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Winter Music Concert Donations

Hello Parents, 

Our musical program is around the corner. As many of you know we sell food and drinks as well as basket raffle . The raffle is a fun way to make money for our program.. if every family can donate an item to either the baskets or food/drinks sell then we can make this event successful ! Attached is the signup for the baskets. Please bring items in asap since the concert is the last week of November.

If your family wants to donate a complete basket please email me [email protected]  Thank you ! 

Sign up for food is coming in a few days.. Stay tuned! 


Hola padres, nuestro programa musical está a la vuelta de la esquina. Como muchos de ustedes saben vendemos comida y bebidas, así como la rifa de canastas. La rifa es una manera divertida de hacer dinero para nuestro programa¡ Si cada familia puede donar un artículo para las canastas  o a la venta de los alimentos/de las bebidas entonces podemos hacer este acontecimiento acertado! Adjunto es la inscripción para las canastas. Por favor traiga artículos lo mas pronto posible ya que el concierto es la última semana de noviembre. 

Si su familia quiere donar una canasta completa por favor envíeme un correo electrónico [email protected] gracias!

Registrarse para la comida viene en unos días.. ¡ 


Date: 11/28/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 8:00am PST

Location: Kennedy Music Room

Created by:   Isela Garcia
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Available Slot

Movie Night Basket (10)

Please donate movie tickets, local pizza card, popcorn, candy, or DVD's etc. Please drop off by 11/27 or sooner in the Music Room

All slots filled
Lupe Robles (2)
movie tickets, popcorn
James Fablinger
popcorn & candy & large empty baskets
Sarah Dinkel
Popcorn & candy
Diana Mcmillen
Little Ceasars gift card
Brenda Vance
Movie tickets, pizza gift card
Mariana Eymann (2)
DVD (still don't know which movie) / Snowman chocolates and a box of other chocolates (these two have been delivered already)
Chris Castro (2)
Movie Tickets

Lottery Ticket Basket (10)

Please donate any lotto scratchers. Deliver to Music Room by 11/27 or sooner

7 of 10 slots filled
Lupe Robles
5 lottery tickets
James Fablinger
5 lottery tickets
Martha Ramirez
5 lottery tickets
Ro T
Tinajero Family
Diana Mcmillen
10 tickets
Heather Washington
5 tickets
Merrily Robinson
10 lottery tickets

Gift Card Basket (10)

Please donate any gift card for any amount . Deliver to music room by 11/27 or sooner

9 of 10 slots filled
Holly Matsuo
Martha Ramírez
Linda Pacheco
Target gift card $25
Ninoschk Baca
Visa gift card ($20 or $30)
Sandra Covacha
Amazon gift card
Frances Bergland
Restaurant Gift Card
Liz Eberhard
Deana Desrochers
Starbucks gift card
Sandra De Biasi-Lyon
Fandango gift cards

Game Night Basket (10)

Please donate any board game, snacks, fun family items. Deliver by 11/27 or sooner to Music Room

9 of 10 slots filled
Lupe Robles
500 pc puzzle
Veronica Pacheco
Sorry game
Marysa Montes (2)
Candy, snacks board game
Inez Jackson
Head band game
Inez Jackson
Head Band board game
Holly Lindquist
2 board games
Endir Guzman
Board Game & Snacks
Claudia Sandoval

Coffee/ Tea Basket (10)

Please donate any coffee or tea, mug, etc. Please deliver to music room by 11/27 or sooner

9 of 10 slots filled
Inez Jackson (3)
Coffee mug, teas, cream & sugar gift set
Jennifer Daly
Dunkin Donuts basket
Suzie Wood
2 lbs of Peets coffee
Diana Mcmillen
Debbie Moore
Basket done
Angelica Aca
Starbucks Gift Card
Liz Schuler
holiday coffee and mug

Sports Fan Basket (10)

Please donate any sports fan items, hats, t-shirts, scarfs, etc.. Please deliver to Music Room by 11/27


School Spirit Basket (10)

Please Donate any items that represent our school spirit. Hoodie, t-shirt, green socks.. etc Please deliver by 11/27 or sooner, to music room .

1 of 10 slots filled
Ale P.
Kennedy Sweatshirt

Road Trip Basket (10)

Please donate any fun items you can use on road trips, examples are gas card, car games, snacks, gum, coloring books etc. Please deliver by 11/27 or sooner to the music room

3 of 10 slots filled
Maria Salinas
gum, coloring books!
Ro T
Tinajero Family Snacks/Road Trip Games/Juice
Sandra De Biasi-Lyon
Bluetooth wifi adapter for the car

Winter Survival Kits (10)

Please donate any items that keep you cozy in the winter, examples are warm blankets, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, scarf, gloves, etc. Please deliver to Music Room by 11/27 or sooner

5 of 10 slots filled
Eva Weppner
Blanket, socks
Cathy James
hot chocolate, scarf
Karen Berg Smith
Starbucks mug with hot chocolate
Mariana Eymann
2 pairs of long socks to walk around the house (I delivered these last Thursday)
Liz Schuler
fuzzy socks and abuelita hot chocolate

Other Ideas Basket (10)

Any items of items that can be added to baskets or new basket items. Please deliver to music room by 11/27 or sooner

4 of 10 slots filled
Stacey Wagner
I have 3 baskets plus a variety of miscellaneous items that you can hopefully pair up with other donated items if not, feel free to donate
Anita Weickert
Crafty Kids basket (1 or 2)
Alison Chubb (2)
23andMe kits

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