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Hill Elementary Field Day

Dear Parents,

On Monday, June 10, 2019 Hill will be hosting its annual Field Day event. This is an event that the students truly look forward to each year. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of planning as well as help from our parents. If you think that volunteering for Field Day this year is something that you would be interested in, please sign up for the event that interests you most.  Sign-up Genius will allow you to choose the event you'd like to help with that day. Please note that Field Day will run from 1:00-3:00 PM that day. We may run over the time a little bit. You will have each group of kids at your station from approximately 7 minutes and will then rotate them. Thank you all for considering helping at an that means so much to our students.  This year we are asking that all volunteers bring 20 FILLED water balloons with them and drop them off at the Water Balloon station. This station cannot take place without the water balloons.


Mr. Van Houzen 

Date: 06/10/2019 (Mon.)

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Location: Hill Elementary

Created by:   Jamie Van Houzen
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Available Slot

Cup Pass (3)

4 groups of students. First child will dunk their cup into a bucket of water and try to transfer that water to another bucket. Their cup however, will be full of holes. Team that fills their bucket first, wins!

1 of 3 slots filled
Danielle Barnes

Sponge Bucket Relay (4)

Student dunk the sponge in a bucket of water, place the sponge on their head and balance it. Then they walk to another bucket where they wring the water out of the sponge into the bucket. First team to fill their bucket, wins!

2 of 4 slots filled
Angie Smitka (2)
Steve Smitka

Water Balloon Toss (2)

Have each student get a partner. Line up across from them. On the adults command one partner will throw to the other partner. If they succesffuly catch the balloon or it does not break, one partner will take a step back. Last two kids with a balloon wins

All slots filled
Caty Baydoun
Nikki Bengry

Hydration Station (4)

We have 2 stations for hydration. 2 parents will be at each station. Please make sure the water coolers stay filled, only use the cups if students don't have water bottles. In the past some of my parents have brought water blasters to spray the kids.

All slots filled
Lydia Knoblock
Amy Thatcher
Vanessa Wesley mom
Evangeline Tesoro
Jennifer Price

Tug O'War (2)

Students use a rope to pull one another back and forth. Break up teams any way you think fit. Evens vs. Odds. Boys vs. Girls. etc...

1 of 2 slots filled
Veena Kavdia

Soccer Relay (2)

Put students in 4 groups. Have them dribble a soccer ball through the cones and back. If there is extra time, do it again or change it up a bit. You can make them pass back to the line, etc.


Bounce Along (2)

4 Groups of students. Using the hopper balls, students will race down and back trying to bea the other teams.

All slots filled
Wendy Chiang
Nolla Chiang's mom
Chanora Allen

Shoe Kick (2)

Students will loosen their shoe, and launch it as far as the can by swingnig their leg back and forward. Students whose shoe goes the furthest, wins. .

All slots filled
Candice & Mike Schnoblen (2)

NBA Shootout (2)

Students will be in 4 groups. They will get 4 bean bags. They form a line and try to shoot the bean bags into a bin. If the make it, they leave it. If they miss, they get it and give the bag to the next person and go to the end of the line.

All slots filled
Lena Anaie
James McBride

Flag Tag (2)

In a confined space, students will place a flag hanging out of their pocket. They have to stay within the confined space they will try to steal other kids flags and try to be the last remaining student with a flag.

1 of 2 slots filled
Bethany Delikat
Can only do 5/23 if rains can’t do 5/24

Bottle Flip

Have kids in 4 groups, the will take turns trying to be the first group to flip their bottles and land it 10 times


Potato Sack Relay

Students will be in 4 groups. They will race around a cone and back jumping in a potato sacks.

Tim Knoblock

Limbo Time! (4)

There will two groups so kids get more chances. I will have two limbo sticks. Students will try to bend back wards to walk under stick. If you have music or a portable speaker for limbo music, that would be great.

1 of 4 slots filled
Lisa Covington

Dizzy Bat Race (2)

Kids will race down to a bat across the field from them. Place their forehead on the handle of the bat, spin around 3-5x (your call) and race back to tage the next person in line. First team to finish, wins.

All slots filled
Mike Baydoun
Peter Lowry

Olympic Torch Race (2)

Using a Pin, Disc, and Cone, Students will build a "torch" and race it around a cone and back to their team. Pass the torch to the next kids. First team to complete the race, wins. I have vartions I will share with you on that day.

1 of 2 slots filled
Michelle Ketterman

Parachute Popcorn (4)

This is a parachute with muti colored balls being launched into the air. Teams of kids will be given spefic colors of balls they want to keep on the parachute.

1 of 4 slots filled
Amy Dziurman

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