St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church Plano

Fr. Cliff's Farewell Potluck Dinner / Cena 'Coparte un Platillo' Para Despedir al Padre Cliff

Fr. Cliff's Farewell Potluck Dinner is coming up on May 17th! Please sign up to bring a dish to share, and join us for a celebratory evening as we wish Fr. Cliff the best in his retirement.  

La Cena para despedir a Padre Cliff es el 17 de Mayo. Por favor apuntese con el plato que quiere traer para compartir. 

Thinking of a farewell gift for Father Cliff? Help us with a monetary donation to send him on his ‘bucket list’ vacation, a Canadian Coast to Coast Rail Trip. Greeting card collection baskets will be available at the Parish Potluck. (Shhh, this is a secret!)  Checks should be made out directly to Father Cliff. Please note: As this is a gift, it's not conisdered a tax deductible contribution.

Date: 05/17/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:30pm CDT

Location: St Mark Parish Center
1105 W 15th St, Plano, TX 75075

Created by:   St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church
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Available Slot

Appetizers /Aperitivos (35)

12 servings

29 of 35 slots filled
Nicholas Le
50 egg rolls.
Jill White
Ham rolls (ham, cream cheese /horse radish mix)
Brenda Lloyd
60 Deviled Eggs
Debby Lasater (15)
grilled chicken legs (15)
Julius Chambers Chambers (2)
Gilberto & Iris Aguilar
Veggie Tray
Eggrolls 25 pcs
Ruby Jambalos (4)
Veggie Eggrolls (4 x12 pieces)
Janet Moos
Chippy Dippy
Sweet Chili Meatballs
Lauren Chiu
malaysia curry puff

Main Dish (Meat)/Plato de Fondo (Carnes) (35)

12 servings

33 of 35 slots filled
Harriet Brichta
Swedish meatballs
Susana Minjares
Fried chicken
Raquel Avila
I will bring baked chicken to feed 12 .
Catherine LaGreca
French Onion Chicken
Mo Nguyen
Smoked ham
Fernando & Sandra López (2)
Veronica cargo
Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti
Joann Murray
Large Baked Ham
Mary Ann Schumacher (12)
Pulled Pork
Francille Holmer
Kay Hogan
Chicken Casserole
Andy Schwitter
Pork spare ribs
Mary Ann Keiffer
Ham with Sandwich Rolls
Peter & Jane Adame (2)
Rotisserie Chicken
Cynthia Caton
Chili for 12
Karen Edsel
bucket of fried chicken
Roy Areeckal
Beef or chicken
Ana Women Group (CRSP) Vargas
Dominic Hoang
Smoked Turkey
Dominic Hoang
Smoked Turkey

Vegetable Side Dish/ Vegetales Cocidos (35)

12 servings

All slots filled
Sherry Mehring
Veggie Tray
Rosemary Armstrong
Hot vegetable dish
Bernice Lauterbach
pea salad
Catherine LaGreca
Roasted Veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes)
Kathryn Crowley
Baked Bean dish
Jo Ann Scamardo
I will bring a mixed vegetables dish.
Linda Sartor
cauliflower cheese casserole
Larry Sloan
potato or corn salad
Penny Segura (2)
Green beans
Ryan and Carrie Baula
Tomato Bruschetta
Betsy & Vincent Liberto
Irish Baked Beans
Angela Gammill
Potato Casserole
Julia DeVaney
Vegetable Salad
Ramona Broderick
Cauliflower & broccoli salad
Goebel Vaughn
rudy and Lori Profizer
pickled beets
Theresa Meyers
charro beans
Semien Stewart
pasta salad
Shelley Sweat
vegetable dish
Diane Hagan
mystery vegetable
Elizabeth Muzyka (10)
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Jan & Jerry Lenihan
Corn Souffle
john and marianne repka (2)
baked beans
Mary Kaminsky
Marinated vegetables

Side Dish ( Rice, Pasta)/ Arroz/Pasta (35)

12 servings

30 of 35 slots filled
Bill and Sandy Ptacek
Mac and Cheese
Jimmy & Mary Ann Dean
Pasta Salad
Violeta Trejo (2)
Spaghetti whit poblano sauce (not spicy)
María T & Eduardo Ugarte
Pasta Salad cucumber tomatoes feta
Vicki Dean
I’ll Bring pasta salad.
CT Bispe
Broccoli Rice Casserole
Rene & Flor De Maria Valle (18)
Chicken Flautas
Glenda Kucera
Pasta Salad
Patricia Kozuch
Cottage Cheese and bow tie noodle hot dish
PeterToan Tran & Sinh Nguyen
1 tray of fried rice for 20 serving
Charlene Johnson
Corn salad
Mary Christiansen Christiansen
Crockpot Mac& Cheese

Green Salads / Ensalada Verde (35)

12 servings

25 of 35 slots filled
Barbara Schoof (2)
Jackeline Sánchez Novoa (2)
Green salad bag
Pat Sawicki
1 green salad for 12
Nancy & Jim O'Neill
Layer Salad
Jennifer Dostalik
Cranberry Spinach Salad
Alan Hemmi
Kidney Bean Salad
kathy keenan
Spinich salad with roasted nuts and feta
Gilberto & Iris Aguilar
Romaine Mix
Diane Roberts
Mixed Salad
Joanne Bauer
broccoli slaw
Lupe Saucedo
Olive Garden salad and dressing
Lauren Lesko
Taco Salad
Semien Stewart
green salad
Ronnie Rushing
Green salad
Lorraine N
Black bean salad
Jodie French
Pasta salad
Angela Powell (4)
mixed salad
June Andringa
mixed green salad
Matt Flanagan (5)
Broccolli Coleslaw

Fruit Salads / Ensaladas de Fruta (35)

12 servings

29 of 35 slots filled
Nadya Collard
cut up fruits
Jeanette Sullivan
Fruit Tray
Florence Hogan
Mixed variety of berries
Monica Vasquez
Fruit Tray
Janette Stock
Fruit tray
Ed/Dorette Putonti
Fruit salad
Nancy Schumacher
Fruit Salad
marianne kaurich
mixed fresh fruit salad
Ada Robert
Fruit salad
Patrica Layer
Fresh fruit
Bob & Elisabeth Taquino
Fruit Ambrosia for 12
Jennifer Fossier (12)
Pistachio Ambrosia
Steve Leija
Ambrosia Fruit Salad
Alma & Memo Arevalo
Kim Anh Do
Tray of Fruit
Julie Sluder
Fruit tray
Steffany Lannoo
Montemayor Family
Nicole Smiley
Fruit and cheese tray

Bread or Rolls / Pan or Rollos (21)

12 servings

All slots filled
Nadya Collard
gluten free bread
Noreen DiDonato
French bread
Nicole Smiley
Hawaiian Rolls
Jackeline Sanchez Novoa (2)
Monica Vasquez
Marilou Hernandez
Wheat rolls
Jo Ann Scamardo
I will bring 48 Hawaiian Rolls
marianne kaurich
pan rolls
Claudia Vasquez
Vivian Torres
Gilberto & Iris Aguilar
Bag of 30 dinner rolls
Joanne Bauer
dinner rolls
Candy Butcher
dinner rolls
Joan and Jack Ternan
Some kind of rolls
Harriet Brichta
King's Hawaiian Original Dinner Roll (32)
Lilia Frank
Croissant 1 box of 24
veronica fonseca
dinner rolls
Paul Krusac
Hawaiian rolls
Yorky Garcia (2)
4 personas

Desserts /Postres (35)

12 servings

All slots filled
Anu Talreja
Nancy Bowling
Cake or Pies
Cecilia Torres
Catherine LaGreca
Carrot Cake Cheesecake
Sharon Croes
Debbie and Matt Betz
Chocolate Bundt Cake
Karen Harrington
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Linda Watts (1)
Seven layer cookies
Barb Krumholtz
Tray of cookies
Marian Scott
Pound cake
Donna Adair
Bread Pudding w/Sauce
Elaine Vehige
Cheese cake
Dean Wurtz
Miriam Brainard
Anna Olivier
Annette & Tony Schmidt
chocolate sheet cake
Elizabeth Arnold
Dylan Nguyen (2)
Kathy Hennigan
Lemon Pound Cake
Kathy Hogan
Laura Swaney
Alex Hernandez
Apple Pie
Tracy Bricker
Rum Cake
Bernadine Smith
Alma & Memo Arevalo
Cake and pie
Patty Baranowski
2 dz kolaches
Connie Catholic Church
Fruit Truff
Keith & Kathy Elliott
Tray of Cookies
Randy and Marie Le Grand
tray of no-bake chocolate peanut butter oats cookies
John Gomez Gomez (3)
2 pies 1 cake
Miley Strittmatter
4 dozens of Miley’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

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