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Sustainable Vegetable Garden Project

Vegetable and Herb Gardens

These gardens provide fresh organic produce and herbs to families at Foundations Preschool of Ann Arbor on Packard Road, a program for low income, struggling, at-risk children and families of our area. We deliver yearly harvests of over 100 lbs to the school.  Additionally, this ministry teaches garden principles to the children and families to grow their own food and to promote healthy eating as well as to participate in the harvests.

The gardens are located near the rectory and parish offices with individual garden beds named after the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as well as Peter, Paul and Francis.

Donations and volunteers (with families) are ALWAYS welcome. If you like to garden, or want to learn to care for one of God’s gardens - this is a wonderful hands-on way to minister. 

VOLUNTEER: Our garden maintenance includes 1-2 hour activities:

  • Spring preparing beds and planting; selling seeds and plants
  • Summer watering and weeding daily, as needed, and harvesting weekly
  • Fall  dismantling equipment and clearing beds

We invite you to sign-up for April to October activities by please completing form entries below.

DONATE:  Compost/Top Soil/Straw Bales,  Equipment (e.g., Tomato Cages)/Tools (e.g. Shovels),  Plants/Seeds.   

PRAY: For God's blessing on our soil, on our hearts and on our hands as we garden.

QUESTIONS: Please contact:  Scott Wright (734-480-8422) (734-821-2121) [email protected]

Learn more at our garden blog and, our parish garden page.   In addition, see other Parish Gardens and 4G (Gardens and Grounds Grooming Group) Ministry sign-up here!!!  

Date: 2019-07-06 (Sat.)

Location: In prayer at church, or at my own home.

Created by:   St. Francis of Assisi Parish Office

Sustainable Vegetable Gardening Date (yyyy-mm-dd EDT)

Join Our Community of Gardeners! Contact: Scott Wright (734-480-8422) (734-821-2121)

2019-07-06 (Sat.)


Prayer Partner

I can pray each day this month for this effort and those involved.

2019-07-06 (Sat.)

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