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Earth Day of DU-ing

Earth Day 2019 is fast approaching! We think Earth Day is a great time to rally people to do something impactful for their community. The University of Denver Center for Sustainability, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, and the Metro Denver Nature Alliance have paired up to create an awesome opportunity to do just this - and we want your help! Sign up below to volunteer with any of our amazing community partners to make a real difference in our city this Earth Day!!

Join us for a kick-off breakfast where you will receive your t-shirt, meet up with you project Team Captain, and get stoked for the day - 9AM on Carnegie Green. After a day of hard work, join us for a casual come-and-go happy hour at Kaos Pizzaria from 3-6PM.

Date: 04/19/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm MDT

Created by:   Emily Schosid
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Available Slot

Bridge Community Garden Spring Prep (12)

In order to get the DU Community Garden ready for planting season, we need help with mulching, weeding, and other projects. Wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty!

All slots filled
Jenny Bowers
I can be there from 10-noon.
Hyo Jung Kim
I can be there from 10 to noon.
Jason Duncan
Charlotte Vieth
I can be there 12-2
Lauren Moak
Available from 12-2
Holden Sandstrom
Liza Strom
Samantha Kelly
i can be there from 12-2
Ariadne Katsaris
im available 1-2
Jasmine Safavieh
I can be there from 1-2
Ray Cober
Daniel Volin
I can be there from 10-12

Cigarette Butt Safari with The Butt Bank (20)

Let’s hit the Downtown Denver Streets for a Cig Butt Collection Safari! Dress up as your favorite animal, or bring out your khakis, and join us this Earth Day for a bit of fun and activism! We will take the light rail to our starting point, Union Station

9 of 20 slots filled
Paul Ciarcia
Kelby Johnson
Amy Hilt
brian Schreckinger
Sierra Webb
Mia Kleine
class until 10am
Hugh Jeffery
Will Haworth
Clare Buckley

Community Cleanup with Westwood Unidos (30)

Westwood Unidos empowers the residents of the Westwood neighborhood to revitalize their community. We will be doing a cleanup in some alleyways, fixing a public mural, and prepping a community garden. Transportation to the site is provided.

15 of 30 slots filled
Kellyn Smith
I can be there from 10am-noon
Maryanna Brunkhorst
Yasser Aldhaidan
Longfei Wang
Abdulaziz Alhawas
Yuxiao Xia
Liyuan Chen
Jiaming Li
Hongbo Jin
Hangyu Xiao
Shuo Huang
Jiang Bian
Senyao Shao
A.J. Myers

Community Garden Build with SAME Cafe (7)

SAME Cafe is a pay-what-you-can cafe in Cap Hill dedicated to making fresh, healthy food accessible to all. Help SAME build out their community garden and get ready for planting. Located at 18th and Humboldt, we'll help coordinate transit to the site!

All slots filled
Kaela Martins
I’ll be there from 12-2 PM
Annette Calhoun
I will be there 10:00-11:30.
Jules Paul
Livvy Lokman
Lynsey Gagner
Heather Pham (2)

Denver Green School Community Farm Prep with Sprout City Farms (24)

Get the Denver Green School Community Farm ready for growing season and summer classes with our friends at Sprout City Farms. We will help to coordinate transportation to the project site, located in the Washington Virginia Vale neighborhood.

All slots filled
Sarah Sutherland
Madeline Brooks
Brent Troxell
Kate Petty
Chelsie Ruge
I will have to leave by 11:30
Allison O'Grady
Kerry Floyd
Blake Neal
Kendall Anderson
Audrey Yin
Emma Parker
Teddy White
Francisco Chacon
Ericka Bremer
Miles Dorrance
Nina Reiter
I can work 10-1
Keenan Black
T Kanchanachat
Kenzie Baker
I can work 10-1
Cole Cuttitta
Laura Morgan
Harlan Chumley
Sadie Abraham
Conor McGrane
I can work from 12-2 but I have my own transportation

Denver Rescue Mission Dinner Prep with Food Recovery Network (4/18) (2)

Food Recovery Network is a group on campus that diverts leftover food to shelters around Denver. Help prep dinner service at Denver Rescue Mission. THIS PROJECT TAKES PLACE ON THE EVENING OF THURSDAY 4/18

All slots filled
Isabel Pantoja
Shailyn Lineberry

ELC Garden Kickoff Workday (8)

Get your hands dirty and help us get our newest campus garden ready for the growing season! Located at the English Learning Center at Josephine and Asbury. Please wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty!

All slots filled
Kimberly English
I have a meeting from 10-11, but can be there 11-2.
Sam Valliere
Due to a meeting I will be available starting at 11am.
Gabby Barcenas
Due to a meeting I will be available starting at 11am.
Andrea Sullivan
Maggie Benn
Sasha Brunton
Hannah Hinds
Kayley Winkelman
Available after 12

Food Box Organizing with GrowHaus (5)

GrowHaus is a local non-profit dedicated to making fresh, healthy food more accessible in the Elyria-Swanzea neighborhood of Denver. Help us put together food boxes to be delivered to people all around the city! We will help coordinate transportation.

All slots filled
Karen Shaw
Linda Melick
Sydney Gieser
Rosi Upchurch
Gina Wegener

Garden Bed Construction and Prep with Jovial Concepts (12)

Jovial Concepts works to turn boring lawns into fruitful gardens throughout the city. Come help build new gardens and get existing ones ready for growing season! Project site is in the Barnum neighborhood, we will provide transportation to the site.

All slots filled
Rachel Taylor
Kelsey Anders
Cassie Rohlfing-Delorme
Nicole Oppenheimer
Nicky Reid
Isabelle Jeffries
Alejandra Sullivan
Megan Mosiniak
Dena Firkins
Ali Graham
Heather Pham (2)

Garden Creation at the Fisher Center at DU (6)

Do you love to get your hands dirty? Work with little kids? Help the Fisher Center at DU create 3 new garden beds in their playground area and help teach the little kids about gardening and fresh food.

All slots filled
Grace Houser
Stella Brown
Laura Braun
Alex Harper
Dorothy Hazel
I am only coming 10-12
Dajah Brooks

Garden Planting and Cleanup with Re:Vision Denver (15)

Re:Vision Denver is run by two DU alums focused on providing economic opportunity and local food to the Westwood neighborhood of Denver. Come work in the gardens to get them prepped for growing season! Transportation to the project site is provided.

All slots filled
Jacob Werle
Lucy Donovan
Nithya Ramu
Sophia Gonzalez-Mayagoitia
Alexandra Ricker
Emily Seracuse
Alexandra Janssen
Abby Leigh
Julia Nelson
Richard Rathburn
Manda Wittebort
Katherine Halterman
Lilly Stumb
can be there from 12-2
Haley Birt
Kasey Johnson

Install a Solar Array with GRID Alternatives (12)

GRID Alternatives is a national leader in helping low-income neighborhoods gain access to clean, renewable energy. Help them install a solar array and learn about the benefits of solar. We will help coordinate transit to the project site.

All slots filled
Julia Norton
I can likely be there the whole time. I might have to come after 12:30 because of SusCom
Mary Claire D''''''''''''''''Arrigo (7)
Signing up on behalf of UprisingNow
Hogan Udomah
Joshua Sheridan
Lauren Di Filippo
Jaime Hendrickson
I get out of class at 9:50 so may be a little late.

Mini Mount Trashmore with Center for Sustainability (15)

Want to get your hands dirty and help reduce waste at DU? Help us conduct a waste audit of several buildings so we can better understand how to make recycling and composting easier. No need to travel - we'll be working right here on campus!

All slots filled
Aziz Syammach
Have class from 8-12 but can make it from 12-2
Lauryn Chung
Susan Lutz
I can be there at 11:00.
Kelly Fegan
I can only work from 10-11:45
Omrae McCarty
Gillian Hardy
Nic Tarasewicz
Amanda Martinez
I'll be there for all of it -- I got work off :)
Susan Haymore
Stephenie Thorne
I’ll be there from 10-12
I can be there from 10 to 12!
Brianna Johnson
I iwll be there form 10am-11:50am
Tyler Ridgeway
Alisha Azam
Martha Bahamon

Permaculture Garden at DU (10)

Help us expand the Bridge Community Garden to include a permaculture space for exciting new gardening opportunities! Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

All slots filled
Alex Goke
I can be there 10-noon
Cate Lull
I can be there from 10-2
Megan Morrell
I can be there 1-2
Grace Braddish
I can be there from 12-2
Delaney Sanford
I can work 1-2
Caroline Higney
I can work 12-2pm
Georgia Olsen
Nathan Sirett
Emmett White
Liane Stieglitz
I'm available after 11am

Trail Cleanup with Destination Collection (30)

Come help clean the Harvard Gulch Trail just south of the DU campus with our friends at Destination Collection and Denver Parks and Rec. We will be working to ensure the trail remains a great way to get around our part of town on bike or foot.

29 of 30 slots filled
Jon Kraus (5)
2 adults, 3 kids
Nadia Czebiniak
Will have to leave at 12:30
Dora Peregrine
Caleb Barsch
Sheffield Johnson (2)
Jared Del Rosso
Not sure if I can stay for the full four hours, but I'll attend for as much I can!
Madi Bares
Will be a little late (class ends at 10) and will have to leave by 12:30
Nicole Chalupnik
Brianna Dzilvelis
Susan Harries
Katherine Haywood
Can do 11-2
Theodore Carr
Can be there from 11 AM on
Jenna Brown
I can make it from 12-2
Sam Lents
I can make it from 12-2
Aaron Butwinick
I will be there from 11:15-2:00
Demetrio Lucero
Michael Holroyd
Diego Guerrero
Charles Erickson
Will be there at 12
Brooke Austin
available from 11-1
Luke Myles
Ryan Marino
Chloe Spring
Chelsea Anderson

Waste Sorting Day with Slavens Elementary (15)

Work with the elementary students to understand recycling, composting, and waste. Spend some time sorting waste with the students and marvel at how adorable they all are! This location is bikeable from the DU campus.

All slots filled
noah mills
Seamus Geraty
Grace LaMendola
Kenna Kuhn
Will Fricker
Paige Grover
Kim Kazanowski
Megan Munson
Hyo-Hyang Carty
Kayla Fatemi
Lauren Zurcher (2)
available until 11:45
Kiersten Cimino
available until 12:00
Grace Stoughton
Esabella Irby
Will be there at 12

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