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The Violet Protest Project

Sign up for Squares!

Hello! Sign up below for the number of squares you would like to make for the Violet Protest project. Once you sign up, you will receive a special packet via US mail with special tags and more details about how to prepare your squares. (That is why your mailing address is required.) 

We are looking for makers from across all 50 United States, Puerto Rico and American Territories (even Canada!) to make square textile units (8” x 8” in size) using any of the following techniques: knit, crochet, weave, sewn/pieced, quilted, embroidered, applique, felting, screen printed fabric - or combinations of techniques. The request is that all squares would be made using equal parts of red and blue, with makers free to combine prints and colors, textures, stitching and yarns as long as they make a square, that have an equal combination of red and blue so that in the final display will give the overall presentation of violet. In the act of making, makers will be compelled to contemplate other opinions symbolized by the red or blue components of their squares. So please, no direct imagery or text that supports or detracts from any specific social issue or policy. Our focus is on the core values that are noted in our letter to Congress. (You can read the full text of this letter at http://www.violetprotest.com/about.html)

NOVEMBER 15, 2020.

Your hand-made squares will be exhibited at the Phoenix Art Museum the Spring of 2021, and then will be sent in packages of 50 to each of the 535 members of the 117th Congress.

Don't be shy, tell others about this project - the success of this project depends on spreading the word to involve makers from all 50 states!

For complete details, visit - http://www.violetprotest.com/

(If you would prefer that your name/city/state not be posted on the project website, please make a note in the comments box when you sign up. We will just indicate you as "anonymous" from your city and state.)


Created by:   Ann Morton
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Available Slot

Stacks C - Five Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for five squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 5. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

83 slots filled - more available
Dee Merrell
Mary Bilz
Better together
Lucinda Carroll (2)
Cindy Harris
Janice Houston
Kathie Hollingshead
Vote Love
Amy Corbiere
Linda Gorman
Judy Rickard
additional sign up
EJ Newhouse
name only, no address
Jean Miller
Great project, I would love to participate
Sam Milford
Heidi Dauphin
Abby Winship
Ginger Roether
Diane Roberts
Rory Duran
This is a great idea!
Amy Yale-Loehr
Laura Bill
It's not a red or blue thing, it's a green thing
Melanie Dossey
Love this project and pray it will speak to our leaders.
Debbie Rusonis
Eileen Brennan
Purple is my favorite color!
Janet White
Gail Naughton
Gillian Clinton
Fey Heim
At a time when our country is in such turmoil it feels so good to be doing something positive and to be making a statement!
Jill Malter
I heard of you through the Northfield Yarn (in Minnesota), but I live in Brooklyn, NY
Shawn Watkins
Janet Hardwick
Chris Jacques
Donna Reiner (3)
Finally ran out of yarn, but managed to squeek out 15 more.
Dianne Hudder
Laura Horochowski
Lexie Bakewell
Valerie Cochrane
Patricia Foht
Quilt Squares
Suzzy Canny
Looking forward to making a difference!
Louise Silk
Elisabeth Glauber
One stack of 5 squares
Melissa Holt
Lin Henninger
Nancy Nowak
Donna Wolfgang
Civility and respect for all
Robin Pascal
Lori Snyder
Looking forward to the finished project. The icing on the cake will be to see who will post pictures of the squares in their office.
Annmarie Signey
Tina Bliss
Debbie Weinstein
Love being part of this unique project and community. Lets stand together against hate.
Cynthia davis
Donna Ritter
Pam West
Debbie Goldberg
Kerstin Katko
Country over party, people over corporations!
Nancy Scott
Linda Bryant Bryant
Sandy Percy
Carol Case
Justine Ozaki
Brett Wilde
Carrie Pearsall
Deb Warren
Sharie Monsam
Have not received my packet yet
Connie Diamant
Claudia Sheehan (2)
one set of ten squares, this is a great project
Deb Hiett
Sarah Ruiz
Laurie Sims
Joan Geiszler
Candace Fox (3)
Debra Dyrsten
Jennifer Fisher
thank you for doing this!
Katie Leinweber (3)
Janet Lockwood

Stacks C - Ten Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for ten squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 10. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

35 slots filled - more available
Cheryl Towers
Debby Hollingshead
Doris Grieder
Jan Domzal
Sherry Perrie
Vanessa Kettering
Brenda Forshee
Lori Caffery
De Lois Powell (2)
additional sign up
Patricia Buglione
This is for my Mom who taught me to be strong but fair
Pauline Rozek
This is for my Grandma who came to America through Ellis Island. Her proudest day was the one she became a citizen. She taught me to fight for what I believe in.
Doris Grieder
Barbara Rosenthal
additional sign up
Candace Wilkinson (2)
Suzanne Morlock
Michele De La Cruz
Praying for our countries leaders and healing of our land.
Pat Ross
Becky Fasulo
Jean Johnson
additional sign up
Marla Hattabaugh
additional sign up
Carol Garland
Cathlena Burr
God bless the USA
Robin Clendenin
Thea McCurry
Mary Risseeuw
Linda Hayes (2)
kathy mcandrews
Lisa Marusiak
Just finished working on my original 10 squares and I still have supplies. Sign me up for 10 more!
Vicki Donkersley
Kathi Schallenberg
Have leftover yarn from my first 10 squares!
Kris Floor
Thanks Ann! I will create 10 more squares - you gave me the tags :-)
Janet Lockwood

Stacks C - Twenty-five Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for twenty-five squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 25. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

5 slots filled - more available
Sylvia Hernandez
Diane Cole Cole
Making more squares cause its fun!
Corinne Smith
Eileen Thompson
These will be woven
Marcy Rosenkrantz

Stacks C - Fifty Squares

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for fifty squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 50. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

3 slots filled - more available
Tink Linhart
Candace Wilkinson
Marianne Feroce
Can I make all 50 the same? Now what to do!

Stacks C - One Square

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

109 slots filled - more available
Imani Muhammad
Kathie Hollingshead
Vote Love
Diane Scheuermann
Dreama VanCise
lynnett jovanovski
Leslie Rodier
Susan Rupani (2)
Julie Marsh (2)
Abby Langdon
Glad to be part of this
Cornelia Altdorfer
I hope it helps
Audra Clayton
Mary Kramer (3)
Pamela Chumbley
additional sign uo
Virginia Mahoney
additional sign up
Sonja Brunswick Winter
Cathy Donnelly
Mailed in my A-14 square and found some more fabric . Thought I'd make another one!
Niraja Lorenz
Donna Reilly
Donna Kenestrick
Thank you for this opportunity!
Chris Fondi (3)
Sherri Roberts
I will begin with a single square and see what happens.
C Scheftic (3)
Candace Wilkinson (2)
Nancy Smith (6)
Patty Montgomery
I'll do 1 and see if I want to make more later
Patty Montgomery
ok, I made another one.
Sally Bickerton (2)
Updated sign up
Donna Reilly
Claudia Krueger
Mary Kiteley (4)
additional sign up
Madeline Becker (5)
Violet needed more than ever right now!
Barbara Johnstone (4)
Janet Jackson (2)
Jamie Frank
Betty Kepner (9)
Sign up for Betty
Kathy Herbst
Joan Gale
Michelle McSwigan (2)
Kate Powell (2)
Nancy Langer (3)
Angela Myers
Sew much fun, I decided to make another!
Micki Cohen (2)
Sally Bickerton (3)
Margot McDonnell (2)
additional sign up
Sharon Willocks
friend of Kathy Odell's
Susan Kline
Lindsey Gerow
Excited to use this as a conversation starter with my high school students
Brett Wilde
Frances Englander
Dawn Duff
Tammy Kinney (2)
Tracy Robin
Ze daLuz (3)
kathy mcandrews (2)
Sarah Bodney
additional sign up
Jane Bromberg (8)
This 8 will give me 10 to submit

Stacks A and B - Five Squares (365)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for five squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 5. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

362 of 365 slots filled
Diana Chen
Candace Wilkinson
Susan Bossert
Melinda Collins-Knick
Kate Benjamin
Lara Plecas
Glad to be involved in this project!
Melinda Wing
Excited to participate!
Julie Betz
Lisa Jacobs
I love this, and look forward to being part of it!
Carol Sanger
Marissa Vidrio
Sherry Alford
Joe-Willie Smith
Katie Beaver
Nancy Smith
Susan Parker
Fantastic idea!!
Elizabeth Abend
Cheryl Goodberg
Miguel Monzon
What a great project Ann, happy to be a part!
Monique Kelly
Sandi Cosbey
Katie Leinweber
I love this idea and am totally on board!
Hilla Shapira
Shachi Kale
I would love to be a part of the purple protest!
Melissa Budzak
Suzanne Hesh
Holly Smith
Heidi Field-Alvarez
Greta Somers
Happy New Year!
Susan Hodge-Parker
Sadie Smokey-Crews
Teresa Rivera
Laura Spalding Best
Can't wait to break out my knitting needles for this!
Kerri Krist
Nicole Lynch
Blaire and Nicole Lynch
Susan Raymond
Susan De Malignon
Jo Van Loo
Margot McDonnell
Judy Hnat
Anne, I'm a friend of Cattryn Somers and participated in the poppy project. Want to be sure that this is 5 squares not 5 sets of 5, correct?
Jen Henry
Katie Beaver
Ann McCage
Sandra Wagner
Janet Dixon
Nevine Melikian
Beth Norris
Corinne Smith
May this contribute to bringing about openness and civility.
Ariel Suarez
Brenda Ledesma
Michelle Soto
Leilani Gonzalez
Anna Cecil
Dawn Romanczak
Reducing my stash for a great cause.
Dawn Swaim
Sarah Peasley
Annabelle Younger
Yes! I’m an avid knitter and spinner of my own yarn
Maxene Harlow
Sounds fun to do this! Sign me up!
Alice Palmer
Deborah de Rivera
Javon Tillett
Mary Skoy
Nancy Speicher
Linda Swaim
For my country!
Jayne Port
We're all a family under one sky.
Nicola Moering
Joan Bickelhaupt
Dorothy Chambers
Bonnie Scott
Creating Together
Sherry Vlcej
Becky McNeill
Karyn Dornemann
I hope this helps our country heal and moves the Congress to work together across party lines.
Sheryl Walker
Audrey Good
I will be sending a total of 15 blocks. Sorry for the confusion. Audrey
Rita Dickinson
Kathy Deligianis
Ruth Grubb
Meri Wiley
Deidre Hayden
Blair Coe Schweiger
If you believe in heaven and hell, good and evil, right and wrong...when you get to the pearly gates, whose voice do you want to hear?
Cambria DeCook (3)
Phoebe DeCook
Gerry Scarfe
Diana Kalinowski
Donna Gomez
Sheila Arnold
Marlene Emmons
Go red, white and blue!!
Lauren Rudd
Ginny Fisher
Kathi Hofferth
Louann Carpenter
Amy Trueman
Rachel Peizer
The power of us!
Christine Benedict
Tara Ritacco
Great idea
Jenny Kendrick
NIcole Tucci
Linda Piotrowski
Jeri Haldeman
Ren Olive
Thanks for putting this together!
Joan Webb
Annachristina DeGroodt
Knitted/combination with felting, embroidery
Nancy Dove
Cynthia Stribula
Kate Garrigan
Kay Strickland
I'm going to make one square for each member of my family. :)
Lisa Parker
Mary Helen Bondy
Wynn Martin
Happy to contribute in this gesture for unity and collaboration.
Sarah Riester
Erica Wagner
Kate Balogh
Tamara Keefer
Susan Liebowitz
Debra Thompsen
Thanks for leading this effort!
Allison Smith
Faith Damm
So grateful to be able to take part in such an amazing project led by one of my all time favorite teachers!
Bebe Chiarito
Jane Palmer
Susan Foster
Amanda Bauer
Sarah Bodney
Hopefully more, but I don’t want to over promise.
Vickie Messinger
They need to be reminded to play nice in the sandbox!
Judy Valentino
I am so with you in this endeavor!
Jean Schulman
Michelle Sparks
This sounds fun!
Barbara Zeman
Be Wisdom. Be Word. Be One.
Therese Bliss
Claire Gimber
Jo Van Loo
Nancy Kirk
Kathleen McKinniss
Julie Seier
I am so excited to be apart of this!
Audrey Good
Amy Williams
Frances Metcalf
Melinda Berger
Linda Soller
Great idea!
Donna Chase
Kaiya Rainbolt (3)
Louise Sharakan
Rachel Bye
Jocelyn Hanson
Shanan Bouchard
Olga Tsoudis
I will submit a total of 5 from me and my mom. :)
Jan Neil
peace and protest, hand in hand
Sydney Thomas
Ann Smith
Mary Dell Cody
Joan Cihak
Patricia Neibich-Klunder
Kristi Fackel
Jean Grandizio
Cathy Nelson
Patricia Dicker
I'm looking forward to making 5 squares.
Janet Lockwood
Denise Lundin
Karen Stromberg
Barbara Polston
Gundula Lee
Pam Jones
Diane Frederick
Marsha Cleaveland
Listening with respect and compassion can change our world.
Pamela Chumbley
Jean Agregado (3)
Every square counts!
veronica mezzina
Pat Harmon
Wonderful idea!
Raymonda Schwartz
Lisa Craig
Jo Sadalla
Carol Dimpsey
Joan Thornbury
Marcia Losh
Lesley Finneran
Brittney Denham
Amanda Kehrberg
Audrey Good
To bring the total to 15 (added by PHD)
Mardelle Madsen
Christine Miller
This will be powerful!
Laura Sinai
Sherry sculley
I originally signed up for just 1 square but want to make a larger contribution so I signed up for 5 more.
Melissa Quilter
Terry Owen
Happy to participate as a member of the Silk Road Textiles community!!
Patty Simmons
Nancy Turbitt
United we stand, divided we fall....
Kim Koloski
Marilyn Butler
Dianne Decker-Houser
Pam Sprout
Wonderful idea! I’ll send mine from Alaska!
Patricia Lapinsky
Cindy Gerrish
Susan Parker
Thanks Ann
Judy Carney
April Reder
In it together earthlings
Karen Tang
Mary Hatch
Great idea.
Mary Sue Grinnell
I’ll be making one square for each of my children in hopes that their futures are full of bi-partisan politicians!
Jenine Cook
Chance Phillips
Carol Stotko
felt applique
Georgia Heller
Christine Sherer
Cathy Herring
Lisa Nicholson
Nancy Evans
Marjorie Wilhelm
Happy to be a part of this
Melissa Elliott
Cool project, pleased to be part of it.
Karen Maple
Nanette Zeller
great idea!
Jacqueline Gross
I am signing up for one group of five. Thank you.
Elizabeth Ray
Kerri Fuchs
Cathy Colby
Dana Hope
Love this!
DanaAlexa Hope
Wonderful idea! Will be creating with my daughters!
Vicki Petersen
Marian Crane
second sign up
Kathy Barbieri
Mary Jane Hazelwood
Lynn Davies
Cindy Schorr
kristine brandel
Erin Sizemore
C Colladay
Nicola Moering
second sign up!
Korin Cardinal
Ann Price Price
Shana Doerr
Thuy Hadvab
Marilyn Zeitlin
Gloria Garcia
Proud to take part
Kyria Peavy
Claire McLaughlin
Debra Pelkey
Brianne Sharpe
So excited! Love this idea!
Marylou Tingle
This is wonderful, I am happy to help.
June Silberman
second sign up!
Kathy Hodges
Love this idea
Elaine Reynolds
Deborah Brooks
Deborah Brooks
Heidi Urbina
Kate Greene
Susan Heise
Sheryl Nelson
*yay* a project to focus my nervous energy on during the Pandemic
Barbara Dunn
Renee Vevea
Nichol Daniel
Nejesa Handwovens is happy to participate
Joyce Lanterman
Martha Peterson
Please do not use my name in the final piece. Rather, use anonymous from Woodinville, WA USA. Thank you!
Marcia Matthieu
Happy to participate! Already two made and counting.
Wendy Hill
I like being a "radical moderate" in search of what's best for all of us.
Rae Burnette
Vick Richardson
do I put on tags on them or do you?
Connie Sheldon
Pieced and quitled squares. Should I finish edges?
Delia Floor
Love this!
Martie Fischer
Good activity while social contact is limited!
Katherine Rawson
Jan Fox
Rose Brant
Sheryl Belson
Marcee Musgrove
Only together will we thrive
Beth Kennedy
Glad for this opportunity. Please include the Senate.
Alaa Mencke
Please use only my initials. (AM)
Janet Larsen (2)
Linda Bennett
Excited to be a part of this
Margarete Froelicher (2)
Tani Abendroth
Barbara Rosenthal
Rebecca Fellows
Sarah Chimblo
Alexandra Szameit
Jen Rothstein
I believe being American is a better way to live than being associated with any political party.
Marie Lalena
Margie Henry
Deborah Serdy
Together we are powerful!
Martha Chamberlin
Glad to contribute. So needed!!
Anne Savage
Thank you for providing this opportunity!
Joan Gleckler
Brenda Banuelos
We will make a difference!
Barbara Decker
Karla Rogers
A pleasure to be part of the solution! No discord...respect and unity instead.
joanne walton
De Lois Powell
Dina Newbert
Lori Kaake
Pat Ross
Stephanie HOBSON
Great project
Susan Liebowitz
Mary Kay Fosnacht
Gwen Weakley
Michele Dowdell
Mary Kirwin
Happy to do it!
Heather Braman
Aafke Steenhuis
Manika manika
Beth Cunningham
Darlene Schrag
Jaylen Dominguez
Pam Snow
Quilting blocks
Lindsay Sills
Munna Rubaii
Laura Cater-Woods
Carole Elven
Kitty Wilkin
I’m excited to be a part of this.
Tammi Sparks
Barbara Rosenthal
PHD: This brings her total to 20.
Amy Anderson
Carrie Meyer
Steve Majano
Marie-jose Poulet
Pamela Chumbley
for a total of 10
Debbie Knight
Cris Taylor
I’m in!
Mandy Wu
Emily Matyas
Kathleen Hodges
Jen Cameron Klein
Vickie Messinger
(PHD: Brings her total to 10)
Marie Murphy Wolfe
Ellen Stirling
Bonnie Bobman
Dann Francisco
Pat Watson
Opal Wagner
Five Squares
Edith Shelton
Kathy Odell
Revised sign up
Nannette Locke
Katie Leinweber (2)
(PHD: Bringing her total to 15)
Jocelyn Whysall
Linda Shinn
Valerie Pollard
Karla Hanson
Suzanne Morlock
Sandra Clingenpeel (2)
Erin Dover
Im using the Harrisville Design potholder loom for these five
Mary Howland
Julie Schoen
Clarissa Demuzio
Artie Johnson
Wendy Raisanen
Savannah K Gordon
Very exciting project! Thanks, Ann Morton!
Amy Trueman
Sharron Olmstead
Wilma Scott
Sandy Trimble
Tracey Donoughe
Jane Morello

Stacks A and B - One Square (521)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

517 of 521 slots filled
Evelyn O'Donnell (3)
Ashlynn Fast
Lisa Leonard (2)
Martha Bills
Maura McGarry
Ruth Greenspan (3)
Ann Tracy
Jessica Hately
Todd Grossman (2)
Knitting to make a difference. I’m in.
Marcus McCarty
Nanci Feeney
power in creating...
Lisa Richards
Ted Decker (11)
Rebecca Rush (2)
Amy Herring
Cristina Perales (2)
Pat Halperin
Passing this along to friends! My square will be quilted.
Annie Crisp (2)
Jane Burtnett
A group of friends will gather to participate.
callie floor
Excited to participate
Sara Jenkins
Carlie Cole
Marilyn Enloe (2)
Martina Mookadam
Jennifer DuVal
Andrea Fillers
Renee Eisenbeis
Rebecca Diaz
Aamena Mookadam
Marissa Gomez
Jo Ana Adams
Ashley Alejo
Ani Haghnazarian
Esther Santos
Imeon Simon Moore
Marie Thearle (2)
Cindy Gould
Jinny Ly
mary paananen
Jami Blaauw-Hara
Lucia LaVilla-Havelin
Thank you! Let's do it!!
Jane Newman (3)
Steve Majano
Wendelyn Anderson
digital inkjet textile printing & hand embroidery
Ryanne Stuart
Prickly Patti
Kate Daly
Knitting or Crochet
Cecelia Pedescleaux
Wendy Gatzke (50)
Cyndi Slothower
Cathy Miller
Leslie Alexander
Great idea.
Patricia Bowman
Jo Miller
I would love to do 50 - but am only committing to make 1. It’s time our government started listening to the people and not corporations!
Sherry Sculley
Wonderful idea
Ze daLuz
probably knitted but might be patchwork
Laura Allen (2)
Pieced fabric square
Linda Silber
I'll help! Great message!
Mary Thomas
Patricia Brown
Wonderful project
Mary Szymkowski
Ana Conceicao (2)
Anne Parlier (2)
Together we can build a kind and thriving nation, one stitch at a time
Katherine Cermeno
Dina Jeannotte
Politics can be a noble profession
Jean Geroe (3)
Heidi Bock
Catherine Stebinger (4)
Marilyn Mason
Rachel Davis
June Silberman (4)
Susan Feldkamp
Count me in
Lynn Ocone (2)
Laurie Cecere
Rose Iacono
Diana Lentz
Hopefully the message will resonate with some in Congress
Shawna Timmerman (2)
Patricia Chaloux (2)
Terrific Project
Anne Shopp
Connie Kampsula
Kate Garrigan
Linda Holman Bentley
Linda Holman Bentley
Christina Adams (2)
Reo Hashimoto
Lisa Barnes (4)
Katie Walsh
Cari Roberts
Put me IN - this is a gorgeous idea and I can't wait to stitch my bit
Paulette Martin (2)
I would love to help bring unity to the governing body of our country.
Karen I'm Ratliff
Tisha Nagel
Shari Harrison (2)
Looking forward to seeing all the blocks!
Jan Caruso (4)
Erika Nickens
Lynn Hodge (3)
Sarah Monego (4)
Joan Klaski (2)
Happy to be part of this project.
Carol Kozelka
We need to work toward common goals, not against each other.
christy puetz
Elizabeth Bernstein
Gwen Victor
roberta vinkhuyzen
Catherine Cusick
Gloria Denton (2)
Hannah Allen (2)
Love this idea!
Laura Martin
Camilla Titterington (2)
I have materials from Stitch time at Changing Hands
Stacy Corbin (2)
Lisa Bechtel (10)
Peggy Titterington
Dina Newbert (2)
Happy to join this worthwhile cause!
Rachel Smith (2)
Stephanie Wright
Cindy Vrtis
Janet Williams (2)
Jan Mostrom
Carrie Wikle
Debra Pelkey (3)
I love creating for a cause.
Mary Logue
I'll start here.
Cathy Erpelding
Angela Myers
Meixin Zhong
Cathy Donnelly
Suzanne Hall
Sandy Pirdy
Rita Dickinson (3)
Allie Peet
Will start with 1 and see if can get to more; crochet
Patricia Coleman (4)
Dressler Parsons (2)
Cindy Nguyen
Lois Weaver (4)
Nancy Williamson (3)
Let’s do this!
Lora Riordan
Ann Coons
Amy Raichert
I would like to start with commuting to one square then maybe more ,)
Janet Scott
Suzy Bickers
Kathleen Arola-Johnson
Andrea Dickens (3)
Joan Gleckler
Annie Steinmetz (3)
Just 8x8 and yet a voice. Be heard.
Vicki Donkersley
Janet Vickers (2)
In memory of Democrat mom; in honor of Republican dad!
Virginia Mahoney (3)
Henrietta Ballinger (4)
Nancy Intermill
Angie Winter
Martha Fullenkamp
Robin Smith
Becky Jalbrzikowski
Kathryn McGuire
What a great project for ALL!
Pat Black
Géraldine Gyger
Marian Crane (5)
Every fiber artist should do this
Polley McClure
Jane Clay
MaryAnn Guilinger
Karen Marek (10)
Mel Huapaya
Mary Anne OMalley (2)
Happy to help!
Nancy Gehrig (2)
Maureen Lardie
Kay Radwanski
Janet Clemens
Happy to be a part of uniting our people
DeeDee Lichtenberg-Scanlan (2)
It is essential that we come together, what better way to illustrate our commitment than through the arts!
Marcia Steil
Weaving for civility in discourse!
Jacki Orr
Victoria Smith Amos
Texture and Color
Lyn Falcone
Carmen Dickinson
Kelli Kirk
Robin McKay
Excited to be a part....mine will be a machine pieced quilt block.
Terry Brandenburg
Ellen Icochea (2)
Brilliant idea!
Robin Trick
Ann Flaherty (2)
Great project. I’m happy to participate.
Jean-Sophie Wood (3)
Tina Wood
Marsha Rhoads (2)
Allison Billie (3)
Kim Billie (3)
Carol Cinquini
Hilda Tavares (2)
Bring us together One Stich at a time
Hiro Cooper (2)
I would be thrilled to participate!
Rebecca Ogle
Zev & Leslie Vitanza (2)
For my 11 year old son and myself
Kristen Hammonds
From Curtis and Toni
Rachel Bechdolt (3)
Thank you for putting this together, Ann! So amazing!
Catherine Cusick (2)
Pamela Macey
American Violet Values
Lorraine Sanner (5)
Diane Burns
This is a wonderful idea to send the message to our elected official to unite, respect and govern as our early establishers of this nation meant it to do.
Kay Radwanski (4)
Bringing total to 5 (PHD)
Natalie Greene (2)
Susan King
Kristen Riordan
Angie Winter
Karin Patrick (2)
Anonymous please
Lena Albrecht
Nancy Smothergill (3)
callie floor (3)
Lu Fiskin-Ross (2)
Deborah Sussman
FlyPaper Stitch-In
Amy Silverman
FlyPaper Stitch-In
Lauren Gilger
Carolyn Hoffman (2)
Margie Henry
Jane Bromberg (2)
Mia Jessie
Barbara McCulla (2)
More purple please!
Carolyn Borwick (3)
Pat Ross
Judy Chaffee (4)
Nicole Kearns (2)
Rachel Parris (5)
Ann Keenan (2)
Susan Allred Prosser (2)
Erin Dover
Nancy Marshall
Solano Sisters
Maureen Craddock (2)
Danny Gonsowski (3)
Mary Geri
Susan Manson
Mary Mattlage (4)
Christine Cassano
Sharon Ponce (5)
Crocket Squares
Lorrie Pena
Adrienne Larsen
Mary Geri (4)
College Hill United Methodist (12)
Shelley Rothgeb (2)
MCC Class
Sarah Wolff (4)
Sarah Westrick (2)
Carol Fletcher
Evans Fletcher
Beatrice Cook
Jan Mostrom (2)
I'm adding two more to the one I already signed up for.
Maureen Cowen (2)
We shall overcome and understand our differences, so we can work together for the well being of everyone.
Debra Everett (2)
MCC Textiles
Heather Kirschner (2)
MCC Textiles
Cindy Foley
Mary Kiteley
Common good requires compromise on both sides.
C Colladay (2)
second sign up
Rae Gold
Riley Barry (2)
MCC Textiles
Mary Karren-Landry (3)
Hope Alcorn
Margaret Batko
tapestry weaving
Lisa Kahler (2)
Ann Leiboh
Karen Riley
Holly Cluff (2)
Donna Reiner (20)
I'm still on a roll so 20 more tags should do it.
Nancy Marshall
second sign up
Stephanie Abney (2)
MCC Textiles
Rachael Lyn (2)
MCC Textiles

Stacks A and B - Ten Squares (154)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for ten squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 10. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Nann Phoenixx-Dawn
Terri Baker
Kimberly Beecher
Candace Wilkinson
Nan Kapetanovic
Susan Scheck
Barclay Schraff
Beth Gagne
Let’s bring civility back in fashion.
Megan McGarry
Pat Ross
Kristen Pfaff
Wendy Raisanen
Susan Allred Prosser
Barb Marler
Looking forward to seeing this completed project in Phoenix!
Pat Headlee
barbara crisp
Donna Reiner
Patty Keasey
Laura Namerow
Nancy Nakamoto
Miriam Otte
Roberta Hancock
Kathy Weber
Heather Kirschner
Marla Hattabaugh
Gayle Timmerman
Holding our democracy close to all our hearts.
Roxie May
Debra Everett
Jonna Goreham
Out of many, One
Anna D’Amore
Happy to be a part of this project!
Deborah Elven-Snyder
judith rickard
I'd like to make 10 squares
Linda Shinn
I'll be weaving squares.
Becky Wall
Margaret Christian
Maybe now the American Public can win for a change.
Joan Van Velsor
Country over party, please
Sandy Rouleau
Trudy Barker
Cristina Price
Karen Moss
I believe in this project. These are simple human rights that all human beings should aspire.
Del Walker
I can do more if needed
Sarah McNaull
Maggie DeCook
I really like it. It seems super fun.
Delinda Korrey McDowell
A powerful symbol! Thank you for this.
Kristen Walsh
We are begging for unity, harmony and the ability to listen thoughtfully AND consider one anothers view.
Carol Morton
Thank you for this opportunity!
Janna Silvia
Jen Broemel
Linda Van Citters
Love this art + activism!
Samantha Fischer
Happy to be involved in this!
Doerte Weber
Linda Engstrom
Cynthia Clark
Sandra Bondy
Let’s review our core Values.
Marty Cox
CA Breslin
I love this idea
Susan Arefi
Nancy Nonini (4)
I love this idea. I have shared this with many people. Several people from my weaving group will be helping to make these squares.
Susan Hoppough
Jeanne Cunliffe
Johanna Kosik
Monique Himy
Mona Richardson
Hank Tusinski
Kathy McAndrews
kathleen sweet
Janet Lockwood (2)
Sarah Fader
Love this project
Lisa Marusiak
Mary McMahon
thank you for your vision and your effort
Anjali Kansal-Rill
Barbara Marusiak
May make more time permitting
Kathleen Clara St. John
Maxine Norris
Alma Alvarez-Smith
Wonderful idea - power in numbers!
Sarah Kehrberg
Angela Woellmer
Lori Woods
Brenda Zimmerman
Our quilt group is making it an easy project
Lu Peters
Ruth Hasman
10 squares
Bryana Flores
Brenda Mason
Kate Morgan
I believe we can create the change our democracy needs!
Pat Kalousek
Erika Marusiak
Linda Ague
Laura Flagler
Happy to quilt for a cause!
Carrie wikander
Michelle Boyd
Thank you!
Kathryn Dalheim
I am excited to find out about this and eager to participate!
Ruth Hasman
Nora Timmerman
Suzanne Hokanson
Excited to be a part of this consciousness raising project
Sarah Bodney
First five done YAY Now I’m back for 10 more!
Robbyn Perkins
Excited to contribute!
Hank Tusinski (2)
Elaine Conroy
Elizabeth Schutte
Elizabeth Schutte
Kris Floor
Linda Ague
Second sign up, total now 20 (PHD)
Lynn Hicks
Donna Connery
Jane Bernauer
Bravo to this! Thank you for the opportunity!
Joan Delony
Barbara Rosenthal
I will make 20+. I already have 13 completed.
Rachel Bye
Vicki Gerton (2)
Kathleen Johnson
This is a great idea!
Cynthia Pendergrast
Amy Parsons
Jocelyn Huerta (2)
Jasmin Moore
Marie Trout
Kayla Copeland
Maureen Towne
Lindsay Sills
Camilla Titterington
Thank you! Great project idea.
Deb Anstine
Lorrie Koelbel
Beth Norris
second sign up
Carol Sanger (2)
Elyse Guerena
Jean Johnson
Great idea!
Carol Vardeman
Jessica Goreham-Voss
Kristen Wagner
Jessica Tehan
Judy Rickard (2)
second sign up
Donna Reiner
second sign up
Becky Fasulo
Betsy Hildebrand
Linda Shinn (2)
Kathy York
Tane Clark
send me the packet!
Marla Hattabaugh
second sign up
Diane Ostdiek
Count me in, we need to pull together.
Kitty Spangler
Blending together as one love
Ruth Hasman
Mary Towner
Diane Cole
Holly Bell
Thanks to my beautiful daughter for alerting me to this opportunity!

Stacks A and B - Twenty-Five Squares (35)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for 25 squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 25. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Jeanne Vaver
Thank-you for this project that allows me to creatively express my concern for the future of the United States of America.
Stephene Goode
I want to contribute to this project. Somehow our voices may be heard.
L. A. Leonard
Jessica Dickinson
Make a Difference
Nancy Dallett
Will commit to 25 now and hope to increase later
Allison Ringness
So excited to take part!
Eliana Blue
Nancy Hornyak (4)
Jane Canby
Wendy Maynard
A great way to show our unity in purpose and diversity in our expression of it
Emilee Delbridge
Creativity is a great way to funnel energy & have a voice!
Sally Manke
Common Threads Quilt Guild in Bear Lake, MI will use this as our April Project. We are signing up for 25 but can add to that.
Lucy McIver
Northfield Yarn
Thank you for this opportunity to express our concern creatively!
Peggy Titterington
making with friends
Carole Schupp
Joint project-Desert Heritage Church Women
Cattryn Somers
Margarita Cabrera
Tammie Peterson
Desert Mountain Service Unit, GSDSW
Jenifer Stern
Linda Callahan
Lovely idea. Happy to do this.
Jacquie Gering
Susan Bossert
Clare Verstegen
Frances Holliday Alford
Tove Sondergaard
Audrey Good
Maria Lizama
Yoana Gonzalez
Lynn Droege
Kathy Ogren
Lu Peters

Stacks A and B - Fifty Squares (13)

You can sign up for multiples of this quantity. But, if you intend to sign up for 50 squares, mark "1" in the quantity box - meaning 1 group of 50. DEADLINE FOR FINISHED SQUARES IS NOVEMBER 15, 2020

All slots filled
Brooke Heuts
Sign Me Up!
Susan Williams
Let's Do This!
Marlynn Persiani
Excited to be a part of this project!
Maggy Rozycki Hiltner
Holly Henninger
Lacasa Michelena
Loren Dann
Sherry Boram
Deborah Elven-Snyder
I love what this project is about!
Janet de Berge Lange
Catherine Cross Tsintzos
One group of 50. Please make sure to note that I am from Greensboro, NC. I am a NC artist. Thank you. I am not in Florida year round. Perhaps 25 squares could be for NC and 25 for FL. Thank you. I appreciate your time with this request.
Jane Canby
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