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Sign ups for the 2019 Holiday Project are not yet available. Please return to this page on November 28, 2019.

If your group would like 25 or more gift selections, please send an email to [email protected] (please put "Attn: Holiday Project Coordinator" as the subject.

Date: 11/28/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 12:00am MST

Created by:   Soroptimist International of Boise Club
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Available Slot

A01. BRIAN (M): $25 Walmart gift card


A01. BRIAN (M): $25 Walmart gift card


A02. GREG (M): radio (portable)


A02. GREG (M): $25 Walmart gift card


A03. MARSHALL (M): sweater (L, heavy)


A03. MARSHALL (M): robe (L, short)


A04. KATIE (F): $25 Walmart gift card


A04. KATIE (F): $25 Walmart gift card


A05. RYAN (M): $25 Walmart gift card


A05. RYAN (M): $25 Walmart gift card


A06. SHIRLEY (F): phone charger cord (Android LG, 10 foot)


A06. SHIRLEY (F): X-Box wireless controller


A07. JUDITH (F): dress (2XL, cotton, full, blue)


A07. JUDITH (F): paints (water color)


A08. ROCHELE (F): pants (M, elastic waist)


A08. ROCHELE (F): hat (woman)


A09. PATTI (F): sweatpants (4XL)


A09. PATTI (F): shirts (4XL)


A10. VIOLA (F): sweater (M, heavy, pink or blue)


A10. VIOLA (F): pants (L, blue)


A11. PATSY (F): bra (36C)


A11. PATSY (F): bra (36C)


A12. BERNICE (F): shirt (2XL)


A12. BERNICE (F): sweatpants (2XL)


A13. BARBARA (F): nail polish (light pink)

Group 5

A13. BARBARA (F): nail file (metal)

Group 5

A14. MIKE (M): watch (analog)


A14. MIKE (M): sweatpants (XL, black)


A15. MARK (M): lottery scratch tickets


A15. MARK (M): watch (analog)


A16. VERN (M): Pepsi (24 pack)


A16. VERN (M): jeans (34x29, blue)


A17. DEANNA (F): adult coloring book


A17. DEANNA (F): markers


A18. RON (M): sweatpants (L)


A18. RON (M): t-shirts (XL)


A19. TONI (F): shirt (3XL)


A19. TONI (F): pants (3XL, black)


A20. TONNI (F): blouse (4XL)


A20. TONNI (F): blouse (4XL)


A21. MARILYN (F): jacket (2XL, sweater, light gray, zip-up)


A21. MARILYN (F): jacket (2XL, sweater, tan, zip-up)


A22. JEFF (M): Diet Pepsi (24 pack)


A22. JEFF (M): chips (any kind)


A23. NEIL (M): CDs (hard rock, no ZZ Top or Aerosmith)


A23. NEIL (M): CDs (hard rock, no ZZ Top or Aerosmith)


A24. JIM (M): Coca Cola (24 pack)


A24. JIM (M): Coca Cola (24 pack)


A25. SIMON (M): sweatshirt (L, BSU)


A25. SIMON (M): hat (ballcap, BSU)


A26. DONNA (F): sweater (L, heavy)


A26. DONNA (F): sweater (L, pullover)


A27. WOODY (M): shave lotion (Barbasol)


A27. WOODY (M): chocolate (bar, large)


A28. RODNEY (M): blanket (twin, light, dark color)


A28. RODNEY (M): $25 Olive Garden gift card


A29. MINNIE (F): Pepsi (mini pack)


A29. MINNIE (F): drawing supplies & scotch tape


A30. TIM (M): candy (Reese's Peanut-Butter Cups)

Group 5

A30. TIM (M): sharpies (black) & pens (red)

Group 5

A31. MARIANA (F): silk flowers


A31. MARIANA (F): dark chocolate bar


A32. FAYE (F): Diet 7-Up (24 pack)


A32. FAYE (F): shirt (L, pullover, no buttons, purple)


B01. TERESA (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B01. TERESA (F):, $25 Amazon gift card


B02. DAVID (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B02. DAVID (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B03. PAT (F): sweater (2XL, cardigan, green)


B03. PAT (F): nightgown (2XL, yellow)


B04. SANDRA (F): comforter (twin, flower)


B04. SANDRA (F): t-shirt (L, pink)


B05. ED (M): shirt (4XL, long sleeve, button-up, blue)


B05. ED (M): socks (9, black)

Group 5

B06. MARGI (F): head phones (wired)


B06. MARGI (F): planter (round, 12", ceramic)


B07. LANCE (M): colored pencils


B07. LANCE (M): magnifying glass (hands-free, tabletop)


B08. RALPH (M): blanket (twin, soft, grey)


B08. RALPH (M): sweat suit (L, black)


B09. TERESA (F): jacket (XL, zip-up, rose))


B09. TERESA (F): body lotion (vanilla)

Group 5

B10. LAURIE (F): hair accessories


B10. LAURIE (F): body lotion (vanilla)

Group 5

B11. CHAD (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B11. CHAD (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B12. MARI (F): sweater (3XL, pullover, red)


B12. MARI (F): nightgown (3XL, yellow)


B13. LUANNE (F): socks (9, fuzzy)

Group 5

B13. LUANNE (F): cap (stocking)


B14. FARRELL (M): belt (38-40, brown)


B14. FARRELL (M): shirt (2XL, cowboy, blue)


B15. RICHARD (M): sweatshirt (2XL, zip-up, blue)


B15. RICHARD (M): sweatshirt (2XL, hoodie, grey)


B16. JEREMY (M): sweatshirt (2XL, zip-up, BSU)


B16. JEREMY (M): sweatshirt (2XL, hoodie, zip-up, red)


B17. PATRICK (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B17. PATRICK (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B18. LORENDA (F): clock (digital, large numbers)


B18. LORENDA (F): Coty (Wild Musk)


B19. MARIE (F): pants (S, petite, elastic waist, blue)


B19. MARIE (F): sweater (M, pullover, pink)


B20. ADELINE (F): socks (9-11, fuzzy, pink)

Group 5

B20. ADELINE (F): body lotion (vanilla)

Group 5

B21. CALVIN (M): shirt (L, long sleeve, black)


B21. CALVIN (M): pajama pants (XL, tall, black)


B22. LOIS (F): sweatshirt (M, red)


B22. LOIS (F): body lotion (any scent)

Group 5

B23. STEVE (M): CD/tape player


B23. STEVE (M): CDs (country)


B24. RON (M): pants (42x30, brown, corduroy)


B24. RON (M): sweatshirt (XL, brown)


B25. JANE (F): lotion (Eucerin Cream)


B25. JANE (F): pajamas (20 top, 14 pants, thermal)


B26. WILBERT (M): sweatshirt (M, green)


B26. WILBERT (M): sweatpants (M, blue)


B27. KAI (M): t-shirt (2XLT, red)


B27. KAI (M): jogging pants (2XL, drawstring, black)


B28. LEROY (M): sweatpants (L, blue)


B28. LEROY (M): socks (10, tube, black)


B29. TITUS (M): sweater (2XL, pullover, green)


B29. TITUS (M): sweatshirt (2XL, blue)


B30. FRED (M): t-shirt (L)


B30. FRED (M): socks (11, tube, black)


B31. TERRY (F): socks (L, ankle)

Group 5

B31. TERRY (F): perfume (musk)


B32. CRAIG (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B32. CRAIG (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B33. DAVID (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B33. DAVID (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B34. ROXANNE (F): body wash (any scent)


B34. ROXANNE (F): perfume (musk)


B35. ROSALIE (F): sweatshirt (M, zip-up, grey)


B35. ROSALIE (F): sweater (M, cardigan, pink)


B36. STEVEN (M): USB charger (multiadapter)


B36. STEVEN (M): t-shirt (3XL, BSU)


B37. TIM (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B37. TIM (M): $25 Amazon gift card


B38. JUDY (F): sweatshirt (3XL, green)


B38. JUDY (F): lotion (any scent)


B39. NANCY (F): earrings (pierced, silver hoop)


B39. NANCY (F): bracelet (silver)


B40. DON (M): Hickory Farms gift box (meat, cheese)


B40. DON (M): shorts (6XL, Denver Bronco)


B41. DEB (F): nightgown (2XL, blue)


B41. DEB (F): CD (Tom Petty)


B42. KATHLEEN (F): muumuu (4XL, pink)


B42. KATHLEEN (F): muumuu (4XL, pink)


B43. LETHA (F): sweater (XL, pullover, pink)


B43. LETHA (F): sweatshirt (XL, green)


B44. ANTOINETTE (F): perfume (White Diamond)


B44. ANTOINETTE (F): body spray (A Thousand Wishes)


B45. DAVID (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B45. DAVID (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B46. TERRY (M): paint (oils)


B46. TERRY (M): paint (watercolors)


B47. DAVID (M): t-shirt (3XLT, yellow)


B47. DAVID (M): sweatshirt (3XLT, blue)


B48. GEORGE (M): poster (16"x20", night sky)


B48. GEORGE (M): poster (16"x20", mountains)


B49. DIANA (F): bed set (twin, pink)


B49. DIANA (F): flashlight


B50. SHARON (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B50. SHARON (F): body lotion (any scent)

Group 5

B51. KATHLEEN (F): pictures (16"x20", horses)


B51. KATHLEEN (F): book (western-themed novel or pictures of mustangs, large print)


B52. MARY (F): stuffed animal (dog)


B52. MARY (F): sweater (2XL, pullover, pink)


B53. LESLIE (F): comforter (twin, blue)


B53. LESLIE (F): muumuu (XL, blue)


B54. BONNIE (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B54. BONNIE (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B55. PANA (F): hair accessories


B55. PANA (F): body lotion (vanilla)

Group 5

B56. BEVERLY (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B56. BEVERLY (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B57. MARY (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B57. MARY (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B58. CHRIS (M): t-shirts (2XL, blue)


B58. CHRIS (M): sweatshirt (2XL, blue)


B59. MIKE (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B59. MIKE (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B60. NANCY (F): coloring supplies


B60. NANCY (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B61. JASON (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B61. JASON (M): $25 Walmart gift card


B62. JANE (F): hair accessories


B62. JANE (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B63. TRACY (F): $25 Walmart gift card


B63. TRACY (F): $25 Walmart gift card


C01. ELAINE (F): pajamas (M, fleece, blue)


C01. ELAINE (F): sweater (M, white, button-up)


C02. LOLA (F): books (Amish theme, large print)


C02. LOLA (F): blouse (XL, short sleeve)


C03. AL K. (M): slippers (L)


C03. AL K. (M): pajamas (flannel, XL)


C04. SAL (M): $25 Walmart gift card


C04. SAL (M): $25 Walmart gift card


C05. MERLIN (M): pajamas (XL, fleece)


C05. MERLIN (M): sweater (XL, red)


C06. CLARA (F): sweater (M, white, button-up)


C06. CLARA (F):, socks (M, warm)

Group 5

C07. WAYNE (M): socks (L, black)

Group 5

C07. WAYNE (M): gloves (L, winter)


C08. MARYANNE (F): books (James Patterson, large print)


C08. MARYANNE (F): slippers (8, Bear Paws)


C09. HELEN (F): slacks (S, blue)


C09. HELEN (F): sweatshirt (L, blue, pullover)


C10. HAROLD (M): sweatpants (M, dark color)


C10. HAROLD (M): sweatshirt (M, dark color)


C11. DEAN (M): books (biography, large print)


C11. DEAN (M): watch (digital)


C12. FLORENCE (F): gloves (M, black, winter)


C12. FLORENCE (F): socks (M, warm)

Group 5

C13. PEGGY (F): nightgown (XL, floral)


C13. PEGGY (F): scarf (knit, red)


C14. MERRILL (M): pajamas (L, flannel)


C14. MERRILL (M): socks (L, white)

Group 5

C15. DONALD (M): jeans (34x30, blue)


C15. DONALD (M): slippers (XL, moccasin)


C16. CHARLES (M): pajamas (M, flannel, plaid)


C16. CHARLES (M): socks (L, white)


C17. WAYNE (M): gloves (L, winter, black)


C17. WAYNE (M): socks (L, black)


C18. DORIS (F): pillowcases (floral, no orange)


C18. DORIS (F): sheets (twin, white)


C19. ELAINE (F): pajamas (M, cotton)


C19. ELAINE (F): blouse (M, knit, floral, blue)


C20. BARBARA (F): bathrobe (M, blue))


C20. BARBARA (F): slippers (8)


C21. SHIRLEY (F): puzzles (landscape, nature)


C21. SHIRLEY (F): books (mystery)


C22. STEPHEN (M): vest (M, leather)


C23. DANNY (M): cap (baseball, dark color)


C23. DANNY (M): sweater (L, zip-up, camo)


C24. JEFF (M): DVD (Revenge of the Nerds)


C24. JEFF (M): DVD (Halloween 4)


C25. WILLARD (M): aftershave (Old Spice)

Group 5

C25. WILLARD (M): pajamas (M, flannel, plaid)


C26. VIOLET (F): earrings (pierced)


C26. VIOLET (F): nightgown (M, purple)


C27. FERN (F): nightgown (L, floral, cotton)


C27. FERN (F): sweater (L, purple)


C28. DORIS (F): books (mystery, suspense, large print)


C28. DORIS (F): pants (L, dark color, stretch)


C29. BETTY (F): nightgown (M, red)


C29. BETTY (F): sweater (M, red, button-up)


C30. BETTIE (F): earrings (gold color, pierced)


C30. BETTIE (F): socks (L, colorful)


C31. ELAINE (F): nail polish (light pink)


C31. ELAINE (F): sweatpants (S, light blue)


C32. CHARLES (M): sweatpants (S, grey, elastic waist)


C32. CHARLES (M): sweatshirt (L, grey)


C33. CAROLINE (F): puzzle books (word search)


C33. CAROLINE (F): slippers (L, blue)


C34. CHARLOTTE (F): earrings (pierced, dangly)


C34. CHARLOTTE (F): sweater (2XL, BSU)


C35. JEAN (F): vest (S, knit, flower print, tan)


C35. JEAN (F): pants (10, petite, elastic waist, tan)


C36. BONNIE (F): bird seed


C36. BONNIE (F): bird feeder


C37. BOBBI (F): thimble (leather)


C37. BOBBI (F): scarf (knit, red)


C38. BETTY (F): $25 Fred Myer gift card


C38. BETTY (F): $25 Fred Myer gift card


C39. SHIRLEY (F): books (fiction, large print)


C39. SHIRLEY (F): bookmarks


C40. MARY JOYCE (F): slippers (L, blue)


C40. MARY JOYCE (F): pajamas (3XL, cotton, pastel)


C41. JOYCE (F): gloves (M, black, winter)


C41. JOYCE (F): coat (L, blue, winter)


C42. DONALD (M): gloves (L, black, winter)


C42. DONALD (M): socks (L, black)


C43. ALMA (F): books (military, large print), bookmarks


C43. ALMA (F): books (military, large print), bookmarks


C44. TOM (M): $25 Deseret Book gift card


C44. TOM (M): $25 Deseret Book gift card


C45. FLORENCE (F): perfume (floral)


C45. FLORENCE (F): activity books (sticker)


D01. SHARON (F): sweater (2XL, blue)


D01. SHARON (F): floral arrangement (silk)


D02. VERLA (F): sweater (L, pink)


D02. VERLA (F): teddy bear


D03. JOYCE (F): sweatpants (2XL, grey)


D03. JOYCE (F): sweater (2XL, black)


D04. JUDY (F): See's candy (assorted)


D04. JUDY (F): calendar (2020, dog)


D05. SIN (F): sweater (M, yellow)


D05. SIN (F): floral arrangement (silk)


D06. DENISE (F): t-shirt (XL, BSU)


D06. DENISE (F): chocolates (cream)


D07. BARBARA (F): sweater (S, yellow)


D07. BARBARA (F): perfume (light scent)


D08. GEORGE (M): sweater (2XL, black )


D08. GEORGE (M): baseball cap (Ford)


D09. BETSY (F): sweater (L, cardigan, button-up, blue)


D09. BETSY (F): teddy bear

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