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Worship Gatherings

This Sunday, Church on Mill will assemble at 13th and Mill Ave for gathered worship. In order to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission, each Worship Gathering will be limited to 50 people (40 sign up spots and 10 guests), and those present will be encouraged to wear masks. Please sign up for one of the three gatherings below. If your preferred time is full, kindly select an alternate. In addition to these in-person Worship Gatherings, a livestream of the 11:30am Gathering will be provided via Facebook and YouTube. May the Lord empower us to glorify God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ

Date: 08/30/2020 (Sun.)

Created by:   Church on Mill
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Location Time (MST) Sign Up
Church on Mill 8:30am - 9:30am  

Worship Gathering (50)

40 of 50 slots filled
Valeria Gonzalez (2)
Karen Kelley
John McClintic (2)
Amy Hardy (3)
Mark Drake
Kathy Hardy (2)
Jessica Lo Verde
Shane Wolf (2)
Caroline & Andy Clare (2)
Sarah Knaub
Priscila Ortiz (2)
Pam Smith
James Stover
Mark Habelt
Darien Nieves
Salman Safdar (2)
Donita Petean
Nicole Brown (2)
Csilla Antony (2)
Marissa Lewis
David Costello
Joshua Liguid (3)
Hannah Lowery (2)
Eric Fries
Kendra Harris
10:00am - 11:00am  

Worship Gathering (50)

43 of 50 slots filled
Peter Crank (2)
Christine Heaps (3)
I'm bringing Weston! (& a co-worker)
George Karway
Erika Woo (2)
and Dzifa
Jeanine Sage
Teresa Bond
Melissa Bard
Kristina Chow (3)
Elizabeth Inman
Bobby Young
Kamber Goff (2)
Kamber and Ezra Goff
Jacob Jones (3)
Jacob, Audra, and Matt
Kyle Nielsen
Isabel Han
Caleb Renner (2)
Chantel Krause (2)
Desiree Coe
Betzabel Ayala
Brittney Jacobson (3)
Lori Henaughan (2)
Laurel Morgan
Tanyon And Lindsey Berry (2)
Josiah Cantrell
Xavier Terrones (2)
Christian VandenHam (2)
Isabel Han
11:30am - 12:30pm  

Worship Gathering (50)

All slots filled
Kendra Kahl (2)
Jonathan Townsend
Katina Skinner (2)
Jill Newkirk (3)
Morgan Roberts (5)
Christopher Cardin
Danni Naylor (5)
Patty Russell
Katie Turner
Zach Hsu (2)
Rebecca Reyes
The Mussottes (4)
Brian Murphy (3)
Michele Alber (2)
Dave Oaks (5)
Ruth Shumate (2)
Mary Jo Courtnay
Todd Diehl (3)
Coolest Members (2)
Jenni Samsill (3)
Jenni, Dan and Lucas Samsill
Justin Flint
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