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No reservations required starting July 6th! We're still monitoring capacity and may ask those who have been at the pool the longest to make space for new arrivals.

We'll be taking one break at 4pm to clean/disinfect.

Please be courteous to other members so we can continue to be flexible!


Note the revised time slots and rules starting Thursday, June 25!

We've been paying attention to pool usage and can relax some of the restrictions!

Here's what it means:

  1. Guests! Monday to Thursday we're not restricting the number of guests you can bring and we're expanding the capacity selector to let you pick up to 8 people. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays each family is limited to two guests. Please use a new field to enter the name of your guests on your reservation.
  2. Expanded blocks! We're extending the blocks from 3 hours to 4 hours. We're also counting backwards from closing time. That means there are three blocks on Friday/Saturday and two blocks Sunday-Thursday. On the days we open at 11am, the first two hours will be walk-in only. You can stay at the pool from 11-5 by reserving the 1-5 block and being a walk-in. 
  3. Numbers! The numbers aren't changing - we're still limited to 140 people. 100 reservations and 40 walk-ins. That said we haven't been at capacity since we expanded the numbers!

NOTE: We won't be allowing guests on July 4th so more members can use the pool


Please use the form below to reserve a time slot for your family at the pool. You will be able to reserve spots up to two days in advance (new spots are added 48 hours before the scheduled pool time). Be sure to specify how many people from your family will be at the pool using the quantity selector. You only get counted as one person if you don't use the quantity, people in excess of the selected number will have to use a walk in spot (if available).

We understand that limited capacity, reservations, and restricted time periods aren't ideal for anyone. These guidelines help us to allow maximum usage while still following the recovery order to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. 

During this phase of recovery we are limited to 140 people at the pool. During each 4 hour period 100 people can reserve a spot. There are also 40 walk-in spots available. If you get a SignUpGenius account you'll be able to edit your own reservations and there's an app.

The rules (please don't make us be the reservation police):

  1. Please only reserve one spot per day. We want the pool to be available to as many members as possible. Later reservations for the same family will not be honored. We may remove later reservations from the signup to open spots for other families.
  2. Please be respectful of other members and leave the pool when your reservation is over. You're welcome to wait and see if there are any walk in spots available for the next session.
  3. Be nice. This isn't easy for anybody. Try to do your part to make sure everyone can enjoy the pool. That includes our wonderful staff. Their job is to help everyone have a safe, fun time at the pool and sometimes that means they'll have to enforce our following of the recovery order that limits attendance. Don't be a jerk.
  4. When the pool is at capacity any members who have been using the pool for more than four hours may be asked to leave. This will let us have space for everyone to use the pool as much as possible. If we aren't at capacity, stay as long as you like.

Thank you!

Created by:   Southern Hills Pool

This sign up has no slots that are currently available. Please contact the sign up creator for more info.
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