West Graduation August 4th 2020

West Families, our ceremonies are coming up soon. We want to make sure that they are ready to go and celebrate all of our students who wish to participate. We do apologize that our celebration video earlier in June didn’t include all of our students as it should have. That wasn’t our intent. In addition to our in person graduation, we will also have a graduation video that does have all graduates in it. Below is information about the graduations and how to sign up for a particular group.

Graduations will be held in small groups on August 4th to adhere to current social distancing guidelines. Graduating seniors should sign up for a group they wish to graduate with. To adhere to current social distancing guidelines we will have groups of 45 students and each student will be allowed up to 4 guests. This signup is to help West staff and parents identify which time slot they will be attending for graduation.  

Each student should individually sign up for a spot in a group.  You are limited to one signup per email address. Please do not submit multiple entries for the same student.  We will need the survey/sign up completed by Thursday, July 23rd.

West Staff may combine groups to create the best outcome. 

You will receive detailed information about times, tickets, parking, and social distancing guidelines in the graduation instructions that we will send out by the end of July. 


WEST HS Graduación 2020
West Families, nuestras ceremonias llegarán pronto. Queremos asegurarnos de que estén listos para ir y celebrar a todos nuestros estudiantes que deseen participar. Nos disculpamos porque nuestro video de celebración a principios de junio no incluyó a todos nuestros estudiantes como debería haberlo hecho. Esa no era nuestra intención. Además de nuestra graduación en persona, también tendremos un video de graduación que tiene a todos los graduados. A continuación hay información sobre las graduaciones y cómo inscribirse en un grupo en particular.

Las graduaciones se llevarán a cabo en grupos pequeños el 4 de agosto para cumplir con las pautas actuales de distanciamiento social. Las personas mayores graduadas deben inscribirse en un grupo con el que desean graduarse. Para cumplir con las pautas actuales de distanciamiento social, tendremos grupos de 45 estudiantes y a cada estudiante se le permitirán hasta 4 invitados. Esta inscripción es para ayudar al personal y los padres de West a identificar a qué horario asistirán para la graduación.
Cada estudiante debe inscribirse individualmente para un lugar en un grupo. Está limitado a un registro por dirección de correo electrónico. No envíe múltiples entradas para el mismo estudiante. Necesitaremos completar la encuesta / inscripción antes del jueves 23 de julio.

West Staff puede combinar grupos para crear el mejor resultado.

Recibirá información detallada sobre horarios, boletos, estacionamiento y pautas de distanciamiento social en las instrucciones de graduación que enviaremos a fines de julio.

Date: 08/04/2020 (Tue.)

Location: West Salem Stadium

Created by:   Rebecca Mucken

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Time (PDT) Available Slot
8:00am - 9:30am  

Graduation Group 1 (45)

All slots filled
Maegan Campbell
Sophie Redinger
Makayla Whiteley
Stockton Rasmussen
Hannah Stubenrauch
Haleigh Elhard
Katie Putnam
4 guests as well. I want to walk with Makayla Whiteley and Sophie Redinger
Maxwell Irving
Colton Schlegel
Brenden Roberson
All 4 guests (and myself)
Ayden Trippett
5= graduate and family
Joseph Trujillo
Trinity Dornhecker
4 guests
Cedric Snider
I have family coming. Is there anyway possible to get an additional 2 tickets? It’s extremely for Cedric’s grandparents to be there.
Cristofer Rangel
Corah Braun
Robert Groves
Me and four others
Savannah Trujillo
I would like this time
Maximus Reischke
Connor O’Ryan
4 tickets for guests
Ashlynn Withers
4 guests
Tawni Nino
Brayden Sibon
4 guest
Charlotte Hunter
Ashton Froelich
Mady Breitling
Mychal Cherry
I previously signed up for Group 3 at 1 pm so I am not happy about having to resubmit for 8 am. If at all possible we would like to move back to 1 pm. 971-599-8808
Annika Johnson
Chase Schlafer
Justin Villa-Roach
Anthony Hamby
Misti Staples
Matthew Whiting
Can I be moved out of the 8:00 a.m. ceremony. Could I walk with Ioane Titiali, or Noah Cagle.
Rebekah Schumacher
Gwynneth Pack
4 guests and graduate
Arely Quintin barajas
Alondra Alcantar
Samuel Toledo
would prefer group 4 but oh well....
Mason Shuldberg
3 guest and graduate
Sheradyn Lee
Jacy Turner
Anthony Milla-Rodriguez
Ricardo Perez Morales
Bringing 4 guests
Airikha Flores
Bringing 4 guests
Travis Stafford
9:30am - 11:00am  

Graduation Group 2 (45)

All slots filled
Sabine Brown
Kaitlyn Harris
Lauren Boseke
Karly Feis
Kayla Neidigh
Alexa Kerr
Caleb McCready
Kiziah Pugmire
Janet Johnson
Evelyn Willcoxen
Marriah Bingham
Kristina Scofield
Walking with Alexa Kerr Marisa Scott lauren boseke
Marisa Scott
Anthony Butler-Torrez
Jake Tinseth
Marshall Bray
Kayla Mitchell
I was confused by what it was asking
Fausto Brambila
Jaedyn Coberly
All 4 tickets
Taylor Lennig-Bowman
All 4 people will be showing up
Izak Schaecher
Jalen Hawley
Walk with Fausto Brambila and Izak Schaecher
Arian Jacobo
Nick Paslay
Blaise Herring
Want to walk with Alicia Martinez
ALICIA Martinez
I want to walk with Blaise herring
Cameryn Alderman
Joshua Hanosek
Caleb Neill
I would like to walk with Sam White and Tim Goloviznin
Sam White
I would like to walk with Caleb Neill and Timothy Goloviznin
Pearl Comer
Walking with Natalie Weismann (need 4 tickets)
Natalie Wiesmann
(I’m wanting to walk with pearl comer) I also need 4 tickets
Luis Ochoa
+4 guests
Joseph Miller
Ethan Baxter
Liam Todd
Noah Cagle
Maya DeVaney
4 tickets!
Kylee David
Walking with maya devaney and Isabelle Rodriguez
Isabelle Rodriguez
Owen Burr
Simeon Garcia
I will be bringing four guests.
Alina Statsenko
Bringing 4 guests
Valeria Ponce
Jennifer Ball
11:00am - 12:30pm  

Graduation Group 3 (45)

All slots filled
Kyra Carl
Kenzie Gehring
Samuel Striano
Alexie Rowland
Ellie Bemrose
McKenzie Williamson
Emily Cheavtharn
Bridget Hall
Isaac Fehlen
Ian Watson
Gage DeCamp
Tyler Woodcock
Kate Sornson
Athena Henery
Garrett Davis
Kaelynn Smith
Eric Frazer
Satine Reis
Delaina Soboloski
Ethan Hoppe
Erika Price
Kyle Cunningham
Mileah Wildfang
James Friedman
Harley Richardson-suderman
Alexandria Hardeman
Alexandria mistakenly signed up for a 9:30 slot. Please move her to 11am. Her email is [email protected]
Michael Holley
Linnea Owen
Maverick Smith
Rhett Cooper
Connor Ratzlaff
Tristan Hunter
Trent Lundy
Tyler Zandofsky
Clara Seare
Patrick Emerson
Pete Emerson
Charmayne Bowling
Ian Douglas Bowling
Josh Askey
Evan Jackson
Kristofher Coleman
Blake Kekahio
Andres Perez
Joseph Mustain
Makayla Axtell
Savannah Jones
2:00pm - 3:30pm  

Graduation Group 4 (45)

All slots filled
Tyler Ames
Josh Collins
Tristen Millard
Tyler Slack
Ayleen Torres Ibarra
Jazlyn Dimas
Maya Hassenger
Nakya Jay
Samantha Luther
Adrian Galindo
Paige Allm
Luis Sanchez
Andres Galindo
Lily Tindle-Hardy
+4 Guests
Jostin Schmidt
Alexis Daniels
Erik Jackson
Ryan Babe
4 guests
Ethan Bowers
+ 4 guests
Jorell Israel
+4 guests
Anthony Chan
+4 guests
Madelyn Moore
4 guests
Hunter Story
Brady Burrow
Darren Rapp
Brayden Scott
Heather Callahan
Madeline Wiggins
Dorimar Trinidad
Kaitelyn Dunbar
Elizabeth Decker
Cassie Laster Castro
Yazmin Cisneros Garcia
Walking with Gabriela Cisneros, Marlene Cisneros, Cassie Castro, and Melanie Vargas
Gabriela Cisneros Garcia
Marlene Cisneros Garcia
Angel Wilson
Travis Martinez
Taylor Turner
Walking with Travis Martinez, Angel Wilson and Alexa Gabrial
Melanie Vargas
Scott Premo
James Hathaway
Allyson Johnston
Live life to the fullest.
Ashley Jay
Live life to the fullest
Hunter Santos
the 1100 will also work there will be 4 members of the family attending
Jacob Collins-Heller
3:30pm - 5:00pm  

Graduation Group 5 (45)

All slots filled
Kennedy Bigham
Elizabeth Harvey
Fernanda Torres
Sharmen Kaur
Madisyn Haney
Kevin Garcia Vargas
Emiliano Ruelas
Pardeep Kaur
Elijah Galvan
Sydney Hawkins
Dylan I’Anson-Yount
3 guests
Amani Noor
I’ll have all 4 guests attending
Kasia Le
i need all 4 tickets
Arianaz Ahmadi
Eliza Loewen-Thomas
Zariya Powell
Kyle Mitsuyasu
Jaden Lindholm
Sophie Mcconnell
German Leon Lopez
Emily Simpson
Fatima Jimenez
Trevion Jones
Allaena Manning
Caleb Swisher
David Shurtleff
Isabelle Wingett
Olivia Orozco
Irelyn Stanley
AnneLise Martinez
Josiah Martin
Isaac Herber
Amya Ford
Matthew Wilch
Kaden Reidhead
Jasmin Torres Fuertes
Austin Galberth
Daphne Moskal
Anthony Alvarado
Nicholas Alvarado
Ethan Weathers
Miguel Casas
Joshua Alexander
Adam Shields
4 tickets please
Theresa Butler
5:00pm - 6:30pm  

Graduation Group 6 (45)

All slots filled
Marcus Ramirez
Claire McDonald
Camille Blake
Chloë Blake
Kieryn Boyles
Kendall Allbritton
Sydney Werner
Peyton Kelly
Veronica Cooke
Ellie Leonard
Scott Cooke
Aaron Thach
Anahi Nunez
Jonathan Nash
Abigail Knoll
All four of my guests will also attend
Aria Dyson
+ 4 guests
Andrew Persson
Jayden Miller
Spencer Haley
Katelyn Harms
Jacob Soleil
Myra Brager
Ben Douglas
Emily Pérez
We will need three tickets
Sarah Darcy
I am bringing 4 guests
Brook Davis
+ 4 others
Megan Vaughn
Anas Jaber
Tyler Ray
Emma Johnson
Garrett Evans
Me and 4 family members
Cameron Anderson
Keali Kawakami
Nicole Raschko
James Wollenweber
Kyra Naylor
will have Kyra and our allowable number of guests
Kaitlyn Saggs
Will have allowed number of attendees
Sofia Brinkmann
I’ll have 4 other guests
Paul Smith
Me + 4 guests
Atalie Monterroso
Ashley Banker
Dylan Kaopuiki
I’ll have 4 guests
Carson DeGroat
Daniel Gomez
+4 guests
Marek Leavenworth
+4 guests
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