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Grace Chapel Women's Community

Do You Know What I Know?

Do You Know What I Know 

3rd Annual Team Trivia Night

Thursday, December 5th, 6:30pm-8:30pm


Join us for a night of Team Trivia and optional Cookie Exchange!  

If you enjoy baking, you can opt in to the cookie exchange by bringing 3 dozen of any one kind of cookie.  We will have containers for you to take a 3 dozen variety box home with you!

Ways to build a team…

1. This is a great opportunity for a mother-daughter date if your kiddo is over the age of 10.

2. Bring the women in your small group.

3. Invite someone you’ve met on a Sunday or at another event to get to know her better.

4. Find some ladies that span the ages so that your team will be ready for questions from every generation!

*If you don’t have a team, there is always opportunity to join one yourself or with a friend.  

At least one of our categories will be Christmas themed and we want to invite you to join in the festivities!  Wear your prettiest or ugliest Christmas sweater, T-shirt, jammies, or costume!  

We want to fill your hearts with laughter and your cookie jar with cookies to start off your holidays!  

Space is limited, so sign up now! Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 12/05/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

Location: Grace Chapel Offices
9025 SW Hillman Court Suite 3130, Wilsonville, OR 97070

Created by:   Lauren Pickthorn

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Team 1 (6)
  All slots filled
Brittany Turco (3)
Emmalyn Turco, Shannon Grega
Amanda Robert
Claudia Riewald
Joni Eisenbrandt
Team 2 (6)
  All slots filled
Katie Harrington
Lisa Quaglio (3)
Jocelyn Fritzler, Rebekah Quaglio
Janet Crouch (2)
Team 3 (6)
  All slots filled
Lauren Pickthorn (6)
Lauren Pickthorn, Kaycie Graham, Elizabeth Harvey, Kim Smith, Deb Arthur, Scarlett Harvey
Team 4 (6)
  All slots filled
Janis Sanford (2)
Keely Sanford
Carrie Postma (2)
Angela Vaughn
Sherrin Landis
Team 5 (6)
  All slots filled
Jasmine Langeliers (5)
Uma Eichelt, Lauren Engelfried, McKayla Higgins, Kristin Amstrutz
Michelle Forbes
Team 6 (6)
  5 of 6 slots filled
Beth Hyland (5)
Beth Hyland, Ciera Dube, Julie Gerdes, Abbi Bertalotto, Kristen Meuser
Team 7 (6)
  All slots filled
Bernadette Tatlock (6)
Carol Schwein, Jaelyn Schwein, Marina Mitchell, Shelly Hartenstein, Abi Hartenstein
Team 8 (6)
  All slots filled
Megan Florio (2)
Lori Schutt
Tabatha Braden (3)
Whitney Mabry
Team 9 (6)
  All slots filled
Melissa Nichols (6)
Team 10 (6)
  All slots filled
Megan McCourt
Amanda Jones
Reegan Whelchel
Maureen Jones (2)
Lyn Whelchel
Kate McCourt
Team 11 (6)
  All slots filled
Rachel Brandt
Emma Weaver (2)
Hailey Gonnerman
Kaelan Rasmussen
Jennifer White (2)
Something came up and we needed to cancel.
Team 12 (6)
  All slots filled
Faye Walstead Keelan (6)
Lisa, Sophie, McKayla, Jenny and one more
Team 13 (6)
  5 of 6 slots filled
Sarah Hagan (3)
Lindsay Victoria
Angela Rose (2)
Team 14 (6)
  All slots filled
AnnaBeth Samples
Jamie Bennett (2)
Lizzy Stice
Diana Tatlock
Teresa Hunt
Cassie Diamond
Team 15 (6)
Responses:     Yes: 35     No: 3     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 79     Maybe: 0

YES (35) -  

Cassie Diamond (1 guest)

Teresa Hunt (1 guest)

Angela Vaughn (1 guest)

Tabatha Braden (3 guests)

Michelle Forbes (1 guest)

Sarah Hagan (3 guests)

Whitney Mabry (1 guest)

Sherrin Landis (1 guest)

Faye Walstead Keelan (6 guests)

Diana Tatlock (1 guest)

Kate McCourt (1 guest)

Jamie Bennett (2 guests)

AnnaBeth Samples (1 guest)

Kaelan Rasmussen (1 guest)

Joni Eisenbrandt (1 guest)

Bernadette Tatlock (6 guests)

Angela Rose (2 guests)

Claudia Riewald (1 guest)

Megan Florio (2 guests)

Rachel Brandt (1 guest)

Maureen Jones (3 guests)

Emma Weaver (2 guests)

Reegan Whelchel (1 guest)

Amanda Jones (1 guest)

Melissa Nichols (7 guests)

Beth Hyland (5 guests)

Lisa Quaglio (3 guests)

Amanda Robert (1 guest)

Megan McCourt (1 guest)

Janis Sanford (2 guests)

Carrie Postma (2 guests)

Jasmine Langeliers (5 guests)

Lauren Pickthorn (6 guests)

Katie Harrington (1 guest)

Brittany Turco (2 guests)

NO (3) +  

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