Immaculate Conception Volunteers


Dear volunteers,

On behalf of our parishioners, I would like to thank you for volunteering your time to support our ministries and programs at Assumption and Immaculate Conception Parishes.

We as  parishes, have continued to respond to the needs of our parishioners and the larger community.  This could not have happened without you, each of you, who have given so freely of your time, your talents, your gifts and your prayer. It is only by working together, as a community based on Christ’s love and mercy that we can continue to exist and spread His message.

Even in the best of times, the Church cannot function and grow without the individuals giving (physically, spiritually & monetarily) as they are able.  As a Catholic Church, we have many responsibilities in a multitude of areas.  We must respond to the needs of the poor, the sick, the dying and the grieving.  We need to develop the faith of our children and youth, assist young families in raising their children in the faith.  We need to be good stewards of our physical space and our finances – from cleaning the windows and pews to fixing the parking lot to paying the electric bill. And while doing all this and more, we cannot neglect the most important duty of the Church – spreading the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus.  It is simply not possible for only a few to do it all!  The early Christian communities learned this and we continue in this tradition.  

We work together for the good of all it is because of the love and generosity of the people of our parishes that we are and will continue to be a true Christian community. Once again, I really appreciate your efforts. thank you for your time. We hope you will continue to support our communities.

In Christ,
Pastor Fr. Bader


Greeter Lead

Needed: 1 per Mass

Start - At least 30 minutes before Mass time.
Stop - When Cleaning team is complete.


  • Have the Mass Manifest ready for check-in at the entrance.
  • Have the Mass volunteer list / sign-in clipboard in the Volunteer section.
  • Make sure all resources, information and sign-in are setup in the volunteer area.
  • Make sure all west exterior doors are locked.  No entry for parishioners.
  • Walk through the church and make sure all signage is in place.
  • Unlock the NE and SE doors for entry.
  • Make sure all volunteers sign in as they enter.
  • Assign and give direction as to duties and responsibilities to team members.
  • The “Lead” greeter will “check-in” parishioners as they enter.
  • Make sure collection baskets are empty and properly placed and signed before Mass.
  • Make sure all collections are put in appropriately marked security bag.  The manifest and volunteer list should be put in the same bag.   Put bag in safe.


Needed: 2-3 per Mass

Schedule: Start - At least 30 minutes before Mass time.  Stop - End when all parishioners have left the Church


  • Greeters will be the first contact to our parishioners as they enter the Church.
  • The “Lead” greeter will “check-in” parishioners as they enter.
  • Ensure all parishioners are wearing masks
  • Manage and enforce social distancing.  Use the patio area if necessary
  • Make sure all doors at the NW entrance are propped open or opened by team member as needed for entrance.
  • One Greeter will be assigned to the SE Communion Station to assist with distancing.
  • Make sure all doors at the NW entrance are propped open or opened for exit.


Needed:  3 per Mass.

Schedule: Start - At least 30 minutes before Mass time.  Stop - End when all parishioners have left the Church


  • Ushers will stay in the body of the Church.
  • Ushers will “collect” people as they enter the body of the church and “walk” them to an appropriate seat.  Once parishioners get used the system they can seat themselves.
  • Ask parishioners to sit “in” from the edge of the pew.  Every other pew will be roped off.  Available pews can seat - 1 single and 1 couple - or a family.  Discourage 2 couples per pew.
  • Ensure all parishioners are wearing masks.
  • Manage and enforce social distancing.
  • One Usher will be assigned to the NE Communion Station to assist with distancing.
  • Make sure all Narthex and external doors at the church entrance are open for exit.


Needed: 2 per Mass.


Start – 15 minutes before Mass ends 
Stop – When all cleaning and disinfectant has been completed


  • All cleaning team members must wear masks and gloves.
  • Pick up in the church of anything left behind.  No hymnals, prayer books are anything can be left on a pew or book pockets or counter.
  • Pick up and empty trash including restrooms.  You are not responsible for cleaning toilets.
  • Ensure all hand sanitizers are in place per direction.
  • Disinfect all “open” pews and all tactile points, including restrooms, per direction.
  • Setup Church for next Mass.


Created by:   Teri Brummerstedt
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Location Volunteers
(Sun. 9:30am - 10:30am)

Usher (2)

All slots filled
Sara Wollgast
Dave Wollgast
Eric Tessler

Cleaners (2)

All slots filled
Tammy Favero
Janine Pens

Leader Greeter

Sara Wollgast

Greeter (2)

All slots filled
Laura Marizza
Mike Poulos

Eucharist Minister (2)

(Sun. 9:30am - 10:30am)

Usher (2)


Cleaners (2)


Leader Greeter


Greeter (2)


Eucharist Minister (2)

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