St. George's Episcopal Church

Sunday Worship Service

For safety, reservations are required for in-person worship. Each Household reservation is for up to five people.  If you have more than five in your group, please make two reservations. For services in the Nave, please enter through the Narthex so we can check your reservation and help you be seated safely. 

For The Table in Legacy Hall for, please enter in the newly-constructed entry on the west side of the building and check in with an usher to confirm your reservation. Help us protect our new gym floor in Legacy Hall - shoes with sharp or pointy heels will damage the soft wood floor. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Safety Guidelines:  Before signing up, please read our Guidelines for Returning to Worship for special information, including instructions for taking Holy Eucharist and bringing children to worship.  All attendess will be asked to wear a mask and remain socially distant from those outside your household.  Children over 2 who are unable to reliably wear a mask and maintain social distancing should remain at home.  Childcare is not available. 

Questions about signing up? Please contact Claudia Taylor at [email protected] or 615-385-2150 x 218.

Date: 05/09/2021 (Sun.)

Created by:   St. George's Episcopal Church
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Location Time (CDT) Reservations
Nave  7:30am - 8:30am  

Households (80)

20 of 80 slots filled
charles grice
Jennifer Pilkington
2 adults
Mary McLaughlin
Julia Aden
Kit Lechleiter
Eliza Stubblefield
Jim Ezzell
donna kinnane
Mary Margaret Peel
john lewis
David Herberrr
sallie bailey
Liz Trabue
Nelson/ Liz Trabue
Mary Stinson
Mary and Tim
Clay Jackson
Greer Cummings
Patrick Stone
Kevin Carson
Kevin Carson
Amy Skillicorn
9:00am - 10:00am  

Households (80)

64 of 80 slots filled
Alex Kidd
Renée Conaway
Conaway - 3 people
Steve Logan
Sarah Vogel
William Sutherland
William and Kelly Sutherland
Jan Bachus
Robert Schwartz
Craig Laine
Patsy Curry
Alice Essary
Luann Daggett
Jeff Sullivan
J, Bennett, Ashley, Jeff
Karen LaMonica
Graham Meadors
Ella Redkevitch
Christina Dismukes
Don Padfield
Don Greene
Paige Menge
Jan Allison
Kristen Gallimore
4 total
Amy Harwell
Timothy Sowell
Tom Getten
Leslie Ann Wilson
The Wilsons
Gail Molen
Grace Lutz
Mary Chris Waller
David McMackin
Tyler Reedy
Sarah Puryear
Katie Agnew
hart applegate
Suann Maxwell Davis
Davis Family
Jan Callen
Charlotte Baltz
laura dale
Kellie Templin
Kelly Sutherland
Kelly Sutherland
clay caroland
Will Newman
Joey Nelson
Mark Griffin
Tim Douglas
Jennifer Orth
David Roddey
Jane Andrews
Katie Steele
Edward Playfair
Dale Allen
Reagan Saig
Larry Rogers
Elizabeth Reavis
Emily Walker
Caroline Morrison
Joe McKnight
Lucy Smith
Lucy and Rich Smith
Caroline Barr
David Barr
Nat Howry
Karie Humphrey
William Baldwin
William Baldwin
Alicia Batson
Chris Calton
THE TABLE - Legacy Hall  9:00am - 10:00am  

Households (60)

45 of 60 slots filled
Hayes Iler
Sally Smallwood
Leigh Hillenmeyer
3 people total
Katy Valesky
Larry Trabue
Henry Hillenmeyer
Larry Wells
wendy longmire
Nancy Stabell
3 ppeople
Laura Bonfiglio
Shae Uden
Charlotte Ward
Clay Bowden
Rankin McGugin
Brooke Land
Brooke Land
Sue Fisher
3 people
Patty Olstad
Caroline Nail
Matthew Jacques
Jennifer Moore
Brad thomason
Denise Yardley
3 will be attending
Emma Decker
Trisha Ambrose
Caroline McNeilly
Robert Stewart
Kate Figler
Kathy Williams
Karen Cohen
Rosemary Kew
Danny Bess
Caroline Lindsey
Lisa Littlejohn
Ashley Heren
Austin Zoradi
Greg And Karen Wilber
Eb LeMaster
Jenney Petrikin
Caroline Barr
Caroline Barr
Tripp Dearman
Seawell Brandau
Jennifer Hinds
T Hooper
Robert Levy
Aaron Fitzsimmons
Nave  11:00am - 12:00pm  

Households (80)

47 of 80 slots filled
Angela Reid
Mary Jackson
Nancie Schweikert
Leslie Overby
Madison Moquin
Emily Weaver
Patricia D’Andrea
Diana Senechal
Dave Alexander
Just me
Maureen Burton
Maureen Burton
Doug Gortner
Bill Pomy
Doris Matthews
Alan Cooper
Betty Henley
Kay Moser Spencer
Emily Kitchel Kitchel
Jim McGregor
suzanne malone
Julie Walker
Jerry Cook
William Cooper
Kav Spivey
Lea Van Cleave
Susan Trefil
claudia taylor
Betty Thackston
Betty & Ed Thackston
Claire & Larry Long
Patrick & Laura Wright
Kelli & Bo Dill
Janna Smith
Francie Logan
Logan Family
Whitney St. Pierre
Karol Hite
Sharon Smyth
Patsey Reed
LeAnne Peters
Cathy Fuqua
Anne Price
Funmi Odidi
Kemp Buntin
Linda Moore
Eric Conte-Gordon
Pamela Anderson
Laura Zabaski
Laura and Pete
Tray Hunley
Mary Tygret
Mary Tygrwt
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