Shelter Hosting by St. Francis Parish

Alpha House Family Shelter

Hi Thank you for offering to serve, with St. Francis, the 5-6 homeless families at Alpha House, May __ 25?__, 2020.) ( Sep23-29, 2020. ) ( Our contact there is Kathy Koehler.)

Both adults and children are welcome to volunteer together.  For ALL volunteers over age 17 we need a full legal name (including maiden names or other former names) to run background checks (on Family Watchdog, a list of sexual offenders). So, in addition to this sign-up-genius process we need you to email your full name to our volunteer coordinator, Mark Sturgis  [email protected]

We need your help to:   (more info & Volunteer Guides & Shopper Instructions)

Fill in the sign-up form below here to help! Questions? Read more information on each of these jobs.  Or, contact: Mark Sturgis  [email protected] (734-945-8803)  or, the St. Francis Parish Outreach Office, (734-821-2121) [email protected] (more info)

Date: 2020-05-25 (Mon.)

Location: In prayer at church, or at my own home.

Created by:   St. Francis Coordinator of Alpha House Shelter

Available Slot

Prayer Partner

Especially since I'm not available any day this week to be there and help, I can pray each day this week for this effort and those involved.

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