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St. Jane de Chantal

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Masses currently for this weekend, June13 and June 14, are at 50% of capacity. Today, Tuesday, June 9th, we are continuing with 50% capacity, 150 at St. Jane and 80 at St. Michael. Please check our website, facebook page or MyParish for all update.

Remember: It is important to keep six feet distance from each other; Wash your hands prior to and after Mass; Use hand sanitizer; and if you are not feeling well do not come to Mass. Masks are highly recommended.

You may sign up by selecting the Mass you wish to attend, click the sign up button, then click the submit and sign up at the bottom of the page. If you need assistance, call the Church Office at 985-892-1439.

There will be a second collection for Archdiocese Military.

Thank you for your love and committment to St. Jane Parish

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SM  St. Jane de Chantal

Created by:   Susan May
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (CDT) Available Slot
06/13/2020 (Sat.) St. Jane  4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Ordinary Form (150)

73 of 150 slots filled
Jorge Sanchez (2)
Lynne Herrmann
David Myers (6)
Chelsie Soler (2)
Debra McDougall
Patricia Warr
Robert Smith (2)
Elaine DuPont (2)
Susan May
Patsy Kerner
Judie Gauthier (3)
Richard Vairin (2)
Anne Anderson
Chuck Schaefer (3)
Mike Guido
Anne Giovingo
Chris & Tricia Reed (2)
Virginia Battistella (2)
June & Glenn Frechou (2)
David & Mary Ann Marquardt (2)
Frances & Ernest Bruder (2)
Sherry & Ted Viola (2)
Betty Wallblich
Ray McDougall
Barbara Laque
rick farizo (2)
Sandy Tomaszewski
Sandy Tomaszewski
Linda Newman (2)
Bree Treadway (4)
Sylvia Waksman
Lisa Lallande (2)
Wayne Brady (2)
David and Cindy Garaudy
Cindy Gutowski (5)
Glenda Alphonso
Ray Cavignac (2)
Gayle Cross (2)
Lacey Bentley
Judy Montz (2)
St. MIchael  4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Ordinary Form (80)

32 of 80 slots filled
John Wyne
Susan Naquin (2)
Gail Joffrion
JoAnn and John D'Antonio (2)
Jean Humble (2)
Jean and Bob Humble
Debbie Thames
Carol Carroll
Betty Shakelford
Paula Friloux
Nash Friloux
Jo Kiefer
Vic Lasalle (4)
Don Haik
Rick Farizo (2)
St Michael not st Jane
Daniel H Johnson Jr MD
Judy & Ryan Laine (2)
Dale Raterman (2)
Mindy Day (2)
Lynn & Mindy
Adrianne Baumgartner (2)
06/14/2020 (Sun.) St. Jane  8:00am - 9:00am  

Ordinary Form (150)

85 of 150 slots filled
Mary Francis
Judy Moll
Henry Russell
Jackie Russell
DeDe Rogowski (2)
terri turner-marse
Sidney Johnson
Ray Simon
Danette Simon
Bob Fenger
Kathleen Whitlock
Rudy & Joycelyn Bosch (2)
Courtney Newton (6)
Mike and Linda Nevle (2)
Marsha Weixel
Tracey Prendergast
Roy Bostick
Michael Strikmiller (2)
John Jarrell
Jeff Horchoff (2)
Gary Macke (2)
Sheron Garardina (5)
Sandy Tomaszewski
Jim Tomaszewski
Kathy English (2)
Joyce Presto
Beverly Hawkins (2)
Lynn Chaplain (2)
Iris Salzer
Stafford Menard
S Ohlenforst (4)
Gayle Richard (5)
David Wire (2)
Judie Gauthier (3)
Jason Heap (2)
Lali Morel
Thai Nguyen (3)
Chris Ryan (2)
Mac Wolkart (2)
Debbie Root
Julie Huhn (2)
Adele Wainright (2)
Kristie Mcconnell
Rebecca S
Kelly Behlar
David and Cindy Garaudy (2)
June & Glenn FRECHOU (2)
Pete Miller
Pat Chevis (2)
10:00am - 11:00am  

Ordinary Form (150)

78 of 150 slots filled
Kathy Gottardi (2)
Faye & Jerry Defarneux (2)
Michelle Lewis (2)
Stacie Reynolds (4)
Darnell Acosta
Carey Montz (3)
Hollie DeHarde (2)
Cynthia Huggins
Julie Fenger
Gerald Theriot (2)
Leo and Dianne Sanchez (2)
Kasi Treser (7)
Camille Pousson (2)
Elaine Morlier (2)
John Moran
Gwen Pierrotti
Diana Labay
Cindy & Chuck Schaefer (2)
Claude Mooney
Iris Salzer
Virginia Fontcuberta (3)
Stephanie Bennett
Kathy Sharp
Katherine Generes (2)
Ed & Kathy Generes
Heather Klechak
Don Bleile (2)
Jamie Mahler (4)
Kirk Lampo
Rochelle Heap (5)
Christine Hulin (4)
Justin Archote (2)
Alyssa Helwig (2)
Adam Fuselier
Alison Arnold (2)
Brad Laguaite (2)
Jacob Simpson
Tiffany McGoey (4)
12:00pm - 1:30pm  

Extraordinary Form (150)

All slots filled
Joseph Morse (4)
Confirmation Families (30)
Rachel Simpson (7)
Norman Faucheux (2)
Leann Glynn (4)
Stanley Erickson
Boyletie (4)
Jim & Vickie Jambom (2)
Gretchen Rodriguez (4)
Brandon Jambom Family (9)
Carla Burrow (2)
Elly Trimer (2)
Sheila Ratcliff
Cathy LeBlanc (9)
Mary Landry (4)
Shirley, Carol Mike
Ben Dehler (10)
Blake Naquin (3)
Julie Bertheaud
Victoria Ragusa Ragusa
Angie Petrolia (8)
Gemma Carter (2)
Jack Elder
Ellen Brown (2)
Ave Maria
Daniel Fox
Rita Hauswald (3)
Charlotte & Steve Ratley (2)
Karlie Punch (3)
Bree Treadway (4)
John Travers (8)
Shannon Geisler (3)
Harlan P. Hock Jr.
Michelle Scott (3)
Jordan Jacob
Logan Johnson
Amanda DaCosta
Robin Ziegler (2)
Richard Flick (3)
7:30pm - 8:30pm  

Ordinary Form (150)

33 of 150 slots filled
Charlene Carter
Liz Jenkins
Allison Lampo
Deborah Christiansen (2)
Daryl Allen (2)
Vicky Vaughn
Belkys Verdin (2)
Adele Wainright
Alana Wainright
Melissa Pittman
Trenton Pittman
Sandra Nance
Dorothy McKnight
Nageeha Yazbeck (4)
Philip Braun
Shelly Marano (3)
Mignon Fahr
Michael Ross (3)
Denise Eagan
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