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Project Hawai'i, Inc

Transitional Housing Project ~ Big Island

Mahalo for your interest in helping with this amazing transitional housing project!! Project Hawai’i, Inc. has been dreaming of this vision and finally it is coming to life!! We are so excited to be able to provide our homeless families with the opportunity to escape their cycle of poverty and enter to owning a home of their own someday!

For reference this is the overview of our homes:

  • House One: 3 bedroom with large living room, dinning area, kitchen and bath with tub. Purpose to house a larger family with children.
  • House Two: 2 bedroom, large kitchen/dinning area and bathroom with a shower for elderly/handicap use.
  • House one and two are going to be turned from one large home to a duplex.
  • House Three: Larger 3 bedroom (could be made to a 4 bedroom), large living room and dinning area, kitchen and bath. This is to be used for our larger families.

Below is the list of materials we need to rehab our houses! We are working on providing 3 large family size homes and a home for our kupuna. We have secured the property with 3 homes to rehab and raised a bit over $30,000 towards the needed material budget of $90,000.00 

Please look over the list of needed materials you would like to sponsor and or help us secure donations from local businesses. 

A great way to help us reach our goals is to start a social media fundraiser with us. (we set you up with the goal chart page and what you are raising funds to purchase for our project)


Created by:   Project Hawai'i, Inc
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Available Slot

12 sets of Sand Paper and Sand Blocks

Used to sand the kitchen cupboards for painting (needs to hand sand due to the volunteers ages)


5 Hammers


Bathroom Door (house one)

78 x 24


Bathroom Shower Tiles (House one)

Area of tile area is 2.6ft x 5.3 tall side wall | Back wall 5ft long x 5.3 tall


Bathroom Sink/Vanity/Fixtures (house one)

We are open to any options, currently there is a built in 3.6 ft long x 22 inches wide

Vince Kimura
i have toilets, lavatory sinks, faucets, and supplies to donate.

Bathroom Window (house 2)

2.5 x 2.2 opening and window trim wood


Bathroom window (house one)

3.2 ft x 16 inches


Bedroom 1 Windows (house one)

2 3.2 x 3.2 windows and trim wood (can be slightly different size as we can make the trim larger if needed)


Bedroom 2 Paint (house 2)

2 gallons of light or white paint


Bedroom Doors (House One) (3)

30 x 78 and door knobs please


Bedroom One & Two Door (house 2) (2)

80 x 30


Carpet Bedroom 2 (house one)

10 x 12 carpet area (dark color preferred)


Carpet Tack strips (house 2)

2 sets 20f x 13.5ft | 2 sets 11.9 x 13.5


Ceiling Fan w/light for Living Room (house one)


Ceiling Sheet Rock (house 2)

34 x 10 = 340 sq ft.


Ceiling/Sheet Rock Bedroom two (house 2)

130 squ foot room


Concrete Work/Drive/Elderly Walk path

Need form/leveling/ etc.. the whole job.


Dust Mask/Construction Grade (sanding/painting) (10)

1 of 10 slots filled
Vince Kimura
i have moldex and 3m dust respirators.

Emergency First Aid Kits /OSHA Style (2)


Entry door (house 2)


Flat Hoe (garden style) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Vince Kimura
i have corona brand hoes.

Flooring Bathroom (house one)

Tile or Laminate squares? 10.1 long x 2.5 wide/ 3.5 x 3.5 ft for toilet area = 37.5 square feet


Flooring for Kitchen (house two)

Laminate or Squares 34f (long) x 10f (wide)


Flooring Plywood for Bathroom (house one)

3 sheets of 4 x 8


Fridge (house one)

any size/style welcome


Hallway carpet connected to Living Room (house one)

16.6 x 2.9 needs to match living room color carpet dark colors


Hand Sanding Supplies for entire exterior of house 3

We need to hand sand due to the volunteers ages, so blocks and paper


Kitchen Counter Top (house 2)

We are designing and open to 6ft-9ft options


Kitchen Counter Top (house one)

approx 8 ft depending on the sink opening by 2ft.


Kitchen cupboards (house 2)

Open to 6ft -9ft below counter top


Kitchen Cupboards (House One)

Above Stove Hanging/ 9 ft (Can be less)


Kitchen Cupboards (house one)

Under counter/sink area 8ft x 2ft


Kitchen Flooring (house 2)

open to laminate or wood 34 ft x 10 ft =340 sq ft


Kitchen Flooring (House One) 169.2 sq ft.

Preferred wood flooring


Kitchen Fridge (house 2)


Kitchen paint for cupboards (house one)

5 gallons of paint.... we are open to a light color or white


Kitchen Porch steps /Hand Rail (house one)

6 steps 1 ft x 4.2 ft | Hand railing 38.64 ft 2 x 4's | 18. 4 ft 4x2's or uncut to


Kitchen Porch/Entry area (house one)

15.2 sq ft 2 x 4 wood for porch landing (3.6 x 4.2 area)


Kitchen Sink/Facets (house 2)

open to size


Kitchen Sink/Hardware (house one)

We are have to create from scratch, so any size is fine


Kitchen Stove (house 2)



Kitchen Window (house one) (2)

2.11 ft x 1.4 ft. and need wood trim


Kitchen Window (house one)

3.2 ft x 3.2 ft plus window case/wood trim


Kitchen Windows (house 2)

3 windows size is open (we have large openings in the area)


Living Room Carpet (house one)

12.8 x 13.5 and padding (dark color)


Living Room Entry home door (house one)

This is a project.. we need 4 plywood/siding sheets, a front door and a porch built... still working on details


Living Room/Bedrooms carpet (house 2)

430.65 sq foot carpet (darker colors preferred) and padding


Lumber/Frame of adding a room (house 2)

The room is going to be 10fx13f on cement slab with two existing walls. High volted ceilings


Nails (house one and two)

we need to build frame/flooring/ and hanging panel walls/ trim...


Paint for Bathroom (house one)

2 gallons preferred mildew resistance or outdoor paint (open to any color.. needs to match tile)


Paint for Exterior House (house 3)

5 gallons (open to color)


Paint for Kitchen (house one)

3 gallons of paint (preferably white or lighter color)


Paint for Porch/Steps (house one Kitchen entry)

2 gallons outdoor paint (blue if poss)/ 2 paintbrushes/2 trays/ Sandpaper


Paint for Porch/Steps/ (house one)

2 gallons of blue paint/2 paint brushes/tray or buckets/ sandpaper


Paint Supplies

5 Rollers. /10 Replacements \ 5 Roller Trays \Replacement Trays


Patch Filler for holes in the floor in bedroom (house 1)

we have some holes that could be patched/verse replacing subfloor


Picks (2)

to take up rooted tree/etc


Plywood for exterior walls

5 4 x 8 sheets


Rental/USE of Tools

Cement Mixer


Rental/Use of Tools

Cement Nailer to secure new room additions on the concrete slab


Rental/Use of Tools Table Saw/Chop Saw for lumber


Roofing (house 2)

12 sheet at 36 ft long / roofing screws


Sheet Rock or Wood Paneling for interior (house 2)

561 square feet / 12 foot ceiling to 10 foot ceiling decline


Shower Installment -(house 2)

We need a senior friendly built in with a bench and hand rail.


Shower Piping \Fixtures (house 2)

We are installing a brand new bathroom in this home, so need the pipes/fiixtures


Shower Room addition Frame/walls (house 2)

9 ft x 4.1ft. We need walls to accommodate the shower build/platform to put plumbing under as it is on cement slab. Using two existing walls


Sink for bathroom (house 2)

Small sink /vanity 20 in -24 in max


Staircase (house 3) (2)

12 ft long x 2 x 8 for staircase


Staircase for entry (house 3)

96 ft of 2 x 4 = 12 stairs with 2 4ft 2x4's


Staircase Railing (house 3)

12 foot 2 x 4 | 6 4 ft 2x4's


Stove (propane preferably)


Tack strip for carpets (house one)

2 sets 12.8f x 13.5f | 2 sets 16.6 x 2.9


Tile Cutter

For bathroom (house one), and possible kitchen (one)


Toilet for Bathroom (house one)


Windows Bedroom 2 (house one) (2)

3.2 x 3.2 plus to the window trim wood/ or we can change the size and add trim


Windows Bedroom 3 (house one)

This is a 6ft opening with two windows, can split or change size with window trim


Windows Bedroom One (house 2) (4)

32in x 30in These are actually 60 inch opening with split windows and we need the trim wood


Work Gloves (20)

All sizes Woman and Men sizes


mens tool belts (2)


Womans tool belt


Nail Pullers (3)

We are trying to save as much as we can to reuse the wood


Tools to remove trim... chiselers ? (3)

Trying to save as much as we can to save costs

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