You are cordially invited to Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School's

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

At PRWS, Grandparents and Special Friends Day is one of the most highly anticipated events of the school year by children, teachers, and special guests alike!  Fall just wouldn't be the same without it.  So this time around, we're hosting a virtual Grandparents and Special Friends program!

In the past, the number of guests who could attend Grandparents and Special Friends Day was capped due to space limitations.  This year?  The more the merrier!  Thanks to the event's online format, more Grandparents, parents, extended family, and loved ones will be able to attend than ever before.

Join us for a window into your loved one's classroom, Waldorf Schools' unique approach to education, and the creative ways in which teachers are meeting and engaging the children during these highly unusual times.  Participants will have an opportunity to 'tour' the outdoor classrooms, observe a class demonstration, hear from PRWS alumni, and ask questions.  


6:00:  Welcome
6:05:  Virtual School Tour
6:15:  Class Sharing/ Virtual Student Assembly
6:40:  Alumni Speaker John Gambrell
6:50:  Invitation
6:55:  Q & A/ Community Discussion
7:05:  PRWS Photo Montage
7:15:  Program Ends



To join the meeting, go to


Open the Zoom app and enter meeting ID: 319 109 3309 

Then enter the passcode: 1rdmp9 

LANDLINE OR CELL PHONE USERS (Audio only, no video):  

To join the meeting, call: 1-312-626-6799  

When prompted, enter meeting ID:  319 109 3309  

When prompted for participant ID, press # (no number is needed) 

When prompted for a meeting passcode, enter: 514610 


We look forward to our time together!



Date: 10/16/2020 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 7:15pm CDT

Location: Online via ZOOM!

Created by:   Robin Kottke
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List PRWS Student(s) to whom you are related, and how - Example: Student Name; Aunt
  149 slots filled - more available
Kwynn Molini (2)
Sana, Arie Molini - Mother
Robin Kottke (3)
Mari & Lucy Kottke (Mother), Greta Lenarz (Aunt)
Dianne and Gary Krueger
Ephraem Carns-Hilliker, grandson, Jess Krueger daughter
Ann Bartelt
October Bartelt, grandparent
Jane & Mike Herrick
October, grandparents
Steven Kottke (2)
Mari and Lucy K; Dad
Susan Holmes
Meyer Holmes, grandparents
Gene, Carolyn LeMaire
Zephyr LeMaire....grandson
jackie Hoffman
Inga Hoffman-Brown grandparents
Rodney Cain
Rowan Cain, grandparents
Sharon Gerrity
Seamus Gerrity - Grandparents
Sharon Gerrity
Judah Gerrity - Grandparents
Sharon Gerrity
Freyja Gerrity - Grandparents
Lynn Pleggenkuhle
Maya Fassbinder (We are her grandparents)
Mariah Walsh (2)
Kyle Sleep - Godmother and Grammy
Pam Hughes (2)
Kyle Sleep - Mother
Julie Jensen (3)
Owen & Levi Froeschl’s grandparents
Diane Schieffer
Cosmo Crockett, grandson
Barbara Karpfinger
Mire Karpfinger Rosselle grandchild
Diane Splinter
Mira Splinter. Daughter.
Gale & Bonnie Wandke
Grace Anderson - grandparents
Lisa & Fred Anderson
Grace Anderson - parents
Stephanie Pedretti
Logan Saunders - parent
Claire Alexander
Logan Saunders grandma
Bob Kiesau
Iris Gorrill (Kiesau) Grandfather
Bob Kiesau
Elsa Gorrill (Kiesau) Grandfather
dawn hundt (4)
Cyrus and Evelyn Hundt Penelope and Paloma Ugo
Maitreya Mueller, Grandmother
Luna Mueller,Grandmother
Kathy Neidert Neidert (2)
Olivia Turben and Trey Turben, Grandmother
Calvin Morris
Zachary Whitaker, Grandson
Judith Morris
Zachary Whitaker, Grandson
Russ & Jean Endres (2)
Treya & Luna Mueller - grandparents
Roberta Idzorek (3)
Gibson, Margo and Noelle WADE
Mary Farley
Cosmo Crockett ( Grandma and Grandpa)
Eva Schulte (2)
Max and Hazel Moon, mom
Thomas & Nancy Semanchin (2)
Amara Semanchin Grandparents
Janet Hilliker
Ephraem Carne-Hilliker; grandparents
Joanne Shird (2)
Iris and Elsa Kiesau Gorrill...grandparents
Mary Cole (2)
Greta Lenarz and Frances Lenarz-Levin - Aunt and Uncle
Eveline Ashton
Kyle Sleep - Godmother
Don & Sandy Dalton (2)
Gibson, Margo & Noelle Wade - Grandparents
Jen & Alex Wade (2)
Gibson, Margo & Noelle Wade - Parents
Jonel Kiesau (2)
Iris and Elsa Gorrill
Mary And Bill Gorrill (2)
Iris and Elsa Gorrill -grandparents
Marvin Whalen
Lucy Blue Taylor-grandparents
Sally Moser (2)
Mira and Eli Moser. Grandmother.
Dori & Heath Lindsey (2)
Gibson, Margo & Noelle -Aunt & Uncle
Frank Taylor (2)
Madeline Madura, grandchild Leo Madura, grandchild
Christina Welsh
Macsen Welsh, Mother
Christina Welsh
Carmody Welsh, Mother
Dennis Carmody
Macsen Welsh, Papa
Dennis Carmody
Carmody Welsh, papa
Tom Gullion
Satya Gullion (Dad)
Sally Speer
Finn Brenneman, Grandparent
Susan Jones-Molini
Arie and Sana Molini - grandmother
Marcia Christy (2)
Macsen and Carmody, Nana and Papa Christy
Pat Shank
Finn Brenneman, Aunt
Helen & Ed Gullion
Satya Gullion - Grandparents
Shelly Brenneman
Finn Brenneman, parent
Linda Kimbrough
Mira Moser - grandparent
Linda Kimbrough
Eli Moser - grandparent
Thomas Fritsch
Mae Krieger-Fritsch, Grandparents
Mary Christenson Christenson
alumna Katrina Christenson, parent
Jen Eissfeldt
Frances Crotser (grandma)
Michelle Thomas (3)
Sophia Thomas, Helena Thomas, Solomon Thomas
Joanne Olson
Amelia Olson - Grandma, Aunt & Uncle
Pamela Harrison
Nanka Thimmesch, Grandparents
Pamela Harrison
Genevieve Thimmesch, Grandparents
Kathy Doesken
Matisse Enjalbert, 4th grade: his 2 maternal grandparents and his maternal uncle, all of whom live in Colorado
Albert Froeschl (2)
Owen and Levi Froeschl
Stephanie Brown
Reid and Huxley Brown - Parent
Kathy Fassbinder
Maya Fassbinder
linda cantrill
Zelda Hodapp
Katie Fassbinder
Maya Fassbinder
Elin Haessly (2)
Ceci and Lila Hahn
Bruce Nicholes (4)
Otis and Fern Ashley, Lucah and Haven Spicer
Jim Olson
Amelia Olson
Alycann Taylor
Richatd Stehr (2)
Reid and Huxley Brown. Grandparents
Mia Haessly (2)
Ceci and Lila Hahn - parents
Kathryn Christie (2)
Leo & Madeline Madura, grandparents
benedicte mucherie
matisse enjalbert
Vickie Elson
Emrys Hudnall
Judy Bruechert (2)
Oliver & Clara Hotchkiss
Barry Elson
Emrys Hudnall
Alan Sternik
Emrys Hudnall
Margaret Sparling (2)
Max Moon, Hazel Moon
Christine Leinberger
friend of PWRS
Amy Heller
Lila and ceci hahn
Emily Devitt
Finn Charles ( Grandparent)
Judy Thomas (2)
Sophia, Helena and Solomon Thomas grandparents
Hallie Ashley (2)
Fern otis
Jennelle Thimmesch (2)
Nanka and Genevieve, Parent
Denise Semanchin
Amara- daughter
Sarah Dvorsak (2)
Willa And Loyal Dvorsak, Mother
chuck costa (2)
willa and loyal dvorsak
Kristina Gullion
Satya Gullion’s Oma and Opa
Debra Comella (4)
Fern, Otis, Lucah, Haven (Grandma and Aunt)
Norma Brenneman
Finn Brenneman
John Anderson (2)
Reid & Huxley Brown