PS 452

PS 452 Field Day 2018

2nd-5th Grade's Field Day will take place from 9am to 11:15am. Volunteers should arrive at 8:15am.


PreK-1st Grade's Field Day will take place from 1:30pm to 2:30pm. Volunteers should arrive at 1pm.


 2nd-5th Grade Station Descriptions (I will provide all of the equipment):

Javelin - Students take turns throwing the javelin as far as they can. Mark their throw by writing their name in chalk. Equipment needed: 3 cones, 3 javelins, chalk


Flag Tag - Each student places one flag at the side of their waste line. On the go signal, students run around inside play area trying to grab others flags. Students are not eliminated when their flag is taken. They may still try to grab other’s flags. Equipment needed: 15 flags


Tic-tac-toe Relay - Students are divided into two teams. One person from each team runs to tic-tac-toe board and puts down a pennie. Once teams are out of pennies, they can take turns moving ones that are already down. First team to get a tic-tac-toe is the winner. Equipment needed: 3 red pennies, 3 blue pennies


Water Relay - Students dunk sponge into water and then rinse it out in bucket. First team to fill their bucket wins. Equipment needed: sponges and buckets.


Nitroball - A volleyball type game played on a short net. The ball must bounce off the ground before every hit. Equipment needed: 3 large cones, 2 nets, 1 volleyball


Tic-tac-toss - Teams take turn tossing bean bags into tic-tac-toe grid. First team to get 3 in a row is the winner. Equipment: 5 bean bags of each color.


Hula Hoop Roll - Students take turns rolling hula hoops as far as they can. They then mark how far the hoop went with chalk. Equipment needed: 3 hoops, chalk, 3 cones


Hoop Toss - Students play with a partner against another pair. Bean bags tossed into the hoop count as 1 point. First team to 10 points wins. After game is over find new pair to play against. Equipment needed: 10 hoops and 30 bean bags.




Cup Cannon - Students use the water cannons to try to knock off the cups. Equipment needed: Water cannons and cups


Noodle Blockers - One group of students stands outside the circle and try to toss yarn balls into bucket. Second group of students tries to block the yarn balls using foam noodles. Equipment needed: Foam noodles, bucket, yarn balls


Water station - Assist kids in getting water and refilling jugs if needed.


Floater - Available to assist where needed



PreK-1st Grade Station Descriptions (I will provide all equipment):


Water Games: Different water relays involving sponges and water cannons. Equipment needed: sponges, water cannons, buckets.



Parachute Games: Teamwork activities involving the parachute. Equipment needed: 2 parachutes, Gator skin balls



Obstacle Course: Students will take turns completing obstacle course. 


Water station: Assist kids in getting water and refilling jugs if needed.


Floater - Available to assist where needed

Date: 06/19/2018 (Tue.)

Location: PS 452 School Yard

Created by:   Nathan O'Reilly
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Available Slot

2nd/3rd - Water Relay (2)

All slots filled
Ninfa Madula
Sarah Dilger

4th/5th - Water Relay (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Tanisha Moorehead

2nd/3rd - Water Cannons (2)

All slots filled
Heather Menkes
Sara Roucloux Krudop

4th/5th - Water Cannons (2)

All slots filled
Jessica Stanco
Amy Mirer Tuchman

2nd/3rd - Javelin

Rafael Vargas

4th/5th - Javelin


2nd/3rd - Flag Tag

Ema Katz

4th/5th - Flag Tag

Rachel Singer

2nd/3rd - Hoop Roll

Brian Reich

4th/5th - Hoop Roll

Serena Couto

2nd/3rd - Tic-tac-toss

Beth Kennedy

4th/5th - Tic-tac-toe Relay

Laura Goldenberg

2nd/3rd - Nitroball

irina elhendy

4th/5th - Nitroball


2nd/3rd - Noodle Blockers

Dawn Crawford

4th/5th - Noodle Blockers

Sean Morrison
The heat is on!

2nd/3rd - Hoop Toss

Shelly McClure

4th/5th - Hoop Toss


2nd-5th - Water Station (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
Yarelis Rivera
Stacey Katzen Nidus
Mayuko Shigematsu

2nd-5th - Floater (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Lynn Martin

PreK-1st - Water Games (6)

All slots filled
Jessica Stanco
Shelly McClure
Sarah Dilger
Inbal Garrity
Carlos Carabajo
Heather Walsh Menkes

PreK-1st - Parachute Games (4)

All slots filled
Danielle Morris
Danielle Morris
Jorge Vasquez
Amy Margulies
Rebecca Rotholz

PreK-1st - Obstacle Course (4)

All slots filled
Tal Giniger (2)
Haley Mustac
Jessica Boar
So fun. Looking forward!

PreK-1st - Water Station (4)

All slots filled
Sarah Courtemanche
Panitee Chongvisal
Preeti Singh
Aja Carpenter

PreK-1st - Floater (2)

All slots filled
irina elhendy
Jodie Toresdahl

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