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CCR Primary Service Ministry Sign-Up 2019-20

Dear CCR Members,

It is time to renew or sign up for your CCR Primary Service Ministry areas for the 2019-2020 service year!

For more details on Service in CCR, read the Service Letter Summer 2019 here.

Please sign up by July 1st, 2019. All who fill out this form by that date will be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift card of their choice!

As a reminder: Please take a minute to understand what you are signing up for, and the level of commitment involved. Every year we have people sign up for something by mistake, and it can throw everything off when it’s realized last minute. If you have any questions, please talk to Aimee ([email protected]) or the service area leader.

Thank you for being willing to use your gifts to serve this body of people!

Created by:   CCR Volunteer Organizer
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Available Slot

Set-Up/Clean-Up Leader (8)

Lead by: Steve Becker. Commitment: Every couple of months you will be the 'Lead' Set-up/Clean-up person who will give volunteers direction to set-up & clean-up the Gathering space.

All slots filled
Bob Archambault
Bob Archambault
Ken Prom
Available to lead
Jerome Michelizzi
Charles Robbins
Jaci Roeble
Sam Roeble
Curtis Herbert
David McSherry
David Vessel

Hospitality Leader (9)

Lead by: Nancy Wolf. Commitment: Every couple of months you would prepare the hospitality prior to the Gathering or main event, direct volunteers and help serve donuts & clean up the kitchen.

All slots filled
Sheila Rojas
Kaitlyn Steele
Derek Steele
Nancy Wolf
Vivian Sutch
I'd like to serve for CCR masses~Thanksgiving & Easter for sure (not Christmas) or a 3 pm GCG. Thanks mucho!
Vincent Ruiz-Ponce
Karen Herbert
Pat & Karen Hinnenkamp
Julie Sieve

Sound Team Member (12)

Commitment: You would be placed on a team that would serve once every 4 events. When your team is assigned you would be responsible to arrive 2 hrs early to help set up and run the sound and then stay to take down and put away the equipment.

6 of 12 slots filled
Rodrigo Flores
Mark Walorski
Dale Kolb
Josh Brechtel
Jonathan O'Hare
Paul Killion

Projector Team Member (8)

You would be responsible for running the projector at every few Gatherings and major events. You will be trained in how to do this, but general computer skills are helpful.

All slots filled
Maura Klimisch
Robyn DeMars
Bryant Scott
Jerry Sieve
Angel Robbins
I can do this on days that I’m not doing pre-school lead.
Peter Distelzweig
Renee Skidmore
Jeffrey VanSteel

Photography Ministry (2)

Volunteers would be present at a variety of events to take high quality photos for web and office use. Must have own equipment. Please talk to Aimee if you have not done this service before and would like to start.

All slots filled
Eric Brooker
David Rinaldi

Environment Team (8)

Lead by: YenYen McSherry & Bridget Sorteberg. The environment team makes our spaces look nice for special events and masses. Commitment: Regularly attending CCR holiday Masses and events is important, especially before Christmas and Triduum services.

4 of 8 slots filled
Shauna Archambault
Shauna Archambault
Grace Hastings
Bethie Wolf
Def. for women's retreat, I have family out of town so I am not always around for holidaus
Yen Yen McSherry

Prayer Room Ministry

Lead by: Eileen Mueller. If you feel called to serve in prayer ministry, please feel encouraged to sign up, but you must attend a training after one of the summer Gatherings. Volunteers will pray in teams with CCR members who have prayer needs after GCGs.

16 slots filled - more available
Kathy Walsh
Marcia Fjelsted
Rachel Brewer
Mark Sorteberg
Kevin Fjelsted
Steve Jenkins (2)
Diane Cossairt
Kathy Kobbermann
Will Cossairt
Eileen Mueller
Eileen Mueller
Ronald Otremba (2)
Ron and Diane
Margene Vessel
Luke Gion
Tracie Killion

Usher (12)

Commitment: Ushers serve roughly every other month. The ushers are responsible to help late-comers find seats, obtain additional chairs if needed, direct flow of people, and collect the alms giving/Chuck a Buck baskets.

All slots filled
John Bielejeski
renee Bielejeski
it will be john mark bielejeski and myself
Stefano Barreto
Peggy Doherty
Cristina Zaczkowski
Scott Zaczkowski
Dave Blaeser
Kelly Dehn
Jennifer Michelizzi
Chad Parsons
Tim Skidmore
James & Wynette Dietz (2)

Sacristan (5)

Lead by: Karl Hendrickson. Please only select this item if you serve as a sacristan for CCR liturgies.

1 of 5 slots filled
Cheryl McKee

RE Preschool/ Kindergarten Teacher (6)

Lead: Teresa Richards. Commitment: This role commits to 1 in every 3 gatherings leading a Preschool or Kindergarten class in St. Rose/St. Paul. All of the material and content is provided by the RE Leader and you will be assisted by volunteers.

4 of 6 slots filled
Isabel Wilson
Angel Robbins
I can do this on days that I’m not doing projector
Amy Roeble
Jolene Gerads

RE 1-3rd Teacher (12)

Lead: Teresa Richards. Commitment: This role commits to 1 in every 3 gatherings. You would assist the RE leader with the 1st-3rd grade program in St. Anthony. A Lesson plan will be provide with all the contact and supplies by the RE leader.

9 of 12 slots filled
Hannah Rydlund
Megan Pankow
I am not sure what to put for quantity?
Peter Distelzweig
Bruce Dunsmore
Jaci Roeble
Jaci Roeble
Shannon Norris
Denise Muske
I could also do preschool/Kindergarten if lessons are planned & materials provided. (That wasn’t clear in the description)
Cathy Blaeser
Renee Laughery

Wednesday Evening Monitor (2)

Lead by: Emily VanHeel. Sign-In youth and monitor those coming and going every other Wednesday Youth Night from 6:45 - 8:45pm. Will need to complete VIRTUS training and a background check.

All slots filled
Barbara Bursey
Megan Dunsmore

Scout Leader (20)

Please speak with Brad Tressell if you have not served with Scouts and would like to next year. For those of you who are Den Leaders or are serving in other administrative roles with Scouts, please sign up here.

4 of 20 slots filled
C.J. Kobbermann
Cub Scout Master
Nick VanHeel
David Babish
Brad Tressell
Pack leadership

G1 (10)

Dads and young men: God First serves the boys in middle school (6-8th grade). We meet 3 Wed evenings per month. Our model is pray and play. Come join us for the toughest ministry in CCR! Please speak with David Bursey prior to signing up.

8 of 10 slots filled
Mike Laughery
Christopher Vance Vance
Peter Thooft
Bill Muske
Randy Lehnen
Greg Damm
I've spoken with David Bursey and Dennis O'Hare about serving in G1.
Brian Volp

Little Flowers (7)

Little Flowers Leadership Team is a great opportunity to help our 1-3rd grade girls grow in virtue and friendship. Commitment is every Wednesday night that the youth programs meet along with 2-3 planning meetings throughout the year.

6 of 7 slots filled
Laurie Barreto
Angela Babish
Chezarae Distelzweig
Cristina Zaczkowski
Cristina Zaczkowski
Cheryl McKee
Jeanette Heintzman
I am the communications leader, and we need one more to sign up

Grace Girls Lesson Leaders (4)

Assist other moms and run 1-2 nights/month. Classes tend to be structured: pray, teaching, game/craft related to topic. We will meet to talk about the calendar prior to the school year starting. Please reach out to Angel Robbins with any questions.

3 of 4 slots filled
Catie Flores
waiting on Angel's response
Jen Brooker
Maria Cassady

Grace Girls Game Night Leaders (4)

Organize and coordinate different social games/events once a month (depending on #of volunteers). Please reach out to Angel Robbins with any questions you might have.


Grace Girls Craft/Supply Support

On-call to do miscellaneous requests prior to meetings. Please reach out to Angel Robbins with any questions you might have.

Susan Klemond

Grace Girls Prayer Leader

Lead prayer on lesson nights (1-2 nights/month). Please reach out to Angel Robbins with any questions you might have.

Jennifer Lehnen

Grace Girls Communication Leader

Talk to teachers and send communication to parents prior to meetings. Please reach out to Angel Robbins with any questions you might have.

Sarah Damm

Strong Fish Club (4)

Please speak with Ling Becker prior to signing up.

3 of 4 slots filled
Shannon Scarfone
Claire Chaousy
Kasi O'Hare

Youth Group

Please speak with Lizzie or Abe Gross prior to signing up.

7 slots filled - more available
Teresa Richards
Ginny Maslow
Elizabeth Parsons
David Wind
Zach Richards
Junior Boys Small Group Leader
Tracy Schmidt
Tracy Schmidt
Mary Jacobs

Music Team

Please only select this option if you have already been asked to be on a music team for next year (this process is still happening, thank you for your patience!). Contact Abe Gross with questions.

14 slots filled - more available
David Bielejeski
Angela Johnson
Ken Prom
Available for keyboards, composing, arranging
Tim Cahill
Ann Schmitzer
Zach Richards
Available for Bass or Cajon
Linda Rinaldi
Rosie Bielejeski
Mauricio Carranza
I was asked to help with music once, but I couldn't attend. Is it still possible to help in this area?
Elizabeth Brechtel
John Berchem
Steven Kautzman
Joe McClure
Jessica Nelson

Music Sub/other events

*This does not count as your only Primary Service* but if you would like the opportunity to use your musical gifts at smaller events or to be on the sub list, select this option.

11 slots filled - more available
Maura Klimisch
Keyboard or bass
Kathy Walsh
Risa Stalboerger
I could also serve on a team if needed
Bryant Scott
Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)
Angela Babish
Vocal mainly soprano; some harmony
Grace Hastings
Djembe and vocals if needed
Kat Brown
percussion, drum set
Anne Bielejeski
KB and vocals
Diane Cossairt
Vocals (various harmonies), some guitar
Kathy Kobbermann
Keyboard and vocal, setting psalms to music for Mass
Russ Robbins

Pastoral Worker/District Team/SOLG Team

Please only select this option if you have already been asked/committed to serving as a PW or on one of these planning teams. Includes all 4 Districts (Emmaus, CB, Riverside, & Summit)

127 slots filled - more available
Christina Smith
David Bielejeski
Dan Smith
Mary Meeds (2)
Jerome and Mary Meeds
Rochelle Matos
Luis Matos
Nickolas Hall
Kathy Houle
Teresa DeMarais
Dan & Colette Hagen (2)
Risa Stalboerger
Kay Prom
David and Lisa Zimmerman (2)
David Zimmerman
SOLG Music Lead
Charlie Thooft (2)
Charlie and Cathy Thooft
Christopher DeMars
Steph Witzel (2)
Scott & Stephanie
John Flanagan
Admin work group
Loretta Wolfe
Doug Schmid (2)
Doug and MaryBeth
Patrick and Christina Crow
Lauren Froelich (2)
Zachary & Lauren Froelich
Jenna Jahnke
Matthew Jahnke
Alan Klimisch
Heidi Flanagan
Admin team member
Jesse Nelson
Renee Hendrickson
John Bielejeski
Sarah Abreu
Amanda Henderson
Grace Hastings
Justin Hastings (3)
Bethie Wolf
Michele Smith
Tony Smith
Rachelle Wind
Earl Wolf
Karen Kostohris
Kat Brown
Emmaus SG Leader, PW
Matt Vettel
Anita Vettel
Jason Houle (2)
Kathy Houle
Natalie Hall
Emmaus district
Joel Patros
Charlotte Patros
Matthew Turner
Maggie Waldbillig
With Emmaus
Anne Bielejeski (2)
John serves in this capacity as well.
Clare Kolar
Dan Kolar
Gerard Marschinke
Monica Marschinke
Mary Berchem
David Wind
Anne Robbins
Eric Dumas
Lori Dumas
Jill O'Hara
Patrick McNulty
Christie Turner
Mauricio Carranza
Nathan Gallus
Elizabeth Brechtel
Steve Jenkins (2)
Chris and Karen Edge (2)
Chris and Karen
Brett Mernin
Madde Mernin
Jane Grundhoefer
Stacie Zens
Jackie Wald
Angie Oconnell
Nick & Angela Weidenbenner
Sam Wolf
Walt Lofquist
Deb Lofquist
Shannon Scarfone
YM Team
Raphael Scarfone
YM team
Mark Archibald
Youth work group, welcome team
Michael O'Connell
Leila Vance Vance
Emmaus sm ldr and pastoral care
Pat Quillan
David Bursey
Formation Liaison/SOLG
Matthew Stommes
Karen Groppel
Riverside DT, SOLG team
Angel Robbins
April Gallus
Ashley Tushaus
Angelo & Claire Chaousy (2)
Ashley DeMarais
Joe Utecht
Patrick Crow
Tracy Schmidt
Tracy Schmidt
Greg Schmidt
Greg Schmidt
Josh Brechtel
Angela Babish
For Emmaus
Andrew Rydlund
Emmaus PL
Karl Hendrickson
Aaron Wolfe
Barbara Lavell (2)
Sean and Barbara Lavell
Brad Tressell (2)
Beth and Brad
Adam Roeble
Brian Stalboerger
Maureen Fink
Ryan O'Hara
Lauren Herbeck
Mike Herbeck
Pam Hastings (2)
Jim and Pam Hastings
Ann Schmitzer
Molly Stommes
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