Christmas Baskets 2018

Christmas Basket Program

Grace Church has 45 families and 15 seniors to provide for this Christmas.  

Many of our families are large so we encourage you to join with another family or families to sponsor one of our larger families.  If you feel you can only sponsor one or more members of a family, we encourage you to do so.  

Information about each family/senior as well as gift requests can be found on the Information List.

After choosing a family or individual(s), please sign up next to the Family Number of the family or individual(s) you have chosen.  Be sure that you indicate the number of individuals you would like to sponsor and their names, and provide your contact information. 

All donations must be dropped off at the Parish Hall by Monday, December 10, 2018.  We will be meeting in the Parish Hall on Tuesday, December 11 at 6:00 p.m. to label and ready our donations.  All donations will be picked up by Revive (formerly Cathedral Shelter) on the morning of December 13, and distributed the next day.  

Volunteers are needed to help load the boxes onto Revive's truck on the morning of December 13 (exact time to be confirmed, but probably about 9:30 am).  If you are available to help, please contact the Church office or Toni Pritchard.

If you have any questions, please contact Toni Pritchard at 630.728.6731 or [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your support of this very important program.

Please download and print out the Instructions and Donor Checklist once you have chosen a family.


Created by:   Toni Pritchard
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Available Family

168 (2)

family of 2; Aaron & Patricia

All slots filled
Polly Ascher (2)
Polly Ascher


single female, Juanita

Donna Ialongo


single female, Barbara

Anita Holcomb
Anita Holcomb


single female, Jeanette

Suzanne Arch
Suzanne Arch


single female, Rosie

Ellen Waterman


single female, Doris

David Arch
David Arch


single female, Anna

Barbara Hinkle
Barbara Hinkle


single female, Mattie

Linda Reynertson


single female, Peggy

Debbie Duda
Debbie Duda


single female, Jewelene

Caroline Ascher


single female, Dorothy

Caroline Ascher


single female, Oletha

Sherry Thorburn


single female, Audrey

Max & Sharron Moskal
Single woman


single female, Amy

Jessie & Joe Jackson


single female, Aslieleen

Billie Gnodde


single female, Inell

Megan Mannor

756 (8)

family of 8; Luz Elena, Brisa, Jonathan, Lluvia, Ruben, Luna, Estrella, Armando

All slots filled
Clarke Pritchard (8)

810 (2)

family of 2; Zachary & Zakhyia

All slots filled
Molly Haunty (2)

852 (2)

family of 2; Betty & Dariel

All slots filled
Pam Andrews
Pam Andrews
Pam Andrews
Pam Andrews

869 (2)

family of 2; Keirra & Jalyn

All slots filled
Molly Haunty (2)

1202 (4)

family of 4; Teofila, Omar, Fernando, Jaime

All slots filled
Deborah Allen (4)

1204 (4)

family of 4; Cecilia, Omar, Yashiro, Leonardo

All slots filled
LizBurnes JohnRobinson (4)
Liz Burnes/John Robinson

1207 (4)

family of 4; Dulce, Leonardo, Jacqueline, Emilio

All slots filled
Linda Reynertson
Sprague/Pritchard (3)
Sprague (Dulce), Pritchard (Leo/Emilio)

1209 (4)

family of 4; Maria, Emmanuel, Moises, Victor

All slots filled
Mary Anne Herring Shop (4)
Mary Anne Herring - shop

1221 (7)

family of 7; Lanitra, Charles, Clarence, Silvester, Savion, Terrell, Deayla

All slots filled
Preston Tims (7)

1223 (4)

family of 4; Tammie, Mercy, Isaac, Orlando

All slots filled
Renee Iannone (4)
Renee Iannone

1229 (4)

family of 4; Monica, Moshay, Myia, Malik

All slots filled
Alicia Beyer
Alicia Beyer (3)
Alicia Beyer

1231 (4)

family of 4; Katharine, Madison, Carmen, Jakyra

All slots filled
Deborah Allen
Deborah & David Allen (3)

1236 (2)

family of 2; Marquitta,& Jaleah

All slots filled
Erin Drury (2)

1242 (2)

family of 2; Earnestine & Demaryanna

All slots filled
M.A. & Roger Herring (2)
M.A. and Roger Herring

1253 (2)

family of 2; Maria & Christian

All slots filled
Linda Reynertson (2)

1261 (2)

family of 2; Charlotte & Kennis

All slots filled
Tammy Smith (2)

1286 (6)

family of 6; Cierra, Michael, Lorenzo, Samiya, Mariana, Zariyah

All slots filled
Sara Clary
Sara Clary (5)
Sara Clary

1291 (6)

family of 6; Darylmeshia, Darylmarion, Calvin, Darzaria, Cortez, Deasia

All slots filled
Allison Peters (6)

1355 (4)

family of 4; Christa, Phillip, Christian, Ladashia

All slots filled
Kathy And Bill Miller (4)

1360 (4)

family of 4; Elizabeth, Ruben Jr., Elizabeth Jr., Ruben Sr.

All slots filled
Clarke (4)

1371 (4)

family of 4; Kimberly, Karma, Karius, Katrice

All slots filled
Melinda Kollross (4)

1378 (4)

family of 4; Nkechio, Riahanna, Rahkhiya, Raphael

All slots filled
Michelle James (4)
Michelle James

1380 (4)

family of 4; Elizabeth, Efren Aaron Jr., Nickole, Frank

All slots filled
Jenny Johnson Ware (4)
Jenny Johnson Ware

1387 (4)

family of 4; Veronica, Adrian Jr., Ariel, Adrian Sr.

All slots filled
Katie Crotty
4: we will sponsor the family
Katie Crotty (3)
Katie Crotty

1392 (4)

family of 4; Maria, Miriam, Elizabeth, Juan

All slots filled
Toni Pritchard (4)
Toni Pritchard - shop

1395 (4)

family of 4; Laqesha, Faith, Falon, Falia

All slots filled
Clarke shop (4)
Deb Clarke - Shop

1396 (4)

family of 4; Maria, Carolina, Javier, Francisco

All slots filled
Wendy Wajewadzli (4)
Wendy Wajewadzli

1398 (4)

family of 4; Veronica, Giovanni, Leonardo, Pedro

All slots filled
Regina & Ralph Melbourne
Regina And Ralph Melbourne (3)

1404 (5)

family of 5; Karina, Daniel, E Bryan, Eric, Amelia

All slots filled
Mary Lyne (5)
Mary Lyne

1410 (5)

family of 5; Gabriel, Kaori, Ladreya, Ethan, Elijah

All slots filled
Megan Mannor (5)

1418 (5)

family of 5; Talisha, Teyana, Denise, Artese, Arianna

All slots filled
Margie Jeffords Pritchard (5)

1423 (5)

family of 5; Lashonda, Eshonti, Emonti, Amariontae, Shamari

All slots filled
The Olson Family (5)

1425 (5)

family of 5; Nicole, Jerome, Anyya, Antoine, Antoine Sr.

All slots filled
Pritchard/Clarke Shop (5)

1427 (3)

family of 3; Nyoka, Gabriel, Nehemiah

All slots filled
Mike & Miki Connel (3)

1431 (3)

family of 3; Shannon, Emarion, Carter

All slots filled
Eden Hill (3)
Eden Hill

1440 (3)

family of 3; Yesica, Ivan, Victorio

All slots filled
Grazina Vizinas (3)

1442 (3)

family of 3; Lanisha, Paris, Paradise

All slots filled
Beth George (3)
Beth George

1443 (3)

family of 3; Crystal, Demone, Demarion

All slots filled
Cynthia Hurd (3)

1455 (3)

family of 3; Aranda, Wen'shaun, Tavish

All slots filled
Suzanne Fisher (3)

1456 (3)

family of 3; Rosa, Malachi, Isaiah

All slots filled
Sara Tims All 3
Sara Tims (2)

1461 (3)

family of 3; Gwendolyn, Erick, Tiah

All slots filled
Pamela Huang (3)

1467 (3)

family of 3; Brianna, Dakayla, Daniyah

All slots filled
Hostettler Family (3)

1471 (3)

family of 3; Derianna, Demiyah, Latisha

All slots filled
Susan Owens (3)

1475 (3)

family of 3; Natasha, Nakia, Camron

All slots filled
Barbara Schwartz
Barbara Schwartz (2)

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