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Christmas Gifting Outreach (online) 2021

Thank you for helping to brighten Christmas for famlies in our community!

Please return gifts no later than December 15th, 2021 to NEPC either:

  • Sunday mornings at the portico in front of the Atrium or
  • During office hours at the Administration entrance at the back of the building

Recommended gift value is $50, if able.

Make sure to label each wrapped or bagged gift with the number assigned to each slot (ex: Child 1-1) In the label “Child 1-1” the first number is the family number and the second the child’s number in the their family. If you want to adopt siblings/a family look labels such as “Child 1-1, Child 1-2, etc.)

Please contact the Outreach Coordinator, Stewart Carter at [email protected] or the SignUpGenius Coordinator, Amy Bigham at [email protected] with any issues or concerns regarding your gift assignment, turning your gift in on time, etc.

Advertisements are part of the free service provided by SignUpGenius and do not represent endorsement by NEPC or it's staff.

Created by:   Amy Bigham
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Available Slot

Child 3-1

Alexa: Female, Age 14, Shirts Juniors size XL, Leggings size 11, Shoe size 7, Gifts: purses, hair accesories


Child 3-2

Alexa: Female, Age 14, Shirts Juniors size XL, Leggings size 11, Shoe size 7, Gifts: purses, hair accessories

Janeen Rogers

Child 3-3

Oscar: Male, Age 3, Shirts size 5T, Pants size 5T, Shoes size 11, Gifts: Educational toys, Paw Patrol toys, Control remote cars.


Child 5-1

Loyal: Male, Age 11, Shirts and pants size 14, Gifts: Nerf gun, football stuff, gift card -X Box


Child 5-2

Aalayah: Female, Age 10, shirt and pant size pants and shirts, Gifts: mini book bag or cross over purse, plaid shirt, socks, books or Press On nails


Child 5-3

Verse: Male, Age 2, Clothing size 4T, Shoes size 10, Gifts: trucks, dinosaurs, PJ Mask or Paw Patrol books


Child 5-4

Alanah: Female, Age 1, Clothing 24 month or 2T, Gifts: Girls baby kitchen set

Barbara Halliday

Child 5-5

Aleese: Female, Age 1, Clothing 24 month or 2T/, Gifts: girls toy table with 2 chairs

Tara Fox

Child 8-1

Star'milia: Girl, Age 6 Clothing size 5T, her favorite color is pink, Gifts: Any LOL toys

Maria Currey

Child 8-2

Darionna: Girl, Age 6, Clothing girls size 6, her favorite color is purple, Gifts: Any LOL toys

Maria Currey

Child 8-3

Malcolm: Boy, Age 3 Clothing 4T, his favorite color is green, Gifts: Any thing Spiderman

Maria Currey

Child 8-4

Davantia: Girl, Age 12, Shirts size youth med, Pants size junior 5, her favorite color is yellow. Gifts: Nail kit and nail polish


Child 8-5

Deasia: Girl, Age 14, Shirts size youth 14-16, her favorite color is pink, Gifts: Mirror and anything that has to do with hair


Child 9-1

Carlo: Male, Age 6, Shirts size 6/7 and pants size 10, Shoes size 1, Gifts: Cars, Superman toys, coloring books

Donna Lehman

Child 9-2

Dennis: Male, Age 4, Shirts and pants size 4T, Shoes size 11, Gifts; cars Legos, bicycle

Donna Lehman

Child 10-1

Demetriyona, Female, Age 13, T-shirt size Boys M, basketball shorts boys M, Boys shoes size 6, Gifts: basketball, football, skateboard (She is a tomboy)


Child 10-1

Ty'Nayla: Female, Age 10, Shirt and pants girls size 16, Shoes girls size 3, Gifts: nail kits, Barbies and accessories, Pop-Its


Child 10-3

King: Male, Age 10, Shirt and pants size 10-12, Shoes size 7, Gifts: basketball, football, skateboard, movies, Pop-Its

Carol Tolley-Weddington

Child 12-1

Nicole: Female, Age 8, Shirts, leggings and dresses size 10, Shoes size 13.5, Gifts: Frozen toys, baby doll.

Annette Walthes

Child 12-2

Erick: Male, Age 9, Shirts and pants size 12, Shoes size 1.5, Gifts: Legos and art paint supplies

Renee McCormick

Chile 13-1

Morgan: Girl, Age 8, Shirts and pants size 8(M), her favorite color orange and pink, Gifts:big ball, slime, doll (preferably African American)

Sharon Spring

Child 15-1

Jason: Male, Age 5, Shirts and pants size 4T, Shoes size 10, Gifts: Art supplies, Art books, paint supplies, counting/numbers activities

Jamie Goodson

Child 15-2

Xavier: Male, Age 6, Shirts and pants6/7, Shoes size 2, Gifts: Ben Ten, Superheros and alien

Jamie Goodson

Child 16-1

Mateo: Male, Age 4, pants, jacket, t-shirts size 5/6, jacket size 5/6, tshirt size 5/6, Shoes size 12 youth, Gifts: Legos, cars, Play-doh, clothes


Child 17-1

Jonathan: Male, Age 11, pants and jacket size medium adult or 15/16 youth, t-shirt size medium adult or 15/16 youth, shoes size adult 9, Gifts: collectible cars, robots, clothes, gift card

Annette Walthes

Child 18-1

Sofia: Female, Age 7, pants, jacket and shirt size 7, Shoes size 1 youth, Gifts: LOL toys, makeup, cooking set, barbies

Anita Smith

Child 18-2

Sharon: Female, Age 8, pants, jacket and t shirt size 8, shoes size 12, Gifts: LOL toys, children makeup, bicycle, barbie doll

Anita Smith

Child 18-3

Valentina: Female, Age 11 months, clothing 12-18 months, Gifts: baby toys/books, activity walker, doll

Sharon Spring

Child 19-1

Davion: Male, Age 7, Shirt size M and pants 10/12, Gifts: books, cars, hot wheels, educational games, board games

Gail Harrison

Child 22-1

Leslie: Female, Age 13, winter coat and pajamas size 14, Art supplies, Drawing accessories, Sketchbooks, & Anime Books

Gail Harrison

Child 22-2

Jimena: Female, Age 12, winter coat and pajamas size XL-girls/14-16, Gifts: Nail polish, lip gloss, Bath & Body works bath bombs & hair accessories


Child 22-3

Jose: Male, Age 10, clothing size 16-18 boys, Gifts: winter coat, hoodie, pajamas, sport games (soccer/basketball) Nerf guns, Beyblades toys, board games, Godzilla games/activities & skateboard


Child 22-4

Joselyn: Female, Age 8, winter coat and pajamas size 7/8, Gifts: Mini Brands toys, LOL Surprises toy, My Life doll (Wal-mart), Barbie dolls & accessories


Child 22-5

Sebastian: Male, Age 1, winter coat and onesies size 12-18 months, Gifts: ABC learning activites, wooden puzzles, blocks, learning activities/games


Child 23-1

Alex Pineda: Male, Age 10, Shirt and pants size 12, Shoes size 3 youth, Gifts: soccer ball, game boards

Annette Walthes

Child 23-2

Kelvin, Male, Age 3 months, Clothing size 12 months, Gifts: educational toys or toys that make music

Louise Giebner

Child 24-1

Kendy: Female, Age 11, Shirts Juniors size 14-16, Pants size 10, Shoes size 3, Gifts: art, jewelry set, hair accessories


Child 24-2

Allison: Female, Age 8, Shirts 10-12, Jeans size 10, Shoes size 3, Gifts: Frozen and paint art set

Joe and Susie Necker

Child 24-3

Derek: Male, Age 2, Clothing size 4T, Shoes size 2 , Gifts: educational toys


Child 25-1

Simoney: Female, Age 13, Shirts and leggings size adult medium, Shoes size 7, Gifts: hair accessories, paint art set


Child 25-2

Analia: Female, Age 6, Shirt size 10, Shoes size 2, Gifts: Frozen dolls, Kitchen toys


Child 30-1

Janyla: Female, Age 10, Shirts size 14, pants size 16, shoes size 9 wide, Gifts: nail polish and accessories, Bath and Body Works


Child 30-2

K'dan: Male, Age 5, Shirt size 8, pants size 10, shoes size 1 1/2, Gifts; Any character figures like Spiderman


Child 33-1

Jordan Marie, Female, Age 10, Shirts size youth medium, pant size 8, shoes size 3, Gifts: fairly lights, headbands and girly items in pink and purple


Child 33-2

Ruthie: Female, Age 11, shirts and pants size 12/14, shoes size 4, Gifts: jewerly making sets, science project kits


Child 34-1

Yatzyri, Female, Age 11, Pants ladies size 8, Gifts: Monopoloy board game, skate board, finger nail polish


Child 34-2

Jorge: Male, Age 5, shirts and pants size 6, Gifts: skateboard, cars


Child 34-3

Dana: Female, Age12, pants size 9 and medium, Gifts: likes board games (Monopoly), nail polish


Child 36-1

Christian: Male, Age 5, pants size 4T, jacket size 4T, tshirt size 4T, shoes size 11 youth body, Gifts: inosaurs, cars, super heroes, train set

Beth O'Malley

Child 36-2

Andrea: Female, 2 months old, pants, jacket and shirts size 6/9 months, shoes size 0, Gifts: girl baby toys, diapers # 2, clothes

Beth O'Malley

Child 36-3

Christopher: Male, Age 2, pants, jacket and t-shirt size 2T, shoes size 6/8 (toddler), Gifts: Paw Patrol toys, cars, tricycle

Beth O'Malley

Child 37-1

Ashley: Female, Age 13, shirts and pants size 14 girls, Gifts: accessories, earrings, jewelry, art kit


Child 37-2

Andrew: Male, Age 11, boys pants and shirts size 12, Gifts: Legos, boardgames

Bobbitt Smith

Child 37-3

Sophia: Female, Age 8, shirt and pant size 8, Gifts: Hispanic doll baby and accessories, art paint kit or jewelry making kit


Child 37-4

Mariam: Female, Age 5, size 5 girls pants and shirts, Gifts: Hispanic baby dolls, princess items,

Joan Graves

Child 37-5

Anthony: Male, Age 4, size 4 pants and shirts, Gifts: learning toys, paw patrol items

Annette Walthes

Child 39-1

Alexis: Male, Age 4, pants, jacket and t-shirt size 5T, shoes size 13 youth boy, Gifts: dinosaurs, farm or zoo animals


Child 39-2

Celeste: Female, Age 3, pants, jacket, t-shirt size 4T, shoes size 9 youth girl, Gifts: Diana dolls or set, Barbies with clothes

Sharon Skvoretz
Celeste 39-2 So glad to participate.

Child 40-1

Elisa: Female, Age 4, pants and shirt size 7, shoes size 10 children, Gifts: Frozen toys, Cry Baby Lala, coloring books


Child 40-2

Guadalupe: Female, Age 8, pants and shirt size 10, shoes 3 youth, Gifts: Cry Baby Lala, princess toys, coloring books


Child 40-3

Christopher: Male, Age 11, pants and shirt size medium adult, shoes size 6 adults. Gifts: bicycle, scccer ball, anything related to soccer


Child 41-1

Oswaldo: Male, Age 13, shirts Juniors Large, pants size 30x32, shoes men size 7, Gifts: basketball and coats


Child 41-2

Mariana: Female, Age 11, shirts juniors 14, leggings size 1, shoes size 6.5 , Gifts: hair accessories and purses


Child 41-3

Litzy, Female, Age 9, shirts size 8, shoes size 3, Gifts: coats and book bag


Child 41-4

Ximena: Female, Age 6, shirts and pants size 7, shoes size 13, Gifts: Frozen doll, jacket size 7

Joe and Susie Necker

Child 42-1

Allison: Female, Age 11, shirts juniors size 14, pants juniors size 16, tennis shoes size 6, Gifts: roller skates, hair accessories


Child 42-2

Luceni: Female, Age 8, shirts and pants size 10, shoes size 12, Gifts: LOL toys, art and Jewelry set

Bobbitt Smith

Child 42-3

Ezequiel: Female, Age 3, clothing size 5T , shoes size 9, Gifts: Paw Patrol, farm animals


Child 46-1

Randell: Male, Age 10, shirt and pants size 10/12, shoes size 3, Gifts: Fort Knight V-Buck cards, Videos for a Play Station 4


Child 46-2

Karma: Female, Age 8, shirt and pants size 8, shoes size 1, Gifts: dolls to dress and do their hair, make-up kit, Leap Frog game system


Child 46-3

Carlos: Male, Age 3, Shirt and Pants size 5, shoes size 9, Gifts: Spiderman, dinosaurs, Leap Frog game system, monster truck


Child 48-1

Sofia: Female, Age 3, pants and shirt 6/7 toddler, shoes size 11, Gifts: bike or two small gifts dolls, single trampoline, books, building today


Child 49-1

Dayana: Female, Age 12, shirts size juniors 12, leggings size 10, shoes size 2 , Gifts: jewelry and art set, hair accessories


Child 49-2

Axel: Male, Age 10, shirts and pants size 10-12, shoes size 4, Gifts: soccer ball, Legos


Child 49-3

Mia: Female, Age 6 shirts and pants size 8, shoes size 13, Gifts: Frozen toys, baby dolls


Child 49-4

Gisell: Female, 3 months, baby clothing size 6-9 months old

Louise Giebner
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