2021 PRWS Grandparents & Special Friends Day ~ Register Here!

At PRWS, Grandparents and Special Friends Day is one of the most highly anticipated events of the school year by children, teachers, and our special guests alike! Fall just wouldn't be the same without it. This time around, we're hosting both an in-person and virtual program to ensure this favorite fall tradition is accessible to all loved ones near and far.

Join us for a window into your loved ones' days at school, Waldorf Schools' unique approach to education, and the creative ways in which teachers are meeting and engaging the children during these highly unusual times. Participants will have an opportunity to observe an outdoor class demonstration, hear from PRWS alumni, and ask questions.

Couldn't make the in-person gathering, or perhaps you'd like to join us for more festivities? The virtual program, initially scheduled for release on October 18th,  will be available to enjoy the week of October 25th. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 

Please note: Registration is required to receive a link to the online program.  Sign up below if you haven't already!

Questions? Contact Robin Kottke: 

608-637-7828 (school main office)
608-637-8504 (school development office)

Email: [email protected]


Date: 10/15/2021 (Fri.)

Time: 8:00am - 11:00am CDT

Location: Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School
431 E Court St, Viroqua, WI 54665

Created by:   Robin Kottke

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended. Contact the creator for more details.

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Please indicate name(s) of guests as they should appear on nametag. (250)
  23 of 250 slots filled
Robin Kottke
Robin Kottke
Dawn Hundt (2)
Dawn Hundt, Bonnie Wideman
Dianne and Gary Krueger (2)
Jeff Hahn
Amy Heller
Jeff Hahn
Elin Haessly
Joanne Adragna Shird (2)
Joanne and Freddie Shird
Sharon & Jim Gerrity
Sharon Gerrity
Sharon & Jim Gerrity
Jim Gerrity
Susan & Robert Holmes
Susan Holmes
Susan & Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes
Steve Wettengel
Steve Wettengel
Steve Wettengel
Nancy Wettengel (?)
Steve & Barb Wettengel
Steve Wettengel
Steve & Barb Wettengel
Barb Wettengel (awaiting confirmation)
AnneMarie Fryer
AnneMarie Fryer
Marlene Saunders
Marlene Saunders
Jane Siemon
Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor Frank Taylor
Debra Comella
Please list name(s) of PRWS Student with whom you are affiliated (300)
  20 of 300 slots filled
Robin Kottke (2)
Lucy Kottke, Mari Kottke
Dawn Hundt
Bonnie: Special Friend, Alumni Teacher & Parent; Dawn: Grandma of Hundt & Ugo children
Dianne and Gary Krueger
Ephraem Carns Hilliker
Jeff Hahn
Ceci and Lila Hahn
Jeff Hahn
Ceci and Lila Hahn
Cele Wolf
Everly Ellerbusch
Paul Taylor
Lucy Taylor
Joanne Adragna Shird
Elsa Gorrill
Sharon & Jim Gerrity
Granparents of Gerrity children
Susan & Robert Holmes
Meyer Holmes
Steve Wettengel
Grandparents of Emerson Stevens
Steve & Barb Wettengel
Grandparents of Emerson Stevens
AnneMarie Fryer
Noel Wade
AnneMarie Fryer
Noelle Wade
Marlene Saunders
Logan Saunders
Jane Siemon
Alumni Parent
LeRoy Kottke
Greta, Mari, Lucy
Tony Ugo (2)
I will attend the in-person event. (250)
  48 of 250 slots filled
Robin Kottke
Dawn Hundt (2)
David Banner
Mary Christenson
Julee Caspers Agar (2)
Marv & Susan Whalen (2)
Bernadette Link
Jeff Hahn
Jeff Hahn
Diane & Jeff Ellerbusch (2)
Everly Ellerbusch
Cele Wolf
Jane Herrick (2)
Kathy Neidert
Allison Lacey (2)
Dodie Whitaker
Jim Treviranus (2)
Sharon & Jim Gerrity (2)
Susan & Robert Holmes (2)
Susan Holmes (2)
Steve Wettengel
Steve & Barb Wettengel
Barbara Andree
PRWS Anna Lena Derocher
Tony Bezsylko (2)
AnneMarie Fryer
Thank you
AnneMarie Fryer
Stephen Mikus
Yee and Fionn O'Dwyer s special friend
Marlene Saunders
Jane Siemon
Kathy Hanson
Gail Doesken (2)
Denise Bakkum (2)
Orlan Bakkum will also attend if he is available
Dina Yehia
Mia Haessly
Robert Haessly (Ceci and Lila Hahn)
LeRoy Kottke
Jim Ruder
Grand pa of oberon Ruder
I would like the link to the online program available on October 18th. (250)
  20 of 250 slots filled
Robin Kottke
Dawn Hundt
Bev Kiecker
Amara Semanchin's Grandma
Tom Semanchin
Amara Semanchin's Grandparents
Monica Chou
I m grandma of Yee and Fionn O'Dwyer
Sharon & Jim Gerrity
Susan & Robert Holmes
Jackie Hoffman (2)
AnneMarie Fryer
Thank you
AnneMarie Fryer
Pam Hughes (4)
Kyle Sleep will have 4 special friends attending. 1. Mariah Walsh & Grammy 2. Evie Ashton, 3. Shen Pauley
Dina Yehia (2)
I would like to share the link with my parents in egypt.
Pam Stevens
Sally Poppish
Claire Alexander
Responses:     Yes: 49     No: 8     Maybe: 0     No Response: 19

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 73     Maybe: 0

YES (49) -  

Jim Ruder (1 guest)

Debra Comella (2 guests)

Tony Ugo (1 guest)

Julee Agar (2 guests)

LeRoy Kottke (1 guest)

Linda Taylor (2 guests)

Mia Haessly (1 guest)

Annette Belling (2 guests)

Dina Yehia (3 guests)

George Idzorek (1 guest)

Roberta Idzorek (1 guest)

Denise Bakkum (2 guests)

Gail Doesken (2 guests)

Joan Orr (1 guest)
John and Luke Levermann’s grandma

Kathy Hanson (1 guest)
Finn Brenneman

Jane Siemon (1 guest)

Marlene Saunders (1 guest)

Stephen Mikus (1 guest)

Mike Palen (3 guests)

AnneMarie Fryer (1 guest)

AnneMarie Fryer (1 guest)
Thank you

Tony Bezsylko (2 guests)

Barbara Andree (1 guest)

Steve & Barb Wettengel (1 guest)

Steve Wettengel (1 guest)

Susan Holmes (2 guests)

Susan & Robert Holmes (2 guests)

Sharon & Jim Gerrity (2 guests)

MaryAnn Schulte (1 guest)
Max and Hazel Moon

Joanne Adragna Shird (2 guests)

Paul Taylor (1 guest)

Jim Treviranus (2 guests)

Dodie Whitaker (1 guest)
I’m planning on coming and bringing my dad but I’m also happy to volunteer

Allison Lacey (2 guests)
Auntie allison and grandma Susan will be there.

Monica Chou (1 guest)

Jenelle & David Boyer (1 guest)
Alumni parent

Kathy Neidert (1 guest)
I look forward to this every year!

Jane Herrick (2 guests)

Cele Wolf (1 guest)

Diane & Jeff Ellerbusch (2 guests)

Jeff Hahn (2 guests)

Bernadette Link (1 guest)

Marv & Susan Whalen (2 guests)

Julee Caspers Agar (2 guests)

Mary Christenson (1 guest)

David Banner (1 guest)

Dianne and Gary Krueger (2 guests)

Dawn Hundt (2 guests)

Robin Kottke (1 guest)

NO (8) +