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Tom Cox Intermediate Band

Tom Cox Band Instrument Placement May 15th** & 25th 2021

Please review the information below FIRST then click on the button to sign up. Welcome to the Tom Cox Band! 

1. Talk to your child about what instruments they are interested in playing.  Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Percussion.

2. If your child is interested in trying out for one of our limited spots in Percussion, you MUST sign up for a slot on May 15th.  There will NOT be another time to audition.

3. Click "Sign Up" for your preferred time and we will see you then!

4. All interviews will be held at Tom Cox Intermediate.  We'll see you there!

**Copy and paste the link below into your browser for even more information and videos from the Tom Cox Band**


Created by:   Melissa Perry
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Available Slot
05/15/2021 (Sat.)

9:05a - 9:15a

Rachel Gomez
Joshua Gomez

9:10a - 9:20a

Melanie Amador
Claire Amador

9:15a - 9:25a

Terecita Simmons
Kyle Simmons

9:20a - 9:30a

Serina Truhlar
Grayson Truhlar

9:25a - 9:35a

Ashley Easterwood
Lily Easterwood

9:30a - 9:35a

Sabrina Charrier
Kian Charrier

9:35a - 9:45a

Kelly Williams
Whitney Williams

9:40a - 9:50a

Elizabeth Graham
Meagan Graham

9:45a - 9:55a

Andrea Bacle
Winston Bacle

9:50a - 10:00a

Elaine Wallace
Noah Wallace

9:55a - 10:05a

Jessica Weninger

10:00a - 10:10a

Mariah Forté-Connor
Tylor Connor

10:05a - 10:15a

Megan Payne
Connor Payne

10:10a - 10:20a

Shasta Kahoalii
Caleb Kahoalii

10:15a - 10:25a

Livy White

10:20a - 10:30a

David Colman

10:25a - 10:35a

Tiera Johnson-Williams
Levi Williams

10:30a - 10:40a

Randy Coelho
Isaac Coelho

10:35a - 10:45a

Julee Briscoe
Samaya Briscoe

10:40a - 10:50a

Samuel Horrocks

10:45a - 10:55a

Link Silvers

10:50a - 10:55a

Marc McMurtrey
Michaela McMurtrey

10:55a - 11:05a

Monica Adewale
David Adewale

11:00a - 11:10a

Natalie Valentina Ramirez

11:05a - 11:15a

Madeleine Horton
Interested in the flute

11:10a - 11:15


11:15a - 11:25a

Julie Walker
Andrew Walker (percussion)

11:20a - 11:30a

Julie Walker
Addison Walker (flute)

11:25a - 11:35a

Jody Adams
Aalayla Oplustic Interested in saxophone

11:30a - 11:40a

Ruth Philip

11:35a - 11:45a

Lonnie Williams
Tyler Williams (trumpet)

11:40a - 11:45a

Sarah King
Colby King (interested in percussion)

11:45a - 11:55

Claudia Mountry

11:50a - 12:00 Noon

Gareth Amador

12:30p - 12:40p

Danielle Sellers
Mikey Sellers

12:40p - 12:50p

Joanne Hsieh
Jacqueline Hsieh

12:45p - 12:55p

Jie Ling

12:50p - 12:55p

Rebecca Lacoste
Solomon Lacoste (interested in percussion)

12:55p - 1:05

Jessica Lucas
Landon Lucas- Sax

1:00p - 1:10p

Kerri Wenzel
Lizzie Wenzel

1:05p - 1:15p

Landon Pierce

1:10p - 1:20p

Nathan Chicas

1:15p - 1:25p

Janelle Hardin
Ethan Hardin

1:20p - 1:30p

Ashley Queen
Luke Queen

1:25p - 1:35p

Tony Rocha-Valadez
Iker Rocha (percussion drum)

1:30p - 1:40p

Astrid Notario

1:35p - 1:45p

Bryan Bean
Audrey B. (Flute)

1:40p - 1:50p

Bryan Bean
Gavyn B. (Trumpet)

1:45p - 1:55p

Sarah King
Brady King (interested in Saxophone)

1:50p - 2:00p

Tavis Jacks
Brody Jacks

1:55p - 2:05p

Miranda Kirk

2:00p - 2:10p

Angela Repasi

2:05p - 2:15p

Dani Herndon
Linkin Herndon and Nicholas Herndon

2:10p - 2:20p

Alondra Sanchez
Interested in Oboe

2:15p - 2:25p

Sabrina Mawyer
Bryce Mawyer

2:20p - 2:30p

Tina Powellson
Macy Powellson

2:25p - 2:35p

Oluwajuwon Kayode-Bayewo

2:30p - 2:40p

Amber Phillips
Jace Vickers

2:35p - 2:45p

Jamie Tyler
Cooper Tyler

2:40p - 2:50p

Tiffany Foli
Emma Foli

2:45p - 2:55p

Johnny Williams
Levi Williams

2:50p - 3:00p

Cortney Vojtech

2:55p - 3:05p

Sabrina Mawyer

3:00p - 3:10p

Sally Martin
Jenna Martin

3:05p - 3:15p

Tamika Lamneck
Addison Lamneck

3:10p - 3:20p


3:15p - 3:25p

Monica Rhame
Ava Rhame

3:20p - 3:30p


3:25p - 3:35p


3:30p - 3:40p

Tristyn McKnight

3:35p - 3:45p

Kathy Martinez

3:40p - 3:50p

Dominic Quirk

3:45p - 3:55p

Reece Williams
Sax - parent Heather Williams

3:50p - 4:00p

Brandi Niles

3:55p - 4:05p

Janelle Giefer
Rylan Giefer

4:00p - 4:10p

Staci Bell
Clayton Bell

4:05p - 4:15p

Tom Rowley
Parker-trumpet & percussion

4:10p - 4:20p


4:15p - 4:25p


4:20p - 4:30p

Jonathan Ellis
Kennedy Ellis

4:25p - 4:35p

Jena Ross
Cullen Ross

4:30p - 4:40p

Rita Sims
Alanna Cooper

4:35p - 4:45p

Laura Meader
Sarah Meader

4:40p - 4:50p

Alicia Jensen
Brooklyn Jensen

4:45p - 4:55p

Laurie McClain

4:50p - 5:00p

Laura Clements
Nate Clements
05/25/2021 (Tue.)

May 25th @ 5:00p - 5:10p

Laura Clements
Nate Clements

May 25th @ 5:10p - 5:20p

Melanie Schwartz
Gavin Schwartz

May 25th @ 5:15p - 5:25p

Erica Garcia
Joshua Garcia

May 25th @ 5:20p - 5:30p

Shelley Myers
Elias Myers

May 25th @ 5:25p - 5:35p

Shelley Pennington
Gavin Pennington

May 25th @ 5:30p - 5:40p

Laura Broiles
Leah postell

May 25th @ 5:35p - 5:45p

Diana Huebner
Roman and Makenna Hernandez

May 25th @ 5:40p - 5:50p

Shannon Hand
Carson Hand

May 25th @ 5:45p - 5:55p

Jackie Robinson
Clara Robinson

May 25th @ 5:50p - 6:00p

Matthew Holt

May 25th @ 6:00p - 6:10p

Nuray Mammadova

May 25th @ 6:10p - 6:25p

Samantha Rocchi

May 25th @ 6:15p - 6:25p

Brooke Canada
Brody Canada

May 25th @ 6:20p - 6:30p

Megan Payne
Connor Payne

May 25th @ 6:25p - 6:35p


May 25th @ 6:30p - 6:40p

Stergios Stamopoulos
Ioannis Stamopoulos

May 25th @ 6:35p - 6:45p


May 25th @ 6:40p - 6:50p


May 25th @ 6:45p - 6:55p


May 25th @ 7:00p - 7:10p

Paulina Harper
Ian Harper

May 25th @ 7:10p - 7:20p

Stacey Caruthers

May 25th @ 7:15p - 7:25p


May 25th @ 7:20p - 7:30p


May 25th @ 7:25p - 7:35p


May 25th @ 7:30p - 7:40p

Alondra Sanchez
Alondra - Oboe

May 25th @ 7:45p - 7:55p


May 25th @ 7:50p - 8:00p

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