COVID-19 Mass Sign Ups

Weekly Mass Sign Up (Saturday, 09 January 2021 - Friday, 15 January 2021)

Here is the sign up sheet for yet another week, still respecting Bishop Duca's directives and the Governor's Executive Orders.

Parishioners can only sign up for one weekend Mass.  You are, however, invited to sign up for as many daily Masses as you wish.  

Remember that because of termite issues, the bathroom at St. Thomas is closed.

If you sign up for Mass, please show up or cancel your reservation if you do not plan on attending.  If you do not cancel or attend, you are denying fellow parishioners the opportunity to participate at a weekend Mass at which they might want to worship!

When the maximum number of persons for a Mass is reached, the form will not allow you to sign up for that Mass. If you do not have internet access or need help, please call the parish office at 225.567.3573 for assistance.  You can also email [email protected]  

Here is our liturgical schedule:

Monday through Friday, 7:00AM, St. Margaret Church, Albany

Saturday, 4:00PM, St. Margaret Church, Albany

Saturday, 6:00PM, St. Margaret Church, Albany

Sunday, 8:00AM, St. Thomas Chapel, Springfield

Sunday, 10:00AM, St. Margaret Church, Albany

Sunday, 5:30PM, St. Margaret Church, Albany

Mass signup forms will be available for the upcoming week by Thursday morning at 10:00AM! 

Created by:   Fr. Jamin David
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (CST) Available Slot
01/09/2021 (Sat.) St. Margaret Church, Albany  4:00pm - 5:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

82 of 90 slots filled
Lucie Hanewinkel (2)
Pam Luce
Maria Ostarly
Francis Goelz (2)
Floyd Bergeron (2)
Coy Behler
Rose Gauthier (2)
Lydia and Rose
Martha Cooper
Carolyn Hardy
Jessie Bergeron
MaryAnn Sziber
Sal P (2)
Mary Hebert
Pete Pfiffner
Shirley Landry
Charles Sudkamp (2)
Charles, Diane
Fran Drude (3)
Wayne Pepitone (2)
Polly & Wayne
Audrey Hymel
Nancy Schliegelmeyer (2)
john Gaeta (7)
John, Mary, Diana, Carolyn, Troy, Luella, Donald
Gene Powell (2)
Gene & Mary
Donna Scallions
Virgie Goings WHIDDON
Virgie Goings
Bruce Besrd (2)
Karen Moran
Sandra Johnson
Willie Blanchard (2)
James and Betty Gomilla (2)
Francis Ivanyisky
Julie & Barry Desselles (2)
Sandy Tallia (3)
Vito and Annie
Jeanann Haughey
Suetta Burney
Diane Pierce
Mark Gaspard (5)
Mark Gaspard
Lynn Mondt (2)
Albert and Lynn
Susan Stillinger (2)
Mary ann michon
Jim Novak
Pat Tucker
Danette Stilley
Sal Faldetta
Linda LeSage
Carrie Higgs (4)
Catherine And Joseph Vilardo (2)
Tonia Burns
Pam McDaniel
Mary MCMenamin
6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

30 of 90 slots filled
Karen Graves (2)
Bob Tarifa (2)
Pam Falconello (2)
charles sutton (3)
Sherlyne Meissner
Betty & Mike Rogers (2)
Mike & Betty Claire
Peggy Barringer
Linda Simoneaux (2)
LInda & Mike
Liz Varnado (2)
Tammy Carpenter
Dawn Ricouard
Christine Stolf (2)
Joe Distefano (2)
Mary Mocsary
Tony Button
Audrey Hymel
Krystal Pauli (4)
Lyman and Krystal Pauli. Daniel and Asher Tallia
01/10/2021 (Sun.) St. Thomas Chapel, Springfield  8:00am - 9:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (75)

71 of 75 slots filled
Melynda Hanna (7)
Judy Staub (2)
Lena Pauli (2)
Lillie Millet (2)
David Drude
cindy AJ (2)
Bob Schneller (2)
Leslie Monistere (4)
vincent Deliberto
Patricia Jubin
Charlie Martin (2)
Edie LaGrange
Salvador Dimitri
Loretta Genco
Patti & Josh Earhart (2)
LaVerne Parfait
Melanie Hebert (2)
Melanie & Anthony
Tugga Broussard
William Cyrier
Vito Tallia (2)
Julie Savoy (2)
Larry and Kathy DeArmond (2)
Nina Breaud (2)
Bonnie Anderson
Susie Clark (2)
Mary Scuderi
Jim Scuderi
Tracey Doran
Darlene Scioneaux (2)
Dorothy Sledge
Marsha Sherburne (2)
Troy and Susan Phillips
Dawn Brown (2)
Deborah Greer (2)
Walton & Deborah
Charles Snee (3)
Gary Ratcliff (2)
Megan Bardwell (5)
Justin, Megan, Ashton, Morley, & Grady
Rachael Harris (2)
St. Margaret Church, Albany  10:00am - 11:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

All slots filled
Herman Rayborn
Joan Wallace
Bella Holden
Shirley Darouse
Barbara Stallcup
Alberta Kronlage
Larry Pecoraro (6)
Kristen Lalonde (4)
Dorothy Kropog (2)
Kim Cronan (3)
Rusty Thibodeaux (2)
Frances Dantin (2)
Bill and Frances
Connie Davis (5)
Mandy Fischer (4)
Fischer Family
Stacey Neal
Sylvia Bush (2)
June Engelbrecht
Wendy Gill
Ronney Domiano
Frank Ferrara (5)
Lucy Whiddon
Arlene Gauthier (2)
Frank Good (3)
Frank, Helen and Kristen
Dr. David Whidden (5)
George Bates
Joe Bates
Michael Sharp (2)
Ed France (2)
Nancy Aucoin (2)
Bobby and Nancy Aucoin
Lindsey Aucoin (4)
Jonathan, Lindsey, Adelie, Amrkia
Debbie Corbett (2)
Linda Hoover
Kelly Yuhasz (2)
Emily Fournier (3)
Ryan & Ellie
Cindy Wagner (4)
Keith, Cindy, Caroline, and Eric
Jennifer Chauvin (3)
Paulette Duhe (2)
LeeAnna Grob (4)
The Grob Family
5:30pm - 6:30pm  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

79 of 90 slots filled
Walter Barado (2)
Polly Chatelain
Sharon Miano (2)
Megan Ourso
Mandy Fischer
Trent Fischer
Rhonda Young (2)
Glenn and Rhonda
Anthony Sanzone (5)
Megan McCoy (6)
David Littlejohn (2)
David and Dawn
Brady Munn (2)
Janet Labarre (3)
G & K Navarre (2)
Maria Guay
Irene Lilly (2)
Julie Purvis (5)
Gina Duhe
William Kircher
Trish Barras (2)
Mike and Trish
Beth Bigner (2)
Daniel Fox
Darlene Kahl-Gendusa
Charlotte Prudhomme (2)
Susan Basso
Yvette Schilling (2)
Lisa Goings (3)
Jennifer Jones
Elise Bishop (3)
David Fulks (2)
Ed Hanks (5)
Jody Levatino (4)
Gina Little
John Ryals (4)
[email protected] Pechon
Marcia McKnight (5)
Larry, Marci, Marlee, Preston, Parker
01/11/2021 (Mon.) St. Margaret Church, Albany  7:00am - 8:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

4 of 90 slots filled
Pete Pfiffner
Wendy Gill
Jeanann Haughey
Mary ann michon
01/12/2021 (Tue.) St. Margaret Church, Albany  7:00am - 8:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

9 of 90 slots filled
Megan Ourso
Pete Pfiffner
Wendy Gill
Mark Chemay
Jeanann Haughey
Mary ann michon
Kelly Yuhasz
Lisa Goings (2)
01/13/2021 (Wed.) St. Margaret Church, Albany  7:00am - 8:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

4 of 90 slots filled
Pete Pfiffner
Wendy Gill
Jeanann Haughey
Mary ann michon
01/14/2021 (Thu.) St. Margaret Church, Albany  7:00am - 8:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

5 of 90 slots filled
Pete Pfiffner
Wendy Gill
Jeanann Haughey
Mary ann michon
William Kircher
01/15/2021 (Fri.) St. Margaret Church, Albany  7:00am - 8:00am  

Eucharistic Celebration (90)

6 of 90 slots filled
Pete Pfiffner
Wendy Gill
Gene Powell
Jeanann Haughey
Mary ann michon
Marilyn Marchinko
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