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Virtual Book Club

Virtual Book Club Registration

Please enter in your name and email address to register for the Virtual Book Club event. 

Zoom information will be sent out to attendees the day before and day of the event.

Please reach out to Elizabeth Smith at [email protected] with any questions.

Date: 10/22/2020 (Thu.)

Time: 3:00pm CDT

Created by:   Elizabeth Smith

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 69     No: 0     Maybe: 11    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 73     Maybe: 11

YES (69) -  

Amy Hinton (1 guest)

Ellen Brown (1 guest)

Mark Higuchi (1 guest)

Goodluck Malle (1 guest)

Ginger Montgomery (1 guest)

Elizabeth Bradshaw Scott (1 guest)

Katie Recka (1 guest)

Sylvia Heinze (1 guest)

Christine Cofer (1 guest)

Beth Martin (1 guest)

Hayley Bustos (1 guest)

Evelyn Jones-Talley (1 guest)

Shaunna Siler (1 guest)

Katherine Doyon (1 guest)

Shireen Heidari (1 guest)

Brenda Edusei (1 guest)

Tochi Iroku-Malize (1 guest)

Elicia Williams-King (1 guest)

Kevin Smith (1 guest)

Manouchka Joseph MD (1 guest)

Lynn Walls (1 guest)

Jane Thomas (1 guest)

Ronke Champion (1 guest)

Kay Williams (1 guest)

Priya Keane (1 guest)

Yael Schenker (1 guest)

Christine Celio (1 guest)

Gloria Koskey (1 guest)

Alan Rozen (1 guest)

David Seabolt (1 guest)

Amrita Ghosh (1 guest)

Renee Hickson (2 guests)

John Halporn (1 guest)

Katie Jones (1 guest)

Teresa Sexton (1 guest)

Nora Brennan (1 guest)

Caitlin Brennan (1 guest)

Patricia Dooley (1 guest)

Paul Tatum (1 guest)


Kevin Craig (1 guest)

Alyse McGarraugh (1 guest)

Stacey Clark (1 guest)

Elizabeth Chuang (1 guest)

Brook Wilson (1 guest)

Kerry Kennedy (1 guest)

Ann Lichtenstein (1 guest)

Elizabeth Dzeng (1 guest)

Elizabeth Paulk (1 guest)

Margaret Bowen (1 guest)

Marla Rejbi (1 guest)

Deborah Russell (1 guest)

Catherina Madani (1 guest)

Susan Harrison (1 guest)

Mina Chang (1 guest)

Rachna Goswami (1 guest)

Lorie Trainor (1 guest)

Myles Zuckerman (1 guest)

Maria DePasquale (1 guest)

Maceo Baker (1 guest)

Preeya Tailor (1 guest)

Michelle Sorenson (1 guest)

Joan Harrold (1 guest)

Susan DeSanto-Madeya (1 guest)

Katie Nelson (1 guest)

Jennifer Hale (1 guest)

Michael Dobson (1 guest)

Pamela Gordon (4 guests)

Susan McCammon (1 guest)

MAYBE (11) +  

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