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St. Francis of Assisi

Adoration Sign Up for Friday, February 26th & February 27th and 28th Mass Sign Up

Hello St. Francis of Assisi Parishioners! 

The following sign up has slots for Friday Lenten Adoration.  Please select the 1-hour slot you would like to come be a Guardian of the Blessed Sacrament.  We ask that you enter and exit through the Narthex entrance (where St. Francis statue is on side of building), and that you adhere to all protocol put in place to keep everyone safe (i.e. mask wearing, hand sanitizing upon entrance, and checking temperature before or upon arrival). You can sign for mulitple slots if you wish. Thank you!

Furthermore, please select a slot to sign yourself (and your family) up to attend one of the following Masses on February 27th or 28th. Each person attending Mass will need a spot (this includes children), please make sure when you are adjusting your quantity that is the total number of people attending.

Note: We ask that you continue to arrive to your designated Mass time early to be checked in. Masks are required (we ask that you bring your own), we are checking temperatures at the door, and sanitizing stations are available throughout the church. Both entrances (Front and Narthex) will be open for the 6pm, 10am, and 12pm Masses.

Before attending Adoration or Mass please ask yourself (and your family members) these important questions.

1. Do you have a fever?

2. Do you have a cough?

3. Have you experienced shortness of breath?

4. Are you aware of being exposed to anyone being tested of suspected COVID19 or awaiting results for COVID19?

5. Do you know someone that you have been in direct contact with that has tested positive for COVID19?

6. Have you experienced loss of taste or smell?

If answered yes to any of the above questions we ask that you stay home and watch the 10 am livestreamed Mass on the Parish Facebook page (@St. Francis of Assisi-Cartersville). Contact Allie Brown at [email protected] if you have any questions.

7. Have you been diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes?

8. Do you have a compromised immune system?

If answered yes to questions 7 or 8 please keep in mind that you are putting yourself at a greater risk by attending Church.

Sign up closes on Saturday, February 27th at 4 pm.



Created by:   Allie Brown
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.
PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended. Contact the creator for more details.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EST) Available Slot
02/26/2021 (Fri.) St. Francis of Assisi 10:00am - 11:00am  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

4 of 10 slots filled
Joni Pfaff (2)
Cindy & Dennis Chandler (2)
11:00am - 12:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

2 of 10 slots filled
Mariafelix Beltran
Susana Jiley
12:00pm - 1:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

1 of 10 slots filled
Peggy Fritz
If another time needs a guardian I will be glad to move my time.
1:00pm - 2:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

1 of 10 slots filled
Adriana Grande
2:00pm - 3:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

1 of 10 slots filled
Margarita Espinosa
3:00pm - 4:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

1 of 10 slots filled
Rosemary Chesley
4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

1 of 10 slots filled
Miles Chesley
5:00pm - 6:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

6 of 10 slots filled
Antonia López (4)
Mario Roman (2)
6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Adoration Guardians--Lenten Friday (10)

9 of 10 slots filled
A Caloca
Familia Pina (5)
Carmen Cazares (3)
02/27/2021 (Sat.) St. Francis of Assisi 4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Mass Seats (150)

77 of 150 slots filled
Allison Brown (5)
Marie Trawinski (2)
richard Luchtefeld (2)
Gary Fox (2)
Frances Caldwell
Amy Jewell (2)
Mary Ford (2)
Stephanie Holland (5)
Mitzi Burge (4)
Paul Briggs (5)
Katie Vaughan (6)
Michael & Jean Annis (2)
Miles Tanner (2)
Greg Germ (2)
Chris Harrison (2)
Smiths Fmaily (2)
Kathleen Stevens (2)
Gladys Sone (3)
Mayra Trujillo (5)
Terri Reade
Guadalupe Ortega (3)
James Reagan (4)
Paula Paglioni (3)
Philip& Brou (6)
Lynn Avery
St. Francis of Assisi (Misa en Espanol) 6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Mass Seats (200)

103 of 200 slots filled
Rosalba Lerma (2)
Lupe Villa (2)
Jose Nolasco
Familia Mosqueda Cruz (3)
Familia Pina
Patricia De Cruz
Maria Alvarado (6)
Liliana Perez (3)
Araceli Bautista (3)
Familia Cortes (6)
Adriana Grande (3)
Jose H Ramirez (4)
Magdalena Perez (6)
Alejandro González (5)
Andrea Vega (4)
Familia Vega
Angelica Lopez (5)
Romero Family
Esmeralda Jacobo (3)
Rene and Margarita Lopez (5)
Familia Garcia (6)
Esther Esqueda (5)
Miriam Sigala (4)
Alma De Jesus (5)
Concepcion Torres (2)
Maria (5)
Vicente Cisneros (7)
Efren Romo (3)
Rosa Alvarez (3)
02/28/2021 (Sun.) St. Francis of Assisi 8:00am - 9:00am  

Mass Seats (150)

53 of 150 slots filled
Diana Garcia (3)
Carley Ferguson (2)
Jack I - mass captain
Carmen Alvarez (4)
Cry room for Ian please
Vicki Lester
Jane Vaughan
Claire Awtrey (5)
Theresa Vaughan
Tony Barrett
Tony Ray Barrett
Rosemary Chesley (2)
Nakole Preister (2)
Maria Emanuele Vecchio
T Coffey
Jean Johnson
Sydney Lutjens (4)
Last row, please :)
Patrice Berdnik
Sarah Hardeman
Hardeman and Patty LaBonte and Lenny Hawes
Donald Peters (5)
Alma Raffaele (2)
Joan Peed (2)
Philip& Brou (6)
Theresa HAMRICK (4)
Rosy Alvarez
10:00am - 11:00am  

Mass Seats (200)

89 of 200 slots filled
Jetzy Ramos (2)
George/Rae Weimer (2)
can lector if needed
John Kehoe
Paulette Campbell
Katie Vaughan (6)
Vaughan Family
Rita Belasle
A Caloca (4)
Steffanie Holstein
Marian Barker (2)
Joni Pfaff (2)
tamara larock (3)
Castro Merced (2)
Peggy Fritz
Carolyn Woodward (2)
Jim Metelko
Cindy & Dennis Chandler (2)
Kathy Kolp
Gary Worthan (2)
Kristy Leischow (2)
Lucile Ussery (2)
Darlene Foerman (2)
Philip Brou (6)
Dawn Evans (2)
Dawn & Craig Evans
Jan Machovina (2)
Jane & Joseph Marks (2)
Chris D'Urbano (4)
Scott Cooper
Bonny Giroir (5)
Omar Romo (2)
Dee Novo (4)
Ruth Mwangi (5)
Njoroge family
Jesica Koth (2)
Francisca Banuelos (5)
Victoria m
Mitzi Burge (4)
Amy Jewell (2)
St. Francis of Assisi (Misa en español) 12:00pm - 1:00pm  

Mass Seats (200)

All slots filled
Fam Fuentes (3)
Jorge Ramirez (4)
Maria Padilla (4)
Jorge Duarte (6)
Por favor que sean en las bancas de en medio
Marcelino Abeja (7)
Ramiro Milian (6)
Karina Zapata (9)
Juan Chavez (7)
Norma Ledezma (3)
Ricardo Garcia (4)
Fredy Rendon (5)
Rosy Meza (7)
Aida Vicente (4)
Nora Galvan (9)
Elisa Mateo (3)
Alejandra Mandujano (4)
Cecy Padilla (11)
Hilda Betancourt (3)
Catalina Alvarado (2)
Iriana Rios (5)
Micaela Sanchez (4)
Veronica Rangel (8)
Rangel Family
Juanita Perez (5)
Martha Cabanas (2)
Yesenia Ventura (5)
Martha Garcia (2)
Martha Garcia
Katie Gasca (2)
Familia Pina (8)
Antonia López (4)
Jorge Mendoza (4)
Castro Merced (3)
Kathy Neira (4)
Zavala Mariaelena (6)
Ismael Martínez (3)
Martha Sanchez (5)
Stacy Jacobo (3)
Ana Reyes (2)
Veronica Mora (3)
Agustin Beltran (5)
Diana Delgado (3)
Porfirio Alvarado (5)
Porfirio Alvarado (4)
Veronica Sorroza (4)
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