USA Climbing - New England West Region

2018 Bouldering Youth Regional Championships

Central Rock Gym | 165 Russell Street | Hadley, MA 
Sat & Sun, Dec 8-9, 2018

The USAC New England West page page has all the regionals info, including daily schedule and running orders (when available).

The times given for the sessions below are approximate. The schedule will not be finalized until after regionals registration closes (check the schedule periodically for updates). There are two climbing sessions each day with volunteers shifts for each session.

The categories climbing in each session are:

  • Saturday, Session 1: FYC, MYB, FJR
  • Saturday Session 2: MYC, FYB, FYA
  • Sunday, Session 1: MYD, MJR
  • Sunday, Session 2: FYD, MYA

Please consider volunteering for both sessions on a given day. It's ok (and appreciated) if you signup for both session #1 and session #2 -- we will ensure that assignments do not conflict.

Please make sure you re-check the schedule the day before the competition.

Thanks for volunteering! Your commitment to youth climbing allows for finalizing the schedule / running orders, supports your climbers and their coaches, and supports the other volunteers (more judges means more scheduling flexibility and allows us to pair experienced judges with newer judges).

CRG is offering day passes to all volunteers. One day pass per session. Passes are good at any CRG gym.

While no prior experience is required to volunteer, we need all judges to watch the Championship Bouldering Competition Rules video before the date of the competition. There is also a meeting approximately one hour before climbing begins for each session which will review judging procedures.


  • Judge - judge climber progress on problems
  • Monitor/Escort - monitor climbers in Iso, escort climbers to problems/routes
  • Scorecard Runner - bring scorecards to scorekeeper

See USA Climbing Volunteer Roles for more information on each volunteer role.


Created by:   Kevin Gallagher
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EST) Role
12/08/2018 (Sat.) Session 1  7:00am - 12:00pm  

Iso Monitor/Escort (4)

All slots filled
Cole Robson
Marina Sweet
I will not be there until 8
Jane McNamara
Paul Bonner
7:15am - 12:30pm  

Judge (42)

23 of 42 slots filled
Rachel Mabey LaBelle
Kristen Oddi
Karen Astorina
John Wyeth
Iris Perez
Brett Carr
Johnny Huang
David Hanneke
Jeff Squire
Cole Robson
Chris Misra
amit bhattacharyya
MInki Hong
Peter Murphy
James Chi
Paul Callaway
Will be there at 8, can judge until 11:15. Have judged @ regionals and divisionals before
Paxton Barnes
Michael Joseph
Stephen Saxenian
Daniel Lis
no climber
Mathew Barnett
Emil Rusev
Noah Saxenian
8:15am - 12:00pm  

Scorecard Runner

kirsten bylo
Session 2  12:00pm - 5:00pm  

Iso Monitor/Escort (4)

All slots filled
Ellen Howse
Would prefer to escort
Matt Schwarz
Barb Francella
Would prefer to escort
Sharon Lerner
12:15pm - 4:30pm  

Judge (42)

29 of 42 slots filled
Ian Wright
Kristen Oddi
Karen Astorina
Kyra Chenoweth
Jamie Perillo
Patti Rube
Jeff Squire
Scott Simon
Dan Rube
Alice Zheng
amit bhattacharyya
Olivia Beaudette
no climber
Karen Huang
Katy Lamoutte
Keith Lamoutte
Jonathan Leff
Farrah DiMaggio
Never judged before! But happy to help
Justin Carter
I don't have a child competing
Simon NIeld
I will be competing saturday AM in MYB
Eli Smith
I’m male youth A competing Sunday
Robin Randall
Maxwell schweik
Darcy Froehlich
never judged or volunteered before but happy to help in some way
Joel Friedman
Ethan Schiff
I signed up for Sun by mistake. I am competing Sat am MYB. I can volunteer until about 3:30.
Matthew OConnell
I can judge through 12-4pm only; and my son climbs in the time frame (delling oconnell MYC #20 in running order
Brian Fulton
Andrew Shusterman
Ezra David
I am a competitor climbing on Sunday
1:15pm - 5:00pm  

Scorecard Runner

Diane Hernandez
12/09/2018 (Sun.) Session 1  7:00am - 11:00am  

Iso Monitor/Escort (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Cole Robson
Jeff Ballow
7:15am - 11:00am  

Judge (28)

10 of 28 slots filled
Mandi Jo Hanneke
Cole Robson
Judy Wolf
Lisa Wilcox
Justin Carter
I don't have a child competing
Lisa Tran
Have judged at locals; Need to leave at end of session 1 to drive to NYC
Rich Ludwig
Joseph Molko
Have judged at local and regional competitions
Norah Chi
Rares Benga
my son is in Male D session
8:15am - 11:00am  

Scorecard Runner

Session 2  10:15am - 3:30pm  

Judge (28)

26 of 28 slots filled
Richard Dingman
OhSang Kwon
Chris Misra
Stephen Scott
Brynne McConnell
I don't have a climber
Forest Carlsen-Neiger
No climber
Adam Fire
Rowan Sacks
No Climber
Cameron Bonnell
I dont have a climber
Ethan Schiff
I would only be able to do the first half, also I am an early competitor so if that is a problem, it’s fine.
Patricia Cummings
Child with climber
Yang Tan
My son is MYA climber
Peter Nolan
Doron Friedman Need to leave early
Lara Derderian
Rares Benga Benga
My son is MYD, I can judge PM session
Sharon Bayantemur
Stephanie Hines
Maxwell schweik
Taryn FitzGerald
Yuriy Shusterman
Millard Arnold
ewan bennett
Sara Sternick
I can’t be there until 12:30, and can judge 12:30-3:30, please send an email to confirm this is ok! Also I do not have a child/climber
Trevor Collins
Do not have a Climber
Alex Fischer
I don't have a climber
11:00am - 3:30pm  

Iso Monitor/Escort (4)

All slots filled
Jennifer Griffin
No climber
Leora Fastow
Jocelyn Mullins Mullins
Christine Earley
11:15am - 3:30pm  

Scorecard Runner

Sheri Sablich

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