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Thank you for your interest in playing for the Myerstown Panthers. Our football program is FREE to all children. We’re accepting children ages 5 -12 for the upcoming fall season. These are the mandatory ages on June 30, 2019 to set their league age. Children can turn 13 on July 1, 2019 and still play as a 12 year old. Please provide all of the necessary information on the signup form. Please follow the MYERSTOWN PANTHER FOOTBALL Facebook page for updates 

Please use players name to register. In comment box put player and parent / guardian name

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Available Slot

Flag Football

Flag football ages 5-6 on 6/30/19

13 slots filled - more available
Andrew Gaskin Gaskin
Andrew Gaskin "Benson Gaskin "
Jessica Stites
Braiden Harris
Nichole Kohr
Dalton Kohr - Nichole Kohr
Michael Dechert
Coltyn dechert / Michael Dechert
Cory Smaltz
Connor Smaltz - Cory Smaltz
Angelica Showalter
Chase Showalter- Angelica Showalter
Declan Hibshman
Declan Hibshman - Marcy Hibshman
Jen Davies
Krisante Davies-Jennifer Davies
Jamie Sauter
Chanse Thomas /Jamie Sauter
Jaclyn Hackman
Colton Hackman/Jaclyn Hackman
Mary Young
Michael Young
Karen Nye
Noah - Karen Nye
Tara Busser
Maxwell Busser

Mighty Mite

Mighty Mite ages 7-8 on 6/30/19

17 slots filled - more available
Marc Pavenski
Dominic Pavenski-Marc Pavenski
Nichole Kohr
Dale Kohr - Nichole Kohr
Anthony Weister
Yancel Eckert- Anthony & Walesca Weister
Kevin Zimmerman
Jonathan Zimmerman- Kevin Zimmerman
Erica Lebo
Hunter Lebo - Erica Lebo
Tonya Goodison
Brayden Goodison
Anita Reider
David VanBrocklin Jr
Rebecca Dove
Brody Dove-(Rebecca Dove)
Daryl Garman
Jayden Garman / Daryl Garman
Sabriel Remlinger
Sabriel Remlinger - Amanda Remlinger
Shawna Shollenberger
Donovan Williams/ Shawna Shollenberger
Shawna Shollenberger
Marshall Shollenberger/Shawna Shollenberger
Erin Thornton
Owen- Erin Thornto
Jim Gettle
Aidan Sullivan /Jim Gettle
Sarah Hoover
Player-Andon Good/ Parent-Sarah Hoover
Sarah Hoover
Player- Liam Good/ parent-teacher Sarah Hoover
Melissa Krioneris
Lucas krioneris/Melissa krioneris


Mite ages 9-10 on 6/30/19

19 slots filled - more available
Asher Grier
Asher Grier - Andy & Kristie Grier
Amanda Contestabile
Ethan Contestabile - Amanda Contestabile
Erica Carpenter
Collin Carpenter- Erica Carpenter
Stephanie Ebling
Christian Ebling- Derek and Stephanie Ebling
Dana Miller
Cayetano Miller - Dana Miller
Michael Dechert
Austin Dechert / Michael Dechert
Stephanie Wagner
Kayden Wagner - Stephanie Wagner
Nicole Hibshman
Weston Hibshman
Todd Wiczalkowski
Zachary Wiczalkowski- Todd Wiczalkowski
Alissa Seifert
Michael seifert
Kaiden Killian
Kaiden Killian - Jason Killian
Shannon Wilson
Riley Wilson/ Shannon Wilson
Ashly Blauch
Ethan Blauch
Ashly Blauch
Aiden Blauch
Ben Ruffner
Troy Ruffner - Ben Ruffner
Brad McQuillen
Jackson McQuillen- Brad McQuillen
Samantha Smith
Steven Smith jr samantha Smith
Erin Garcia
Braylon Garcia
Michael Conlon
Jack Conlon - Michael Conlon


Midget 11-12 on 6/30/19

17 slots filled - more available
Andrew Gaskin Gaskin
Ashley Steigerwald
Tyce Fiddner-Ashley Steigerwald
Andrew Gaskin Gaskin
Andrew Gaskin "Hunter Gaskin "
Tammy Werni
Dominick Fulton - Tammy Werni
Ryan Trostle
Zane Trostle - Ryan Trostle
Anthony Weister
Elejandro Weister - Anthony & Walesca Weister
Heather Mock
Ryan mock
Heather Mock
Ryan mock / Heather mock
Dave Bateman
Chris Bateman/ Dave Bateman
Stephanie Bechtel
Samual Bechtel- Stephanie Bechtel
Matthew Frederick
Mitchell Frederick- Matthew Frederick
Kim Haberstroh
Noah Burgess
George Savich
Butch Savich-George Savich
Karrie Guare
Connor Guare
Brad McQuillen
Jonny- Brad McQuillen
Julie Smeltzer
Benjamin-Julie Smeltzer
Tara Busser
Ethan Busser

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