SwimRI Heats: 2022 USMS 1-Hour Virtual Championship

By reserving a spot in our local heats via the signup form below you agree to honor your committment (barring emergency) and consent to NEM Swim Club coaches officially registering you in the 2022 USMS 1-Hour Virtual Championship and submitting your splits and yardage on your behalf.

This winter the SwimRI workout group is once again helping its parent club, New England Masters Swim Club, compete for the 2022 USMS 1-Hour Virtual Championship club yardage title by running organized heats (and a post-swim party) for USMS-NEM members on Sunday, January 30th, at Roger Williams University. If you're not a 2022 USMS-NEM member, click here to join or renew.

In this USMS-sanctioned event you may swim whatever stroke(s) you wish, at whatever pace you wish, continuously or with breaks. All participants must be USMS members and adhere to the event rules. To read about the long history of the 1-Hour Swim, click here.

The $34 swimmer fee includes the $12 USMS event registration fee, a $2 SignUpGenius processing fee, and a $20 nonrefundable donation that covers pool costs and supports Roger Williams University's varsity swim team, in exchange for which the college swimmers will record splits for us during our Hour Swim heats. You can donate more onsite at the swim via cash or check. If you prefer, you may bring your own split-taker.

If your preferred heat is full select another heat, let us know, and if possible we'll move people around. The NEM coaches reserve the right to adjust swimmers' heat and lane assignments if/as needed.

Sunday, January 30th @ Roger Williams University (48 swimmers = 2 per lane x 8 lanes x 3 heats)

Check-in and warm-up open at 7:40am. Heats start at 8:30, 9:50 & 11:10. As usual, we will hold the post-swim party at Aidan's Pub, where we'll announce the winner of the total yardage betting pool. During check-in at the pool, each participant will have the option to contribute $5 cash to the pot and guess the aggregate yardage of all three RWU heats. For more info, contact [email protected].

Can't join us on January 30th? If there is a enough demand, we may organize other heats on a different day. Otherwise, register yourself, ask a friend to count for you during January at your pool, and submit your results online via the official event website. Every yard counts toward NEM Swim Club's total!

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Created by:   Douglas Sayles
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EST) Heat
01/30/2022 (Sun.) Roger Williams University 8:30am - 9:30am  

Heat 1 of USMS 1-Hour Swim (16)

($32.00 each)

16 swimmer limit per heat

11 of 16 slots filled
Jim Porter
Paul Dow
Stuart Cromarty
Julie Berry
Doug Shemin
Paul Pereira
Spencer Neff
Matt Gilson
Brian Franco
Jen Morin
Jim Hartnett
9:50am - 10:50am  

Heat 2 of USMS 1-Hour Swim (16)

($32.00 each)

16 swimmer limit per heat

12 of 16 slots filled
Jean Lambert
rita hansen
Gillian Langton
Lynne Czech Czech
Neil Greenspan
I will swim with my swim spouse Lynne Czech unless she has ditched me for a better partner.
Marguerite Joutz
Stephen Imbusch
Trent Theroux
It feels like a kicking kind of year.
Mackenna Dunn
Merin Troutman
Sarah Dombrowski
Mia Bullock
11:10am - 12:10pm  

Heat 3 of USMS 1-Hour Swim (16)

($32.00 each)

16 swimmer limit per heat

3 of 16 slots filled
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