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Exilic Church

2019-20 Community Groups

Hello! Welcome to the CG registration page! You DO NOT need to create a SignUpGenius account to register! Just click on the CG you want, press submit at the bottom, and enter your name and email on the next page!

Please make sure to sign-up for one person at a time (i.e. Quantity 1, and don't click on 2 to reserve a spot for you and your friend/spouse). All the CG's will be from 7-9pm, except for LIC (7:30) and Sundays (12:30). There are niche-specific groups like 30 y.o. + up and newcomers. Please note that all the newcomers groups will start the week of 9/15 rather than 9/8. If the CG you wanted is full, please consider joining a different group as waiting lists are not available yet.

After you sign-up, please allow us a day or two to send you an email with more details on when and where your group is meeting. You can go to www.exilic.com/community if you want the cross streets for each location. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] Thank you!

Created by:   Genie Joo
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Available Slot

Tuesdays (Midtown East), Starting 9/24 (20)

All slots filled
Brian Yoon
William Jeong
Albert Lee
Ellen Lee
Frantz Porres (2)
Anne Yeung
Jiwon Kim
Kathryn Lee
no newcomer slots
Kristina Loh
Grant Wen
Philip Kay
No new newcomer slots
Julie Kim
Kyu Choi
Jeff Kim
Ji Yun (Gimmy) Gim
No newcomer slots
Ruiqi He
(I'm a newcomer!)
David Yu
Hannah Lee
Minsoo Ahn

Tuesdays for 30 and up (Columbus Circle) (20)

All slots filled
Cathy Choi
Grace Cheong (2)
Grace Cheong & Jonah Kim
Joyce Park
Yoonmee Cho
Kathryn Choi
Jen Kang
Karen Kim
Rebecca Kim
Hannah Ree
Jen Han
Jason Han
Cathy Hong
Andrew Jeong
Angela Ha
Jenna C
Jeff Kang
Henry Choi
BJ and Cindy
Brian Shim
Grace Kang

Wednesdays for Newcomers 2 (Herald Square) (20)

All slots filled
Michele Chang
Yunseok Namn
Ji Hae Lee
Charlie Krawczel
Ashley Hwang
Would love to join a newcomers CG led by pastor Aaron if possible
Grace Oh
Lisa Bak
Terry Kim
Samantha Alcantara
Michelle Fong
Yenna Chang (2)
Yenna Chang & Monica Han
Grace Baek
Jessica Lee
Anna-Claire Choi
David Zheng
Sam Kwon
not new, but other CGs were filled
Matthew Kim
Lily Yoon
Ellen Kim

Thursdays (Fi-Di) (20)

All slots filled
Kelly Yoon
Josh Yoon
David Kim
Jay Hahn
Chris Choi
Eunice Park
Alex Kim
Mina Lee
Jee Kim
John Ahn
Michelle Song
Doyle Ahn
Yuyeng Lor
Brian Jeong
Sharon Kim
newcomer slots were all filled
Janice Koo
all the newcomer slots were filled
Sugene Kwon
newcomer slots were filled
Leah Kim
Newcomer slot was filled
Michael Chung
Joseph Park

Fridays for 30 and up (Columbus Circle) (20)

All slots filled
Julie Han
Deborah Min
Sean Lee
Heejin Yun
Is this Jeff's?
Soo Kang
Young Lee
Lisa Woo
Danielle Kim
Emily Lau
Samuel Chan
Joyce Kim
Jonathan Lee
Dave Park (2)
Signing up Roger Kang as well
Cindy Lim (2)
Cindy & Jake (husband)
Irene Lee
Yoo Jin Cheong
Jinny Jo
Sarah Choi

Sundays (Stewart Hotel) (40)

23 of 40 slots filled
Carrie Han
Deborah Kim
David Ko
Steven Wong
Seaver Wong
Joanne Kim (2)
Ashley Han
Anna Yeo
Angela Chung
Sara Cha
Eunhae Grace Rhee
Grant Cho
Sunmi Chang
I want to get more involved with Exilic people in Christ.
Jinook Jung
Sunmi and I are married to each other.
Alisa Baik
Jiwon Kim
Carolyn Kim
Esther Park
Jane Lee
Cynthia Pai
Wilson Chan
Newcomer here! Would love to find a community in the city to keep me accountable.
DK Kim

Tuesdays (Union Square) (20)

All slots filled
Jane Kang
Allison Cho
Sally Shin
Habin Cho
Eun Hee Kwon
Ellen Lee
Say Yoon
Nathan Shen
Elise Jun
Andrew Suen
Eunice Pak
Sarah Kim
Jess Yoon
Grace Kim
Yewon Lee
Ye Ji Lee
Alex Tsu
Trang Vo
I work until 7:30pm with a varied schedule
Audrey Cho
Christine Kim

Wednesdays (Midtown West) (20)

All slots filled
Heidi Wong
Jeannie Kim
Jim Kao
Christine Kim
Jenn Kim
Ye Bin Kwon
Christine Jung
Donna Hahn
Lydia Kim
Jeanie Son
David Kim
Kat In
Margo Yoon
Linda Mun
Sang Kim
Steven Cofresi
Jessica Do
Nathan Lee
Connie Bak
Brian Yoon

Wednesdays (Herald Square) (20)

All slots filled
David Ko
Praise Hong
Sung Lee
Jessica Lee
Kevin Minn
Elisa Yi
Susie Park
Sally Han
Jacqueline Kang
Sarah Park
Steven Chang
Lindsay Kim
Alicia Lee
Denny Kim
Jiyeon Lee
Sara Song
Kiwoong Song
Jae Maeng
Kathryn Chang
Unhee Lee

Wednesdays (Fi-Di) (20)

All slots filled
Hanhee Song
Kristie Shinn
Nicholas Shinn
Jenn Um
Philip Jung
Kayla Jin
Sandy Chung
Justin Mun
Elijah Park
Erin Park
Jason kim
DK Kim
Christine Kim
Sara Kim
Stella Lee
Daniel Kim
Willie Kye
Jinny Kim
Jay Kim
Dan Suh
i like it

Thursdays (Columbus Circle) (21)

All slots filled
Howie Kim
Daniel Shinn
June Park
Stephan Kim
Chris Kim
Alison Cheng
Karla Kim
Dan Kong
Dan Kong
Donna Chung
Donna Chung
Nicole Choi
Rebekah Yu
Elias Kwon
Timothy Chang
Amy Kim
Hannah Choi
Grace Ree
Michelle Kim
David Kim
Esther Park
Yurhee Lee
Fabiola Yun

Thursdays (Long Island City) (20)

All slots filled
Isaiah Lee
Jennifer (SB) Kim
James Gao
Albert Lee
Anna Han
Soojong Kim
Jacqueline Choi
Grace Lee
Tony Liu
Jessie Wu
Nathan Ie
Jocelyn Im
Shawn Jung
Nathan Han
Michael Lee
Jennifer Lee
Inny kim
Long Island C
Madeleine Chang
Julie Kim
Dan Yoo

Fridays (Herald Square) (20)

All slots filled
Philip Park
Lauren Yu
Alex Lee
Alice Mo
Joyce Kim
Shanise Djuhari
Grace Kim
Timothy Cooke
Sam Lee
Jane Seo
Brian Kim
Chloe Shin
Tiffany Chaey
Grace Seong
Faith Kim
Elizabeth Kim
Sue Lee
Anna So
Esther Yang
Emma Kim
Emma Kim

Wednesdays for Newcomers (Herald Square) (20)

All slots filled
Jay Chen
Brian Lee
Jackie Sunwoo
Issac Pao
Kyung Sunwoo
donald chow
Mingu Kang
Lynda Choi
Shu-Hui Wee
Hannah Choi
Isabelle Lok
Ashley Choi
Grace Jung
Andrew Yi
Grace Bae
Lisa Seo
Dana Kim
Cecilia Cho
Yeajin Choi
Sarah Yu

Thursdays for Newcomers (Herald Square) (20)

All slots filled
nathan ma
Daniel Pao
Grace Pak
Tony Yi
Shu-en Wee
Joon Bang
Andrew Lam
Josephine Hong
Liam Talty
Monica Hong
Jess Qu
Deanne Chun
Andrew Han
Heejin Park (2)
Heejin Park & Hamilton Wong
Jane Lee
Jen Lee
Hana Bae
Jinee Lee
Karis Lee
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