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ECCC PTA Leaders

ECCC PTA School of Information, General Membership Meeting, Scholarship and Local Unit Awards Presentation

ECCC PTA Leaders, Principals and Special Guests -

Help us celebrate the end of a successful school year as we begin looking forward to the next! ECCC PTA is proud to invite all current, returning and new PTA leaders to our annual School of Information, General Membership Meeting, Scholarship and Local Units Awards Presentation being hosted at Piedmont Church (570 Piedmont Road).  During this event, we will elect our officers, award scholarships to some amazing ECCC Seniors, present local unit awards and provide training opportunities to help ensure a smooth transition for the 2022-23 year.  

PRESIDENTS - PLEASE make arrangements for at least one elected officer from your Executive Board to attend the General Membership Meeting starting at 9:45 a.m. as we will need quorum to conduct business.  


9:00-9:45 - Registration and Vendor Fair (and food!)
9:45-10:45am - General Membership Meeting along with, Scholarship and Awards Presentation
10:45-11:45am - Breakout sessions
 (President/Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reflections)

*Schools in the Walton Cluster will have a brief meeting after the breakout sessions to discuss next year's TOTY luncheon.

LOCAL UNIT PRESIDENTS - PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR NEWLY ELECTED OFFICERS or any of your PTA volunteers that would benefit from attending the breakout sessions and/or training.

Please RSVP below at your earliest convenience (add your school and PTA role in the comment line).

We look forward to seeing everyone IN PERSON on May 3rd!

Tammy and Lisa, Presidents, ECCC PTA

Date: 05/03/2022 (Tue.)

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: Piedmont Church (570 Piedmont Road)

Created by:   Tammy Andress
Will you be attending the event?
Did you already RSVP? You can Edit your RSVP.

Responses:     Yes: 76     No: 14     Maybe: 4     No Response: 164

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 88     Maybe: 4

YES (76) -  

Allison Smoker (1 guest)
Mt Bethel Elementary 3rd VP

Shannon Mandel (1 guest)
Nicholson PTA

Alison Krizner (1 guest)
Dickerson Middle School, Secretary

Nicole Kelley (1 guest)

Kelli Evertsen (1 guest)
Walton Co-President 2021-2022

Jessica White (1 guest)
Treasurer 2022-2023, Dickerson Middle School

Jenna Zenner (1 guest)
Dodgen middle school communications

Lindsey Ackley (1 guest)
Dickerson Middle School; Co-President

David Scott (1 guest)

Becca Wilson (1 guest)

Shefali Patel (1 guest)

Lisa Robinson (1 guest)

Anita Hagins Jones (1 guest)

Julie Bracker (1 guest)
Simpson MS co-president

Amy Whitlock (1 guest)
Garrison Mill Elementary current President

Kelley Debeb (1 guest)

Mary Mitchell (2 guests)
Pope Co-VP’s attending

Cielle Fulmer (1 guest)
Tritt Elementary Co VP

Mike Fitzgerald (1 guest)
Tritt ES incoming treasurer

Karen Carstens (1 guest)
Tritt Elementary School

Lara Moberg (1 guest)
Sope Creek Elementary PTA Secretary

Olivia Marbutt (1 guest)
Dodgen (Secretary)

Kathy Tira (1 guest)
Mabry MS Co-President

Jillian Haworth (1 guest)
McCleskey MS PTSA, Incoming VP

Kimberly Heinrich (1 guest)

Danyelle Hysong (1 guest)
Tritt Elementary PTA. (Will need to leave early due to work commitments.)

Dodgen Middle School (5 guests)
Dodgen Middle School

Abbe Gilmore (1 guest)
Rocky Mount president. Next year, RM VP & Mabry Secretary

Kristie Olivas Smith (1 guest)

Shirley Girard (1 guest)
Upcoming co-president Rocky Mount Elementary

Courtney Hollar (1 guest)
Secretary at Rocky Mount ES. Will be new co-president next year.

Laura Messina (1 guest)

Christine Kim (1 guest)
Co-President Lassiter HS

Peter Giles (1 guest)

Jolynn Hardizi (1 guest)

Lisa Thompson (1 guest)
Simpson MS PTSA Co-President

Lauren Barden (1 guest)

Nikkia Velazquez (1 guest)
Kincaid ES PTA Prez 2022-2023

Jennifer Barton (4 guests)
Addison's 22-23 PTA President, VP, Treasurer, and Reclections Chair will attend.

Dana Smith (1 guest)

Amber Shea Hubrich (1 guest)
Murdock ES, Co-President 2022-2023

Ashley Fann (1 guest)
1st VP-Mt Bethel Elementary

Kathy Dalen (1 guest)
HTMS incoming Treasurer/Murdock incoming Co-Pres

Catherine Mallanda (1 guest)

Gina Burkart (1 guest)
Murdock Elementary vp events

Kristin Erbskorn (1 guest)

Paola Giovanna Montanes-Durand (1 guest)
Bells Ferry PTA - Incoming Vice President

Dana Stassen (1 guest)
Dana Stassen, President, Bells Ferry PTA

Jessica Schiappa (1 guest)
Murdock Elementary - Secretary

Caitlin Smith (1 guest)

Nichole Engle (1 guest)
MVES President

Allison Barclay (1 guest)

Jill Spiva Spiva (1 guest)

Riva Goldband (1 guest)
Mt Bethel Co-President

Katie Johnson (1 guest)
Mt Bethel co-president

Jillian Williams (2 guests)
Blackwell Co- Pres & next year’s President elect

Sara Meyers (1 guest)
Hightower MS incoming PTSA Co-Pres

Shaideh Justinvil (1 guest)

Courtney Driscoll (1 guest)
Hightower Trail Middle School VP

Julia Hoitink (1 guest)
Sope Creek Elementary, Co-President

Wendy Stone (1 guest)
ECCC Pope Cluster Rep & Mt. View VP

Hannah Polk (1 guest)

Lynn Gilbert (1 guest)
HTMS PTSA President + ECCC PTA VP Tech

Maria Clark (1 guest)

Amanda Gold (1 guest)
East Side Elementary - President

Ashley Rager (4 guests)
Timber Ridge current and new board members.

Kat Rector (1 guest)

melanie may (1 guest)
Incoming Co-President- Walton HS- PTSA

Sherri Hill (1 guest)

Paula Schumacher (1 guest)
Davis ES

Kelly Dean (1 guest)
Sope Creek Elementary PTA co-VP

Lauren Lynch (1 guest)
Sope Creek Elementary PTA Co-President

Stacey Albracht (1 guest)
ECCC Lassiter/Kell Cluster Rep + Simpson VP

Ashley Saunders (1 guest)
ECCC hospitality

Niki Palmer (1 guest)
President - Lassiter HS PTSA

Tammy Andress (1 guest)
ECCC PTA + Lassiter VP

NO (14) +  

MAYBE (4) +  

NO RESPONSE (164) +  

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