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Arizona Road Racers

Summer Series Awards Dinner and Raffle

Please join us on Thursday, September 16,2021 at 6pm for our Annual Summer Series Awards night at El Dorado Park in Scottsdale! The address is ~2300 N 77th Street, Scottsdale 85257.

This event is open to anyone who registered for any of the five summer series events.  We will be having the overall series awards, a raffle and pizza, starting at 6pm. If you arrive prior to 6pm, it's a great location to have a pre-pizza run!

In order so that we can plan appropriately for pizza, please RSVP here.

Date: 09/16/2021 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm MST

Created by:   Katherine Nierva

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Responses:     Yes: 62     No: 10     Maybe: 0     No Response: 498

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 87     Maybe: 0

YES (62) -  

Lee Killpack (2 guests)

Megan Tsabetsaye (4 guests)

Don McDonald (2 guests)

Trevor Weisse (1 guest)

Thomas Greiner (2 guests)

Wendy Gesund (1 guest)

karen s (1 guest)

Laura Clarke-Steffen (2 guests)

Tressa Farnam (1 guest)

Tim Walch (1 guest)

Jacey Orlando (2 guests)

Anntoinette (toni) Duran (3 guests)
Myself, Michael Magga and Albert Duran

Cari Morris (1 guest)

Ruby Cropper (5 guests)
The Cropper Family

Patricia Breyer (1 guest)

Lisa Hemann (1 guest)

Karin Royle (1 guest)

Gary Restaino (1 guest)

Marty Michelson (1 guest)
Need location sign, please.

Urmas Grossthal (1 guest)

George J. Master (1 guest)

Mihwa Kim (1 guest)

Norm Janoff (1 guest)

Michael Wu (1 guest)

JIM WAGNER (1 guest)

Steve Lewis (1 guest)

Erin Correll (1 guest)

Katie Preston (1 guest)

Bodo Diehn (2 guests)
Also Maria Diehn

Robert Lee (1 guest)
Proudly representing the Michelson clean up crew

Caroline Meek (2 guests)
+ Jeff Thompson

Jacob Sutton (1 guest)

Erin Sutton (2 guests)

Jim Troche (1 guest)

Melissa Smith (1 guest)

Shantay Gattis (1 guest)

Lucinda O’Connell (1 guest)

Cynthia Salazar (1 guest)

Emily Masek (2 guests)

Karen Hayes (1 guest)

Mark Sachet (1 guest)

Laura Ducharme (1 guest)

Pete Weldy (2 guests)

Victor Peterson (1 guest)

Sharon Pete-Lee (2 guests)

Tom Solnit (1 guest)

Steve Angley (1 guest)

Vanessa Garcia (1 guest)

Marvin Davis (1 guest)

Jorge Magana (1 guest)

Betty Phillips (2 guests)
Nicholas Phillips

Janet Foote (1 guest)

Gracie Murad (2 guests)

Daniel Combs (1 guest)

Aimee Oliva (1 guest)

Mark Huber (1 guest)

Stephanie Buettner (2 guests)

Kurt Thomas (1 guest)

EJ Ramirez (2 guests)

Elizabeth Kennedy (1 guest)
Looking forward to it, thank you ARR

wayne ottesen (2 guests)

Lisa Hanard (1 guest)

NO (10) +  

NO RESPONSE (498) +  

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