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The Violet Protest Project

Violet Protest - Sign Up #4 - E Stacks

Sign up for Squares in Stacks E!

Hello! Sign up below for the number of squares you would like to make for the Violet Protest project. Once you sign up, you will receive a special packet via US mail with special tags and more details about how to prepare your squares. (That is why your mailing address is required.) 

We are looking for makers from across all 50 United States, Puerto Rico and American Territories (even Canada!) to make square textile units (8” x 8” in size) using any of the following techniques: knit, crochet, weave, sewn/pieced, quilted, embroidered, applique, felting, screen printed fabric - or combinations of techniques. The request is that all squares would be made using equal parts of red and blue, with makers free to combine prints and colors, textures, stitching and yarns as long as they make a square, that have an equal combination of red and blue so that in the final display will give the overall presentation of violet. In the act of making, makers will be compelled to contemplate other opinions symbolized by the red or blue components of their squares. So please, no direct imagery or text that supports or detracts from any specific social issue or policy. Our focus is on the core values that are noted in our letter to Congress. (You can read the full text of this letter at http://www.violetprotest.com/about.html)

FEBRUARY 1, 2021 - guarantee for exhibition in spring of 2021
Squares accepted until AUGUST 1, 2021 for packages sent to Congress

Your hand-made squares will be exhibited at the Phoenix Art Museum the Spring of 2021, and then will be sent in packages of 50 to each of the 535 members of the 117th Congress.

Don't be shy, tell others about this project - the success of this project depends on spreading the word to involve makers from all 50 states!

For complete details, visit - http://www.violetprotest.com/

(If you would prefer that your name/city/state not be posted on the project website, please make a note in the comments box when you sign up. We will just indicate you as "anonymous" from your city and state.)

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 08/01/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 1:00am - 12:00pm MST

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Created by:   Ann Morton
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Available Slot

E Stacks - Five Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for five squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 5. DEADLINES FOR FINISHED SQUARES ARE FEBRUARY 1, 2021 for exhibition, AUGUST 1, 2021 for Congress

204 slots filled - more available
Janie Cohen
What a remarkable concept!
JoAnne Rouse
Can I also use blue and red beads on my artwork?
Dru Hammond
Kathy Waters
Roxanne Kane Kane
Claudia Sheehan
Added squares sent!
Maureen Hyslop
Leslie Engelson
Ava Gonzalez
I'm excited to get started!
Julie Milne
What a wonderful idea.
Yvette Little
Cindy Schorr
Phyllis Ershowsky
Cindy Sullenberger
karen zimmermann
Judean Patten-Clark
What a creative idea.
Teresa Knutson
this is for 5 squares
Lisa Bogart
Nancy Vuolo
Cosette Blackmer
Jana Fetch
Nancy Green
Bev Haring
Anne Smyers
1 stack of 5
Debra Goley
Thank you for your vision.
Phaedra Duhon
Kathy Holen
Deborah Wright
Sandra Masters Masters
Betsy Whittemore
I will make more as I see how it goes.
Karen Kerr (2)
Created more square and need more tags
Sylvia Brestel
Karen Stromberg
Susan Mehr
Dianne Hudder
New sign up request!
Michelle Chen
Jon Marie Hautz
Jody Gray
Ann Myers
Karen Buckingham
Clare Verstegen
4 squares from Clare, 1 square from Sandy Blaine
Linda Garces
Stephen Bardin
Julie Wilson (2)
Lynne Dees
Can I volunteer to send a stack to my local congressional representative?
Shula Bernard
Joyce Guertin
Debbie Ellis
Pam West
I have 5 ready to send from previous sign up and I’m committed to making 5 more
Katy Diltz
Stef & Sam Johnson
I learned about this through your HGA zoom presentation and shared it with my daughter- we will be contributing together!
Jen Parker-Haas
Love this idea!
Julie Hallquist
Madeline McMenamin
Betty Marcelynas
Trudi Sommerfield
Dottie Harnish
Mary Brooks
Nancy Vogel
Rachael Lowe
I’m thrilled to be part of this project
Mary McCarty
Vicki Conley
Charlotte Jackson
Carrie Lee Seachord
Karen Jackson
I will share this with my church Sewing Ministry!
Nan Sexton
Susan Wilson
Cann G-M
Hristi Wilbur
Nan Dewire
Kimberly Koerber
Unity is critical to the success of our democracy.
Mary Sturdevant
Diane Friedman
Martha Petrie
Thank you for organizing this
Melanie Ransom
Kris Manzanares
Carol Parente
K Boniface
Judy Johnson
Susan Gilmurray
Penney Auld
Pat Zimmerman
Chris Acton
Nora Owens
Excited to be a part of this, love the idea!
Charlene Marietti
Nancy Anderson
Laurie Duxbury
I love this concept.
Meghan Udell
Gayle Strack
Barbara Neal
Georgia Van Pelt
great idea
Susan Price
Allison Rehor
Claudia Zeitlin Burton
Eileen Rendahl
So excited to be part of this!
Evelyn Genta
Diane Ullman (2)
Love this concept!
Sarah Rizzo (2)
Mary Foe (2)
Heather Eckels (2)
Patricia Bojinoff
Nita Schmidt Schmidt
Mary Aigner
Great project
Susanne Dahl
Dena Stratton
Carol Lynn Beechie
Robin Locke Monda
Can't wait to start!
Paulette Mazurek
Great opportunity
Jeanne Vaver (2)
Liat Rorer
Marty Kutza
Cindy Sullenberger
Another group of 5!
Nikki Shank
Jane Parker
laurie gudzikowski
Caron Lage
I'll start with 5 and see what else I can do. Loving this idea,!
Joan Moore
I will knit and/or crochet. Love this idea.
Karen Kerr
additional sign up
Kathy Kennedy
Barbara Long
Lisa Bogart Bogart
Celebrating Election Day!
Linda Lacampagne
Vanina Doce-Mood
Rebecca Hackworth
Fantastic idea
Anice Tedford
Great idea! 1 set of five
Sherry Tinerella
Janet Steele
Diane Obernesser
Maryl Gearhart
I'll start with 1 (=5)
Barbara Hawkins
This sounds like an amazing project !
Karen Westheimer
Priscilla Witte
Youngmin Lee
Joy Harnage
April Perry
Katie Leinweber (3)
added sign up
Kelly Agrue
Linda Schultz
orli irgang
Susan Dignam
Liz Gamberg
Angel Worthen
Cass Galloway
Ready to start with alpaca
Marylu Weaver Meagher
Melinda Forbes
Sally Dexter-Smith
Stephanie Kallos
What a wonderful project!
Stacy Williams
RoseMarie Ackerman
So exciting to be a part of this endeavour
Lynn Peavy
Melissa Bustamante
JoEllen Oppliger
Kathleen Tuura
Susie and Ben Lerner
joani share
Marsha Randles
Diane Giveins
Trudy Krisher
additional squares sent in
Linda Van Citters (3)
15 squares, ready for their labels!
Frances Holliday Alford
additional squares!
David Larabee-Zierath
How fun and meaningful!
Betty Kepner (3)
additional sign up!
Lizzey Spinell
Nora Worthen
Anna Kelly
Marty Scott Nelson
Stella Zahn
Hedy Campbell
Sharon Lewis, Hedy Campbell, Camille Colon, Barbara VonZerneck
Maggie Bathory
Hooked mini rug
Charlene Marietti
Originally signed up for 5. Adding 5 more for a total of 10 squares.
Gayle Gerber Koontz
Eve Peckenpaugh
Doug Philhower
Linda Lewis
Patricia Habegger
Very excited
Cynthia Davis
added squares
Patricia Ullrich
Jane Jensen-Davis
Ruth Rosenthal
Flo Carr
Sharon Pankratz
Meta Hodson
Gigi Voegeli

E Stacks - Ten Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for ten squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 10. DEADLINES FOR FINISHED SQUARES ARE FEBRUARY 1, 2021 for exhibition, AUGUST 1, 2021 for Congress

45 slots filled - more available
Carol Garland
Debbie Meijer
Allison Donohue
Bethany Swanson
Ten more! =)
Deborah Lancaster
I'm in! Love it.
Nancy Ann Belsky
Kathy Arellano
Great idea!
Janice Blount
A great idea !
Becky Fasulo
Valerie Titan
Round 2!
Priscilla Struck (2)
New requested sign up!
Ruth Pierluissi
Marjorie Wheeler
Holly Monsos Monsos
Great idea!
Carl Johnson
Marise Person
Nan Sexton
Clare Straker
D stack complete....
Cynthia Fowler
Carolyn Cox
Patricia Elkovitch
Katie Williams
Alexis Pheiffer
Wonderful idea!
Julie Drake
Valerie Jones (2)
Teresa Slack
Violet vibes!!!
Robbin Jensen
Deborah Caskey
Karen McCort
Lisa Shull
Pamela Leonard
Awesome project. Glad to be part of it!!
Carol Cox (2)
Sissy Coffin
Leslie Hancock (2)
Savannah K Gordon
Elizabeth Wood
Mayann Weinberg
Cameron Oquinn
Sheri Mills
Diane Zahn
Laurie Person

E stacks - Twenty-five Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for twenty-five squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 25. DEADLINES FOR FINISHED SQUARES ARE FEBRUARY 1, 2021 for exhibition, AUGUST 1, 2021 for Congress

6 slots filled - more available
Ruth Hasmsn
Polly Sonifer
Judy Gans
I love this project!
Gift Caudill
Ruth Hasman
Kitty Spangler

E Stacks - Fifty Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for fifty squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 50. DEADLINES FOR FINISHED SQUARES ARE FEBRUARY 1, 2021 for exhibition, AUGUST 1, 2021 for Congress

4 slots filled - more available
Rachel Bye
Switch to "E" stacks
Sharon Horton
Happy to participate with 5-8 inch squares!
MJ Smith
Linda Bernard
The Grateful Thread

E Stacks - One Square

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. DEADLINES FOR FINISHED SQUARES ARE FEBRUARY 1, 2021 for exhibition, AUGUST 1, 2021 for Congress

172 slots filled - more available
Patricia Schleimer
Claudia Lemacks
I will start with one and possibly make more before February
cassie elberg-gibson
Susan Redhead
Robin Siegel-Meares
Savannah Kay Gordon
extra square sent!!
Erin Clotfelter (3)
Madge Pierce
I will make one square
Linda Jorn
Janet Grummer
Teresa Knutson
this is for 1 square
Pam Riss
Joan Costello (3)
Linda Johnston (2)
Robin Koenig
Cassie Elberg-Gibson
additional square
Diane Eugene
Diane Eugene
LaVerne Aguirre-Parmley
Wonderful idea!
Sally Orgren (2)
additional squares sent
Debra Mullen
Mary Olivea
I will make more if possible.
Renee Jacobs
If I can make more I will
Carol Manoukian
Susan Naive
Sherrie Zeitlin
Annette Mach
Mitzvah Needles (12)
in addition to previous sign up
Nina Kramer
I’ll do more if this works out.
Sydney Ava Ilana Kanter-Jaffe (3)
Patricia Casadone
Paula Durrant
Sent square/no sign up
Susanne Dahl
Lori Hughes
how creative
Sylvia B Simpson
Rebecca Loew
Justice for all.
Jean Haley (2)
love this project!
Elisa Eiger
Susan Cayton
Jody Brewer (2)
We need this more than ever before.... We all need to come together!!
Margaret Moon
Elaine McCarthy
Michele Spiller
Elaine McCarthy
becca bussard
Beverly Hodgins (2)
Sandy Hardman (2)
Rebecca Smith (2)
Joan Da Silva
Jill Stephens
Paula Rudnick (4)
Here are my 4 squares-hope that helps
Tracy Flack (2)
LeAnn Bjelle (4)
Roberta Pabst
Dulcy Stewart (2)
Marsha Gale
Catherine Reuter (2)
Susan Reeve (3)
Wendy Estes (9)
I already sent in squares for this project. With the extended deadline, I decided to make 9 more squares.
Roby Elson
Glad to take part in the violet project. We need to come together as a nation.
Harriet Finkelstein (4)
Jessica Rossano (2)
Meredith Chiatello (2)
Emily Rosenberg
Fantastic idea!
lily brady
CJ Tinkle
Glenda Guinn-Gilles (2)
Hettie Reves
We Are One
Ellen Shelton (4)
Carla Madrigal (2)
Sue Kamin
Catherine Lord
Patricia Schleimer (2)
Shannon Houghton (2)
Esa Jaffe (3)
Lesley Moerschel (3)
Karen Stromberg (2)
Additional sign up
Sherrie Zeitlin (4)
sent in extra squares
trudy krisher
Lesley Finneran (8)
extra squares
michelle Harris
Betty Kepner
additional sign up!
Hollly Hill (4)
Cathy English (4)
Maggie Bathory
Hooked mini rug
Jean Gerber
Yvette Muise
Cynthia Davis
added squares
Kathy Jensen
Thank you! We need this!
Laurie Person (4)
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