APS Initiatives for the International Year of Plant Health

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Plant Health to Combat World Hunger (January)

4 slots filled - more available
Suresh L.M
Arrange a visit to Partners to provide an opportunity to understand how disease resistant hybrids are identified and developed
Sarkal Jyakhwo
Use of eco friendly measures to combat pest
Prashant Singh
Green Vaccination: Smart Plant Health Care for Human Welfare
Fernando Garcia-Bastidas
Stronger bananas and cooking bananas against devastating plant diseases.

Healthy Plants for Healthy Humans (February)

4 slots filled - more available
Suresh L.M
Explain the partners to understand the importance of disease diagnosis and producing disease free seeds
Sarkal Jyakhwo
Use of inter cropping for minimizing impact of pest
Rajan Paudel
Arrange a class in the department for the Undergradutate students to talk about International year of plant health and deliver a lecture on healty plants for healthy humans.
Nicole Donofrio
February - May, University of Delaware's Plant and Soil Science several faculty and the Chair will host one event per month to bring attention to the importance of plants, college and campus-wide

Plant Health for Sustainable Forests (March)

1 slot filled - more available
Isabel Munck
Explain to our partners Threats to our Forests: Emerging Pests, Pathogens and Climate Change, Forest Fires

Plant Health for a Healthy Planet (April)

9 slots filled - more available
Perpetua Ipulet (7)
All year round plant health activities
Felix Moronta
Agricultural biodiversity
Sarkal Jyakhwo
Impact of using bio fertilizers and bio pesticides in production of safe food for all

Plant Health and Bugs (May)

2 slots filled - more available
tina smith
Give a presentation on the importance of quarantines in controlling insects of regulatory concern
Sarkal Jyakhwo
Identification and raising awareness among farmers and people

Plant Health for Urban Gardens/Plant Health in Your Backyard (June)

1 slot filled - more available
Madison Cartwright
Plant Disease Diagnostics: The Unseen Hero

Healthy Plants and Your Kitchen Table (August)

1 slot filled - more available
Felix Moronta

Plant Health in a Changing Climate (September)

2 slots filled - more available
Felix Moronta
Precision breeding toward abiotioc stress resistant cultivars
Suresh L.M
To provide an opportunity to stake holders how emerging transboundary viral disease can be managed

Technological Advances for Plant Health (October)

1 slot filled - more available
Felix Moronta
Genome editing, RNA-based plant protectors

Plant Health and Treasure Troves from the Past (November)

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