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The Violet Protest Project

Violet Protest - Sign Up #3 - D Stacks

Sign up for Squares in Stacks D!

Hello! Sign up below for the number of squares you would like to make for the Violet Protest project. Once you sign up, you will receive a special packet via US mail with special tags and more details about how to prepare your squares. (That is why your mailing address is required.) 

We are looking for makers from across all 50 United States, Puerto Rico and American Territories (even Canada!) to make square textile units (8” x 8” in size) using any of the following techniques: knit, crochet, weave, sewn/pieced, quilted, embroidered, applique, felting, screen printed fabric - or combinations of techniques. The request is that all squares would be made using equal parts of red and blue, with makers free to combine prints and colors, textures, stitching and yarns as long as they make a square, that have an equal combination of red and blue so that in the final display will give the overall presentation of violet. In the act of making, makers will be compelled to contemplate other opinions symbolized by the red or blue components of their squares. So please, no direct imagery or text that supports or detracts from any specific social issue or policy. Our focus is on the core values that are noted in our letter to Congress. (You can read the full text of this letter at http://www.violetprotest.com/about.html)

NOVEMBER 15, 2020.

Your hand-made squares will be exhibited at the Phoenix Art Museum the Spring of 2021, and then will be sent in packages of 50 to each of the 535 members of the 117th Congress.

Don't be shy, tell others about this project - the success of this project depends on spreading the word to involve makers from all 50 states!

For complete details, visit - http://www.violetprotest.com/

(If you would prefer that your name/city/state not be posted on the project website, please make a note in the comments box when you sign up. We will just indicate you as "anonymous" from your city and state.)

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 08/01/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 1:00am - 12:00pm MDT

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Created by:   Ann Morton
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Available Slot

D Stacks - Five Squares (169)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for five squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 5. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Linda Brown
Katie Williams (2)
Valerie Cochrane
Kathy Dudley
Frances Holliday Alford
Katie Richman
Karen Eckardt
Jean Walker
I will do 5 quantity 1 of this
sue mcmahan
Leigh Weintraub
Blocks will be knitted or quilted. I do both.
Pam Farley
Sandi Smith
Brenda Wilson
Kathleen B Barden
Thank you for thinking of this creative way to show concern for our country.
Linda Zimmerman
Denine Scallen
Linda Ogden
Joetta Schlabach
Lynne Allen
Natasha Williamson
Sally Orgren Orgren
Carol Meadows
Sharon Resnick
Fiber Guild of the Blue Ridge
Stephanie Gartland
Kathy Mastromonica
Alison Boone
Patricia S Lynch Lynch
Cynthia Balentine
Nettie Birmbaum
Joy Elbert
Michelle Litke
Elizabeth Evans
Julie Ernst
Jeanette. Pawlowski
Can I split my 5 squares with someone else?
patricia Stromberg
Lorraine Bier
It's hip to be (doing a) square!
Joy Elbert
Dawn Smith
Kat Puente
ka-ren lipchik
Jenny Kelly
Sally ODonnell
valerie cochrane
Judy Crowley
Bethany Swanson
Debra Toler
Crystal Davis
X Westcott
Audrey Romonosky
Priscilla Struck
additional sign up
Wendy Cynamon
Please do not list my name. O
Barbara Hill
Peace be with you
Gay Hart-Brewer
Madora Bianco (3)
crocheted squares
Wendy Estes
1 group of 5 squares
Louise Destories
Kris Schultz
Maggie Prins
What a fantastic idea!
Sydney Gay
Jacque Beltran
Pam Hudson
Cecilia Trudeau
Sally Smith
Rylie Rasler
Patricia Clinton Clinton
Alice McElroy
David Conley (2)
Jacqueline Shaw
Kay Campbell
Michele Montour
Carolyn Little
Marsha Lodge
Great idea.
Chatsuda Trudeau
Carol Dargatz
Anita Holmes
Lisa Takata
Nicole Orta
Judy Doseck
Judy Doseck
Polley McClure
Debra DeVault (10)
Monica Prince
Etta Stewart
Pati Olson
Rosemary McLaughlin
Sharie Monsam
Judith Magder
Maria Conti
This is my second group of 5
Roxanne Kane
Hilary Hamlin
Heidi Corning
Pam Zenick
Marcia Cote
Tina Wilbur
1 set of 5
Hristi Wilbur
Charlotte Hamlin
Amanda Perendy
Ann Melrose
In addition to 10 squares which I have tags for already.
Holly Hirst
Dee Eisner
Hope to sign up for more, but this will get me started
Rebecca Thorpe
Ann Smith
What a wonderful idea!
Helen Geglio
Susan Zirbel
I am excited!
Carol Meadows
five done, send me 5 more
Janet Jourdain
Mari Pretzer
Cecelia Larsen
Lisa Bogart
Susan knight Ober
Jan Avent
Sally Miller
Marsha Bramson
Trudy Krisher
Mary knapp samet
Linda Morton
Deborah Sterzinar
Cindy Kalinich
Jeanne Palermo
Jolyn OHare
Lois Sheridan
Pat Schulz
Susanne Dahl
Emily Sheridan
Janice Kledzik
Wendy Cynamon
This will be my second batch of 5
Judy Calder
Cynthia Sechrest
Sandy Paul
Veronica Guarraia
This is great!
Gale Oppenheim
Leah Jameson
Trisha Ofstedal
Claudia K Sheehan Sheehan
Jan Myers-Newbury
Eileen Feingold
Pat Schroeder
Becky Smurr
Maitri Sojourner
Sandra Charette
Carlyn Clark
Louise Thibodaux
Mary Montgomery
Cindy Schorr
Patricia Rosely
Hedi Bacon
Joyce J
Lora Bristow
Kate Zamarchi
Bonnie Thompson
switch from E stacks
Robyn Gold (2)
Switch from E Stacks
June Brown
Moved to stack D12
Holly Downes
Moved to D12

D Stacks - Ten Squares (65)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for ten squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 10. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Wendy Hill
I've made 5 blocks so far--- can't wait to make 10 more!
Debra Mullen
Deanna Melnychuk
Sara Miller
Jessica Williams
Sue Ann Walker
Clare Straker
Susan Bell
Diane Karohl
Shannon Belcher
Anne Moll
1 group of 10 quilted squares
Anne Moll
1group of 10 knitted squares
Mary Risseeuw
Sarah Kingsley
Kristan Collins
Great project. Thx to Wendy Hill for connecting me.
Caroline Pinney
Mary Jo Stipe
Doreen Weyland
I will be submitting quilt blocks.
Patty Martello
Sally ODonnell
Chris Walker
With Jan Jourdain
Kelly Waterman
Cynthia Harris
Thea McCurry
This will be my second set of 10 blocks.
Lucia Smith
D. N.
Kay Rogers
Crochet squares
Linda Lundborg
Debbie Snider
Mary Whitesides
So happy to contribute. Should be beautiful.
sherrie moore
Catherine Wilson
Pat Harmon (2)
I did 5 and kept going with a total of 25 now.
Valerie Titan
Yes! I love this project!!!!
Lucinda Carroll
Lynn Chinnis
Sue Norris
Anita Holmes
Dani + Noa Kump
Kay McCarthy
Carol Steuer
Kay Sutt
Val H.
sherrie moore
the is my 2nd set of 10
Bethany Swanson
Getting my Mom in on the action!
Cathy Stare
Tracey Donoughe
Maura Grogan
Louise Collings
Seraphina Mlynar
Patricia Elkovitch
Karen G. Fisher (2)
Renee Gannon
Elizabeth Granberg-Jerome
Debra Kay
Ann Ferkovich
Anitsa Aiello
Becky Coleman
will be quilt squares
Holly Edelstein
additional sign up
Judy Brant
Anne Moll (2)
Susan Callahan
Revised sign up

D stacks - Twenty-five Squares (12)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for twenty-five squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 25. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Polly Sonifer
Marta Sierra
Sue Ann Walker
I completed 1st 10. Signing up for 25 more.
Rachael Gusaas
knitting squares
Marietta Strano
additional sign up
Jaime Blumenthal
1 stack
Sue Ann Walker
2nd additional signup
Val H.
Nancy Dallett
additional sign up
Cheryl Hopper
Jennifer Sprague
Catherine Cohn

D Stacks - Fifty Squares (3)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for fifty squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 50. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Linda Hayes
Nancy Dallett
additional sign up
Linda Hayes
Recovering from a broken kneecap so have plenty of time to do another fifty.

D Stacks - One Square (156)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Terri Torke
Pat Hirsch
Cathy Donnelly
Hello Ann, I had some time to make another square :)
Margaret Phillips (3)
Jana Rezucha
Nancy Nonini (2)
additional sign up
Paula Sandige (2)
Nicole Rubio (2)
Rose Salinas (2)
Debra Harlach (2)
Will try to make more.
Christina Garcia (2)
Janene Scholz
dale jenssen (2)
so these will be stacked.. meaning that the majority of them won't be seen? I don't get that part??!!
Deb Ferraro (2)
Carol Huber (2)
Let your eyes, ears, mind and heart be open.
Cecelia Pedescleaux (7)
Received extra squares from original sign up
Shirley Bekey
Keri Schneider (2)
excited to participate!
rita kanter (3)
Esa Jaffe
Jeanne Surber (3)
Leigh Armstrong
Suzanne Berger
Rosemary Nielsen
Mary Kaplan
Suzanne Berger
LeAnn Bjelle
Cindy Schorr (2)
Leah Jameson
Ena Wilson
LeAnn Bruton
Debbie Hansen
Pam Bagniewski
Peggy Mullan (3)
So proud to be part of this!
Kate Chassey
Corie Neumayer
Lisa Van De Graaff
Cynthia White
Cheryl McLaughlin (4)
Julie Bain (2)
Anything to change the current state of affairs
Kate Allen (2)
Vicki Aspenberg
Great project
Sharon Eklund (2)
Terrific idea!
Sharon Pait (4)
Sherri Roberts
So excited for this opportunity to speak up visually and in harmony with so many!
rosalyn kimerling
Val H.
Joann Green (4)
Patti Phillips
Judy Johnson (2)
Betsy True
Dana Hollifield (2)
Debbie Leifer
Marti Austin (2)
Angie Calnan
Hope Alcorn
Love this project!
Cindy Schorr
Kath Brown (2)
Janice Averill
Leslie Hoskyns
Ill start with one to see how fast i can go
Anke Betic
Flo Carr (4)
Kathleen Mocko
Jane Carlstrom (2)
Helen Stringer (4)
additional squares sent in!
Gerry Scarfe (2)
Additional squares sent!
Gail Gondek (5)
Kate Hauer (2)
Arlene Agree
Priscilla Struck (9)
additional sign up
Kathleen Mocko
Mary Whitesides (10)
Remona Koop
Wendy Estes (2)
additional squares received
Leslie Svendsen (8)
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