Davis High School Track and Field

2018 DHS Track & Field: End of Season Banquet and Awards Ceremony

Please join us for a royal banquet!  It's time to celebrate the incredible success of the 2018 DHS Track and Field athletes and coaches!

What?  A Festive Potluck

When? Sunday, June 3rd at 5:00 pm

Where? Holmes Jr. High , MPR

All families are welcome and should wear regal attire!  Sign up to bring a dish to share with others. Please bring serving utensils and label all dishes with food ingredients and your name if the container is not disposable. 

Please field questions to Joy at [email protected]

Date: 06/03/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 5:00pm PDT

Location: Holmes Jr. High MPR

Created by:   Spencer Elliott

Will you be attending the event?
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Set Up Crew (4:00 PM) (6)
  All slots filled
Heather Lybbert
Kate Sumner (2)
Phoebe Pansoy
Juan Zarate
Owen Dulcich
Clean Up Crew (10) - Many hands make light work!
  All slots filled
Sylus Krall (2)
Selby Anderson
Juan Zarate (3)
James Sachs
Maggie Vazquez
James Brunette
Shannon Perry
Main Dish (Including serving utensils) (25) - Enough to serve 10-12 people. Please label food ingredients and bring home dish at end of the night.
  All slots filled
Laurie & Scott Carney
Tri tip
Ruthie Mitchell
Kyle Henricson
kathy eastham
Mac n cheese
Katie Borowsky
Pulled pork sliders
Jessica Bennett
Gabe Lee
Sean Gallagher
Katie Blakewell
Pasta dish
Xavier Chambers
Stromboli- veg and meat
Judi Vallero
I will bring pulled pork with tortillas.
stephanie rubinstein
Vivian Lee
Pasta w pesto
Simen Guttormsen
Owen Dulcich
Ana Fenton
Shay Hawkes
Shawn Seyk
Brad Winsor
Lisa Lengtat
Vanessa Sorkin
pot of fettucine alfredo
Elizabeth Ewens
Rick Harper
Jeofre Strandhagen
Kavi McKinney
Sides (Including serving utensils) (20) - Rice, grains, vegetables, baked beans, etc... Enough to serve 10-12 people. Please label food ingredients and bring home dish at end of the night.
  All slots filled
Ellie Paige
Ty Wilkinson
Annie Cui
Shannon Perry
Grilled veggies
Sita Seng
Shelley Dunning (2)
Sarah Carney
Girlie Uriarte
500 pcs LUMPIA
Annie Mitchell
Mason Garcia
Catherine Nguyen
Tyler Venner
Allison Ayers
Adam Lovitt
Ashley Marcheschi
Julie DeJong
Abby Johnson
Green salad
Sophie John
Starla Bennett
Salads (Including serving utensils) (20) - Fruit, green, pasta, potato, etc... Enough to serve 10-12 people. Please label food ingredients and take home dish at the end of the night.
  All slots filled
Jayce Tracanna
Isabella Campos
Delinda Nicolet
Laurie & Scott Carney
Quinoa salad
Carrie Ziser
bean salad
Sophia Leamy
Fruit Salad
Diane Layman
Sophie Lodigiani
Maya Tangaan
Haley Wienker
Anna McSorley
Elena Siemens
Abby Lo
Luke Mangney
linda falk
Juju Miyamoto
fruit salad
Katie Blakewell
Chad Fisk
Dahlia Kraus
Elizabeth Young
Dessert (20) - Individual desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc... Enough to serve 10-12 people. Please label food ingredients if home made.
  All slots filled
Julie Cole-Marie
Emma Carney
Lily Gieschen
Mia Di Genova
Liam Reeve
I got them cupcakes
Tony Gonzalez
Tazio Rosenberg
Stephanie Nguyen
chocolate dipped fruit
Rebecca Brunette (4)
Cecile Umphress
Tommy Aquino
Sylus Krall
Webb Johnson
Talullah Manghise
Iason Pitsillides
Jennifer Selwyn
Nika Edson
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lemonade cooler (5 gallon) (3) - 5 Gallon cooler lemonade and ice
  All slots filled
Gabi Caceres
Cooler with ice
erin benedict
Gracie Sachs
Water cooler (5 gallon) (3) - 5 Gallon cooler Water and Ice
  2 of 3 slots filled
Juan Zarate
Gabi Caceres
Cooler with ice
5 crowns or tiaras (10) - Please deliver to 764 Elmwood by Friday, June 1st
  9 of 10 slots filled
Catherine Nguyen
Henna Sandhu
Ryan Hakl
Adam Brugger (3)
5 tiaras, 12 crowns
Katie Blakewell (3)
2 doz crowns; 1 doz tiaras
50 white balloons - Please deliver to Holmes at 4 pm the day of the event
Joy Klineberg
50 blue balloons - Please deliver to Holmes at 4 pm the day of the event
Joy Klineberg
50 plastic cups, utensils, plates and napkins (5) - Please deliver to Holmes at 4 pm the day of the event
  All slots filled
Aaron Margolis
Aidan Doms
Addie Moffatt
Jasmine Lautzenheiser
Jamie Moddelmog
Set of 12 plastic serving utensils (3) - Large spoons, tongs, etc. available on amazon or at dollar store
  All slots filled
Jade Lundy
Micah Boughton (2)
Responses:     Yes: 131     No: 3     Maybe: 3     No Response: 316

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 288     Maybe: 5

YES (131) -  

Travis Cosgrave (1 guest)

Malcolm O'Keeffe (3 guests)

Lucy Roberts (2 guests)

Teddy Oldham (1 guest)

Elizabeth Young (3 guests)

Catherine Chow (3 guests)

Christine Bowlus (1 guest)

Nika Edson (4 guests)

Shannon Perry (3 guests)

Kavi McKinney (1 guest)

Jeofre Strandhagen (5 guests)

Lori Benedict (1 guest)

Amanda Arendt (1 guest)

Jennifer Selwyn (2 guests)
Judy McGann and Chris McGann will be attending.

Iason Pitsillides (1 guest)

Talullah Manghise (2 guests)

Webb Johnson (3 guests)

Rick Harper (1 guest)

Laura Young (1 guest)

Ali Ali (1 guest)

Elizabeth Ewens (3 guests)

Tommy Aquino (4 guests)

Vanessa Sorkin (3 guests)

Lisa Lengtat (3 guests)

Brad Winsor (3 guests)

Gracie Sachs (2 guests)

erin benedict (1 guest)

James Brunette (3 guests)

Maggie Vazquez (1 guest)

Maggie Vazquez (1 guest)

Franco Sanchez (1 guest)

Shawn Seyk (5 guests)

Joy Klineberg (2 guests)

James Sachs (1 guest)

Ana Fenton (3 guests)

Owen Dulcich (4 guests)

Starla Bennett (4 guests)

Sophie John (2 guests)

Simen Guttormsen (6 guests)

Vivian Lee (4 guests)

Abby Johnson (1 guest)

Julie DeJong (1 guest)

Ally Yoo (1 guest)

Ashley Marcheschi (3 guests)

Jim Seibert (3 guests)
Isaac Seibert + mom and dad

Dahlia Kraus (1 guest)

Gabi Caceres (2 guests)

Chad Fisk (2 guests)

Adam Lovitt (1 guest)

stephanie rubinstein (2 guests)

Allison Ayers (3 guests)

Judi Vallero (4 guests)

Bruna Menezes (2 guests)

Jamie Moddelmog (2 guests)

Xavier Chambers (1 guest)

Katie Blakewell (4 guests)

Sophia Chong (1 guest)

Juju Miyamoto (2 guests)

Tyler Venner (3 guests)

Juan Zarate (3 guests)
Luis included

Tai Hackett (1 guest)

Adam Brugger (1 guest)

Selby Anderson (3 guests)

Phoebe Pansoy (1 guest)

Sylus Krall (4 guests)

Sean Gallagher (3 guests)

linda falk (2 guests)

Coach Lon Payne (1 guest)

Luke Mangney (2 guests)

Henna Sandhu (1 guest)

Abby Lo (3 guests)

Arvind Ramakrishnan (3 guests)

Elena Siemens (3 guests)

Jasmine Lautzenheiser (1 guest)

Gabe Lee (1 guest)

Anna McSorley (1 guest)

Catherine Nguyen (1 guest)

Catherine Nguyen (1 guest)

Taylor Robben (1 guest)

Michelle McKim (3 guests)
Will be there for second half due to scheduling conflict

Mason Garcia (4 guests)

Azalea Morris (1 guest)

Haley Wienker (3 guests)

Shay Hawkes (3 guests)

Harrison Lam (1 guest)

Micah Boughton (1 guest)

Nick Greaves (1 guest)

Jade Lundy (2 guests)

Carolee Gregg (3 guests)

Annie Mitchell (1 guest)

Tim Groth (1 guest)

Maya Tangaan (3 guests)

Rosanna Chapman (1 guest)

Sophie Lodigiani (3 guests)

Jessica Bennett (4 guests)

Kate Sumner (1 guest)

Caitlyn Schelp (1 guest)

Girlie Uriarte (2 guests)
Miguel & Mathew Uriarte

Katie Borowsky (3 guests)

Sarah Carney (1 guest)

Shelley Dunning (4 guests)

Addie Moffatt (3 guests)

Diane Layman (6 guests)

Sita Seng (1 guest)

Sophia Leamy (2 guests)

Heather Lybbert (3 guests)

kathy eastham (2 guests)

Amna Ali (3 guests)

Shannon Perry (3 guests)

Aidan Doms (3 guests)

Kyle Henricson (4 guests)

Carrie Ziser (3 guests)

Ruthie Mitchell (4 guests)

Annie Cui (1 guest)

Stephanie Nguyen (1 guest)

Rebecca Brunette (3 guests)

Tazio Rosenberg (3 guests)

Aaron Margolis (1 guest)

Tony Gonzalez (2 guests)

Leo Urayama (1 guest)

Ty Wilkinson (3 guests)

Liam Reeve (1 guest)

Mia Di Genova (1 guest)

Lily Gieschen (3 guests)

Laurie & Scott Carney (2 guests)

Emma Carney (1 guest)

Delinda Nicolet (2 guests)

Julie Cole-Marie (3 guests)

Isabella Campos (2 guests)

Jayce Tracanna (1 guest)

Ellie Paige (1 guest)

NO (3) +  

MAYBE (3) +