samantha lydon
Kay Lydon
William (Matthew) Adams
Catherine Adams
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