North Farmington Marching Band

Memorial Day Picnic 2018

On Monday, May 28, the North Farmington Marching Band will be marching in Farmington's Memorial Day Parade. Immediately afterwards, all students are asked to return to NFHS to return uniforms and to grab a bite to eat at our annual Memorial Day picnic.  We'll need plenty of food to make sure everyone gets fed.

Like last year, we'd like a potluck style luncheon with as many families as possible bringing food. We're going with a salad theme, with "salad" liberally defined. Be creative! Try something new if you want, or bring your family favorite. Each dish should serve 8 or more. Please indicate in the sign-up slot what you will be bringing so we can avoid duplication. All dishes should be cold dishes; we're not making provisions for serving hot dishes.

Lunch will be served at 12:30 pm sharp. The parade is typically over at 11:40 am and most of the kids are back to the school by 12. Please bring your dish at that time. If your dish does not need to be refrigerated, you may drop it off in the morning when your student picks up their uniform. Weather permitting, we will set up food tables in the band room and the kids can eat and hang out just outside the band room. If it is raining we will be in the cafeteria.

Please remember we are NUT FREE so please plan your contribution accordingly.

Date: 05/28/2018 (Mon.)

Time: 12:00pm - 2:30pm EDT

Location: North Farmington High School band room

Created by:   Todd Watson
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Available Slot

Grain-based salads (4)

Wild rice salad, quinoa salad, etc.

1 of 4 slots filled
Janelle Lavaud

Vegetable salads/dishes (4)

Green salad, roasted veggie platter, raw veggie platter cucumber salad, tabouli, etc.

All slots filled
Sara Kravitz
Raw Veggie Tray
Todd Watson
Kale salad
Kurt Schmidt
Cole slaw
Akansha Pandey
Vegetable tray

Fruit salads/fruit plates (4)

All slots filled
Julie Stern
Gina Nagy
Laura Clark
(Sydney Zachos)
Olivia Andonyan

Starch-based salads (5)

Pasta salad, potato salad, sweet potato salad, couscous salad, etc.

4 of 5 slots filled
Karen Zylman
Orzo bean salad
Todd Watson
Smoked mozzarella salad
Debby Skolnick
Pasta salad
Jenna Latimer
Pasta salad

Bean-based salads (4)

Black bean salad, 3 bean salad, chickpea salad, hummus, lentil salad, etc.

2 of 4 slots filled
Tanya Reynolds
3 bean salad
Jack Randel

Meat/protein based dishes (4)

Chicken, turkey, tuna, or egg salad, tofu salad, cheese platter, etc.

3 of 4 slots filled
Lori Taylor
Cheese tray
Annmarie Bragdon
Meat & cheese platter
Claudia Cantu
Tuna/corn/red peppers salad

Deli tray (4)

Sliced deli meat, cheese.

All slots filled
Margaret Stang
Jessica Miller (2)
Turkey and Roast Beef ( 1 lb of each)
Nicole Jones

Bread (5)

Good baked bread

All slots filled
Pauline Kim (2)
Hawaiian bread rolls
Cheryl Shah
Sliced loaf for sandwiches
Susan Elliott (2)
Sliced sandwich bread

Drinks x 2 (4)

2 bottles per slot. 2 liter size bottles various sodas, tea, lemonade, water, etc.

All slots filled
Ethan Kopicko
Stacey Francis
Samantha Eahrow (2)

Chips x 2 (4)

2 bags per slot.

All slots filled
Ethan Kopicko
Pauline Kim
Claudia Cantu
Teresa Diles

Ice x 2 (5)

2 bags per slot.

All slots filled
Jesse Wei
Debbie Bienstock (2)
Bharti Shah (2)

Desserts (6)

All slots filled
Kelly Goldberg
2 Dozen Gluten Free Brownies
Janet Devereux
Brenda Schultz
Maura Jones
Eunice Jeffries
Will bring cookies
Jalen Johnson

Helpers to set up band room (2)

Arrive at band room at 11:20 am to help set tables, etc.

All slots filled
Kelly Goldberg
Lisa Hayes
I'll be there as soon as possible for setup.

Uniform assistants (2)

Help distribute the uniforms. Arrive at band room at 8 am.

All slots filled
Kelly Goldberg
I can be on hand but am by no means a MB uniform expert- and encourage others to show up as well!
Janet Devereux
I am signing up for the 8am shift

Water assistants (6)

Distribute water as needed before and during the parade. Arrive at Farmington High School at 9 am. Gina Nagy will be coordinating the effort.

All slots filled
Karen Zylman (6)
Andy, Brad, Karen, Ken, Kim, Paul

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