Farewell to Father Flores

“Onto the Next Adventure” is the theme for our farewell event for Father Flores to be held Tuesday, June 29th.  We will begin with Mass at 5pm (Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles); dinner to follow. The main entrée is provided (beef, ham and chicken by Ekness Meats).

Please RSVP and sign up to bring a generous portion from a variety of side dishes in this sign up.

Date: 06/29/2021 (Tue.)

Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm PDT

Location: Pope St. Pius X Church
625 E Haycraft Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

Created by:   Pope St. Pius X Church
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Green Salad (10)
  All slots filled
Lorri Garcia
I will bring Italian and Ranch Dressings as well.
Edward & Eleanor Schiffner
Yvonne Rodriguez Schmitt
Let me know if you need help decorating...The latest thing is decorating with a balloon arch simple but fun & colorful.
Ron & Eileen Briggs
Shirley Rathburn
Marlene Agbisit
robert valencia (2)
Ed Meyer
Susan Hammock
Seven-layer salad
Hot Vegetable (10)
  9 of 10 slots filled
Cindy Hollister (2)
Phyllis Koback
Terri Bukowski
Sherill & Greg Chapleski
james picard
Donald & Valerie Reiss
Roasted carrots-dill
Laura Higgins
Jiulie Bishop
Broccoli Salad (8)
  All slots filled
Bill De Lack
Peggy Mazurek
Pasta salad
Richard Morse
Tom & Mary Littlefield
Cindy Haagenson
Vivian Russell
Jake And Nicole Wilson
Gretchen Foley
Three-Bean Salad (8)
  4 of 8 slots filled
Joan and Rod Genter (2)
I will plan to bring enough for a large bowl
Marilynn McDonald
Luz Garrigan
Coleslaw (10)
  All slots filled
Sal & Mary Ann Taibi
Italian Beet Salad
Shirley Rathburn
Daniel & Renae Fehringer (2)
Diane Domijan
Karen Ebert
Maria Hassard
Tom & Jane Herion
Sandra Sonnen
Dick & Judy Gardner
Potato Salad (10)
  All slots filled
John Mohatt
L. Lutz
Jim Kerns
Laura McHugh
Larry Carpenter
Mary Guardipee
Cindy & Wayne Ellenbecker
Barbara Hoffman
Scalloped Potatoes (10)
  All slots filled
Donna Aletha Sack (2)
Enough for 20+ People
Wendy & Bob Veale
Tim Simunds
Rochelle Wineinger
Carol Fairhurst
Jon & Jackie Wagner-Spalsbury
John & Patty Power (2)
Jordan & Carole Blaschka
Roasted Potatoes (10)
  6 of 10 slots filled
Desiree Asbury (3)
Xavier & Jill Diaz
James & Sandra Faucher
Ika Golden
Baked Beans (10)
  All slots filled
Rita Zimmerman
Warren And Theresa Holcomb
Peggy Smith
Pat & Gail Tuley
John Hallgreen (2)
mary crump
Stuart and Molly Butler
Jan Mohatt
Stephen & Linda Koehler
Pasta or Macaroni Salad (10)
  All slots filled
Ann Betro
Gena Major
Dan & Sandy Bertuccelli
Rosemary McGrath
Pasta Salad
Erl & Laura Labrador
Pasta Dish
Pam Pratt
Peggy Hodge
Michael Liedberg
Pasta Salad
Pam Murphy
Fruit or Fruit Salad (10)
  All slots filled
Jan Rubero
Patricia Harrison
Jan Obligato
Susan Stiger
Will make a large fruit salad
Pat & Kathy Kenner
Lenore Cobb
Connie Gonyou
Michele Magnuson
Dianna Decker
Jan Grimsby
Pie (10)
  All slots filled
Maggie & Jim Niewiarowski
Fruit Pie
Linda and Larry Riley
Apple Cobbler
Katherine Gideon
Raspberry Cobbler
Linda Haughton
Diane Domijan
Apple pie or Lemon Meringue
John Webb
Mariel Solis (2)
Marge Mladjan (2)
Cake (10)
  All slots filled
Donna Aletha Sack (2)
Chocolate/Cream Cheese, Carrot/Vanilla
Lauren Wise
Carole Carlin
Pam And Phil Rotella
Marylyn Christenson (2)
I will make chocolate brownies and another cake
Rita Carlson
Andy Finney
Casey Drews
Cookies (1 DZN) (10)
  All slots filled
Donna Aletha Sack (4)
Coconut Macaroons
Dan Yake
Maggie & Jim Niewiarowski (3)
Jan/Denny McMonigle
Pat & Gail Tuley
Brownies or a Cookie Bar (DZN) (10)
  All slots filled
Donna Aletha Sack (6)
Brownies and Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Melinda Holloway
Ann Betro
Gary and Mary and Mary Ann Isaacson/Matthews
Jain Anderson
Blondies (Gluten Free)
Dinner Rolls (1 DZN) (10)
  All slots filled
Louise Ekstrand (2)
Ashley Muehlhausen
Barb Simmons (2)
Diane Domijan
Janice Grimsby
Deacon Chris & Mary Stewart
Carla Redline (2)
Gluten Free Side Dish (7) - For those who are gluten intolerant
  2 of 7 slots filled
Jain Anderson
Cuban Rice (Gluten Free)
Barbara Kamprath
Chili Relleño serves 6 cheese,chili peppers, eggs
Kid Friendly Dishes (10) - ie Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Spaghetti
  6 of 10 slots filled
Sally Carroll
Baked macaroni
Arthur Mayer
Linda Ely
Jodie Roletto
Jeanay Holcomb
Jim & Staci Sanborn