Shaffer 20-21 Senior Reunion

Congratulations Class of 2021! Shaffer Elementary would like to invite you back one last time before you leave school to celebrate the next chapter in your life. This will be a great opportunity to say hello to previous teachers and staff who helped shape your future. Also, it will give you some insight about where fellow classmates plan to go in the coming years. Join us in celebrating you and all of your accomplishments. 

Date: 05/19/2021 (Wed.)

Time: 9:30am - 10:30am MDT

Location: Shaffer Elementary

Created by:   Shaffer Elementary

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Kari Harper (2 guests)

Hudson Gauthier (2 guests)

Lexie Ross (2 guests)

Hannah Peterson (1 guest)

Zach Lansford (1 guest)

Carter Rubin (3 guests)

Mariah Chancellor (1 guest)

Barrie Hudson (3 guests)

Bethany Campbell (2 guests)

Izzy Wildermuth (2 guests)

Teresa Johnston (2 guests)
Trinity Johnston is attending

Meghan Mulvihill (4 guests)
For Meghan, Kristen and Megan L, and Paige P

Rebecca Matkins (2 guests)
Libby Matkins

Evelyn Gelwick (1 guest)

Riley Bartuska (2 guests)

Sophie Drager (2 guests)

Kara Brautigam (4 guests)

Madison Bergman (3 guests)

Taylor Chaplin (2 guests)

Peter Salmon (1 guest)

Holly Sharpeta (2 guests)
Kayla Sharpeta

Karrie Hill (1 guest)

Kathy Keith (3 guests)
Justin and Devin

Sam Scheel (2 guests)

Connie Hayes (1 guest)

Kylee Delaney (1 guest)

Amelia Sullivan (1 guest)

Shane Norris (1 guest)

Janet Weyhmiller (2 guests)

Cooper Kern (1 guest)

Julia Spehalski (1 guest)

Kathleen Rose (2 guests)
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Nikki Smyth (1 guest)

Emily Chaney (1 guest)

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