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Pen Pals YYC

YYC Pen Pals Initiative sign up...all ages welcome!

March 19, 2020 original premise:  Letters will be forwarded to seniors' care facilities in Calgary AB via email where the care facilities will then print the letters and distribute.  Many care facilities have colour printers.  Languages will be added to the list below as facilities join the program, so keep checking back!

Please read all instructions below:

1. Sign up for any/many languages, it's up to you!

2. Write letters. Type letters electronically if you like.  (Scan/take a photo of the handwritten letters.)

3.  Email all letters to [email protected] in the subject line please list the language.


March 31st update:

  • More artwork needed, please keep it coming! Some people with Alzheimers' have lost language, yet are able to still appreciate drawings and artwork.
  • One or more participating facilities are now in lockdown as a precaution or due to illness, with residents confined to their rooms except for meal times...the residents need connection!



Very important:  Large Print/large font,  double spaced, whether hand written or electronic format.  

  • Font size recommendation:   16 or 20 if electronic.  Many people have vision challenges,  make it easy for all of them. 
  • If writing by hand, please consider using a sharpie or dark pen and double space.  Otherwise dark pencil and paper. (mistakes are expected/ok and bring a smile to the face!)
  • Written/printed  by hand is more personal, especially from kids!


  • Letter content: Introduce yourself, share what you're comfortable sharing, ask any questions, adults don't edit what kids write,  anything goes! 
    • Awkward/unusual/socially unacceptable kid/cute questions make people laugh.  Allow kids to be their authentic selves...please resist the temptation to edit.  
    • Feel free to speak of fears/worries, that is good and healthy and the folks in the care homes are super full of wisdom...some lived through similar times, many lived through worse hardships. 
  • Perfect is NOT important...communication/connecting is.***

All letters will be screened (for safety), then we will forward the letters to the care facilities.  Many residents reply.

Care facility stats as of March 31:  4 care facilities/residences, 630 residents 

Forwarded letters stats as of March 25: 50+ letters sent to 3 facilities in 4 languages 

Feedback:  [email protected] (Admin account)  Speak another language?  Please email us and we'll add it to the list for future use!

FYI The Calgary Police Service (Jeremy Shaw) has been consulted prior to setting this program up, for advice on keeping folks safe.

Created by:   Linda Em
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Languages needed

Chinese: Cantonese


Chinese: Mandarin

1 slot filled - more available
Sara Pao
Fluent :)




207 slots filled - more available
Vanessa Loyer
Jess Bremer
Brenda Holoboff
Raelle Henry
Danielle Lauzon
My Daughters will love this!
Brenna Wardrop
Kathryn Morgan
Ellen Nielsen
Garrity Beales
Melanie Apostolatos-cox
Hailey Lamouche
Kelly Gail
Amy Spray
Samantha Nicholson
Tracy Cotton
Prefer electronic as I am quarantined
Susan Berger
Sharlene Karkut
Aisling McGrath (2)
Lauren Bourassa (2)
I am 19 and I’d like participate but I’m not sure if this is only for children
Yolanda Campbell
Tammy Stoller
I would love to be an penpal with someone
Savanah Baun
Jacqueline N
Anna Bouchard
Brooklynn Baun
Mariah Brown
Have no fear, put your trust in God
Sarah Schumaker (2)
Grade one and mom
Kayla Reid (2)
Manisha Kumar
English writing
Ruqia Haider
Kara Yu
Brenda Brenda Kunjur
Nicole Jones
Colleen Hughes
I'm happy to do this. I've really missed having a pen pal!!
Roumena Keen
can also speak malaysian & Indonesian
Jennifer Scholten
Lynn Brayshaw
I have 2 kids who can write cards and letters (grd 6 and 4)
Candace Ortiz (2)
Myself and my five year old son would like to participate, we will each write our own letters
Kristen Robertson (3)
Kelly MacQuarrie
Sonja Allen
Teri Ogunleye
Kim Milnes
Jayden Porteous
Amilee Hagon
JoAnne Sieppert (5)
Amanda Johnston
Leah Bortolin
Andrea Gross-Leibham
Carey Houston
Sarah Kisko
Lucy Altrows
I am working from home and my 10 year old son and I would love to help out and connect!
Kirsten McEwing
Kimberly Nemrava
Janet Lymer
Stacy Friesen
Lauren Hopper (3)
Linda Holdbrook
Beth Jones
Rebecca Lyon
Lori Carey
Love this!!!
Rebecca Young
Krista Irish (2)
Two elementary school students participating
Jen Buhr
Jennifer Devine (3)
Thank you!
Denise Brown
Lorraine Grey (3)
For our three kids
Kate van der Merwe (3)
the kids and I are excited!
Laurie VandeSchoot
Shelley Lamer (3)
I have 3 children. 2 will write and I will write with my youngest
Jordan Piraux
Yolanda Campbell (2)
Awesome love doing pen pals
Stacey Tomanik
I love this idea!
Hailey Lamouche
My name is Hailey Lamouche, I am a Loving mom to one rainbow baby,baby wife to my childhood sweetheart. I would like to have a penpal.
Erinn Bosch (3)
Kathy Swift
Cyanne Kyler
Emma Olson
Anita Raffaele
Michelle Gillespie
Brenda Nakamura
Diane Perry
Myself and my 2 children will take turns writing to the resident. Thank you!
Sarah Trerise
Maria Gomez (3)
Hayley Shepard
Tammi Couto
Stacey Davis (2)
Jake Surrey
Great idea
Dana Fedorchuk (20)
I'm a teacher.
Les Cooper
I speak some French (and working on my German and Spanish if you are really needing people for those languages)
Amy Jones (2)
Would love to connect with a senior during this time to show we care and ease the loneliness
Marie Bowen
Kristin Latam
Monica Albertin
Jessica Laur
Kiera Hutton
Jenna Shankland
I have four children who will also write
Freya Shankland
Isla Shankland
I am 7
Oliver Shankland
Hamish Shankland
Rawan Hamade
Lisa Salem
Mom of 2 kids, 5yrs and 18mo, would love to get involved and share some letters and some of my kids artwork!
Sara Pao
Fluent :)
Kimberly Archibald
Kaitlyn Mason
Carly Fenske
Kristen Morris
Myself and my elementary aged son will write letters
Floy Tracy
I am a single retired female who would enjoy making connections with other seniors.
Ashley Meller
Dani Spady
Paula Kapcsos (2)
My teenage daughters want to write
Alyanna Hernal
Maahum A
Me & my family would be glad to help out with this & connect :)
Grace Chipman (20)
I am signing up myself but am going to organize some children from my church also to participate to create some artwork and letters!
Benjamin Smith
ciaran michael sisson
Jacob Herman
Megan Stadnik
Excited to make someones days a little brighter with some encouragement and kind words.
Jen Larson
Sally Oliver
Trying to figure this out
Liz Hrycan
What a wonderful idea!
Megan Conboy
My name is Megan I am 22 years old born and raised in Calgary! I would love pen pal and can chat about almost anything.
Paulo Apigo (14)
This is a family project that i have organized.
makena h
Kaitlyn Basi


13 slots filled - more available
Lindsay O'Breham
kamal Hadder
Nicole Jones
More enthused than grammatical
Van Andrea
Janet Lymer
Lauren Hopper (2)
Jennifer Devine
Lorraine Grey
My daughter is in grade 3 French immersion
Monica Albertin
Kiera Hutton
Freya Shankland
Paula Kapcsos
My 9 year old daughter is in French immersion and has limited French but enough to write a short letter


2 slots filled - more available
Jess Bremer
Sonja Allen






Please specify specific dialect/language...

1 slot filled - more available
Hailey Lamouche
My name is Hailey Lamouche, I am a Loving mom to one rainbow baby,baby wife to my childhood sweetheart. I would like to have a penpal.


1 slot filled - more available
C Cal


2 slots filled - more available
Amilee Hagon
I am conversational but I have a translator and a banillion resources so I will do my best.
Maria Gomez
It’s very basic but I have lots of translation help and can get by


1 slot filled - more available
Sara Pao
Fluent :)


1 slot filled - more available
Monica Albertin







South Asian

2 slots filled - more available
Ruqia Haider
Maahum A.


9 slots filled - more available
Mercedes Iparraguirre
Van Andrea
Maria Gomez (5)
I’m a native speaker so i have no issues writing in spanish
Yanina Rabinovich
C Cal


1 slot filled - more available
Lorie Tran
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