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An Evening with Jay Fleming, Photographer

QL Neighbors,

The COSC team would like to present something extremely exciting, which we've been looking forward to for several months. 

Famed local Photographer and Documentarian Jay Fleming will come to the Chester Room at the Clubhouse on Saturday, October 30th, from 5:30 to 7 PM, to do a presentation of his work on the Chesapeake for over 20 years, including photos and film done for numerous magazines, exhibitions, documentaries, calendars, prints, and his 3 books, the newest of which, Island Life, is about to hit the shelves. He also does photography workshops where he takes small groups out for 1-3 days and teaches them what he does at remote locales throughout the bay. 

We really hope this event is extremely well-attended and want to get a count of how many residents plan to attend. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

It is totally free and we'll provide coffee and cake, as well... You just need to show up, meet Jay, watch to his presentation and if you'd like to purchase a book, get one signed, etc., that will all be available to you. 

To learn more about Jay in advance, please visit his website at:  http://www.jayflemingphotography.com/press. It has links to his social media, as well. 

 Here is a link to some sample photographs from his new book:  


This may be the last event in the Clubhouse for the rest of the year, including next spring. Please take advantage of this opportunity and sign up below.

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Guests are welcome, as well.

Thank you! Feel free to email [email protected] with questions.

The COSC team

Date: 10/30/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm EST

Location: Chester Room at Clubhouse

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Eric Spillman (2 guests)

Darragh Chambers (4 guests)
Looking forward to it !

Irene Stevens (1 guest)

Tracy Morris (2 guests)

B9b Karnei (2 guests)

Carol Smith (2 guests)

stephen Quigley (2 guests)

Scott Lidard (2 guests)

John Conley (2 guests)

Christine Zoellner (1 guest)

Timothy Branning (2 guests)
Carolyn Bennett will be attending with me.

Bradford Robert (1 guest)

Stacie Sanzone (1 guest)

Tomy Franden (1 guest)

Christopher Fraser (2 guests)

Susan Pflieger (2 guests)

Sally Kramer (1 guest)

Sharon Groves (2 guests)

Sallyann Bell (1 guest)

Jean Hargis (1 guest)

Diane Morales (1 guest)

Peggy Young (2 guests)

Cindy Bowdren (1 guest)

Gail Renborg (3 guests)
I'm very excited about this! My home is basically a Jay Fleming gallery!

Susan Buckingham (1 guest)

Peggy Robertson (1 guest)

MaryJo DeMatteis (2 guests)

Fred Spilman (2 guests)

Donna Landis (1 guest)

John Kirwin (2 guests)

Kathy Sall (2 guests)

George O'Donnell (2 guests)

Marlene Pickles (1 guest)

Sallyann Bell (2 guests)

Rick Baamonde (4 guests)

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