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CEF of Central Indiana

CEF World Day of Prayer

Thank you for joining us for 24-hours of prayer for the ministries of CEF worldwide. 

Please select a time slot (or two) from those available and then click on the button to sign up.

You will receive some specific prayer requests via email for the region of the world you select. Look for this email after November 1st.

Date: 11/06/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 12:00am - 11:59pm EST

Created by:   CEF Central Indiana
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Available Slot

12:00-12:15AM East & Central Africa

Lizette Stoddart

12:15-12:30AM East & Central Africa

Lizette Stoddart

12:30-12:45AM East & Central Africa

Vannessa Aldridge
Vannessa will be praying for good health and peace

12:45-1:00AM East & Central Africa

Vannessa Aldridge
Peace and good health is my prayer

1:00-1:15AM East & Central Africa


1:15-1:30AM East & Central Africa


1:30-1:45AM East & Central Africa


1:45-2:00AM East & Central Africa


2:00-2:15AM East & Central Africa

Betty Birdsong

2:15-2:30AM East & Central Africa

Betty Birdsong

2:30-2:45AM West & Central Africa


2:45-3:00AM West & Central Africa


3:15-3:30AM West & Central Africa


3:00-3:15AM West & Central Africa


3:30-3:45AM West & Central Africa


3:45-4:00AM West & Central Africa

Debby Davenport
I spent a year in West Africa & we have Congolese at our church. Beautiful people. Many are open to the gospel.

4:00-4:15AM West & Central Africa

brendsa mcatee

4:15-4:30AM West & Central Africa


4:30-4:45AM West & Central Africa

Miriam Kisch

4:45-5:00AM West & Central Africa

Miriam Kisch

5:00-5:15AM South Africa & Indian Ocean

Pattie Wolfe
I will actually be in South Africa on this day!!

5:15-5:30AM South Africa & Indian Ocean


5:30-5:45AM South Africa & Indian Ocean

Sandy Burns

5:45-6:00AM South Africa & Indian Ocean

Sandy Burns

6:00-6:15AM South Africa & Indian Ocean


6:15-6:30AM South Africa & Indian Ocean


6:30-6:45AM South Africa & Indian Ocean

Sheila Mills

6:45-7:00AM South Africa & Indian Ocean

Haley Kisch

7:00-7:15AM South Africa & Indian Ocean

Sherie Phares

7:15-7:30AM South Africa & Indian Ocean

Vannessa Aldridge
Praying for the World

7:30-7:45AM Asia Pacific

Anne Milton
I have a child in Philippines that I sponsor so I want to support this !

7:45-8:00AM Asia Pacific


8:00-8:15AM Asia Pacific


8:15-8:30AM Asia Pacific


8:30-8:45AM Asia Pacific

Karen Nelson

8:45-9:00AM Asia Pacific


9:00-9:15AM Asia Pacific

Stephanie Anderson

9:15-9:30AM Asia Pacific

Cherri Gaza

9:30-9:45AM Asia Pacific


9:45-10:00AM Asia Pacific


10:00-10:15AM Asia Pacific

Mona Pickering

10:15-10:30AM Asia Pacific

Phyllis Gentry

10:30-10:45AM Europe

Diane DeVietien

10:45-11:00AM Europe


11:00-11:15AM Europe

Gary and Donna Sandahl
praying for CEFBritain

11:15-11:30AM Europe

Judith Marsh
Germany and Ireland

11:30-11:45AM Europe


11:45AM-12:00PM Europe

Vicki Stenger

12:00-12:15PM Europe


12:15-12:30PM Europe

Stacy Burger
Europe & Middle East

12:30-12:45PM Europe


12:45-1:00PM Europe


1:00-1:15PM Europe

Ayla Lawrence

1:15-1:30PM Europe

Stephanie Anderson

1:30-1:45PM Latin America

Ronna Brown

1:45-2:00PM Latin America


2:00-2:15PM Latin America


2:15-2:30PM Latin America


2:30-2:45PM Latin America


2:45-3:00PM Latin America


3:00-3:15PM Latin America


3:15-3:30PM Latin America


3:30-3:45PM Latin America


3:45-4:00PM Latin America


4:00-4:15PM Latin America

Vannessa Aldridge
Praying for the World

4:15-4:30PM Latin America


4:30-4:45PM Middle East

Becky Leatherbury

4:45-5:00PM Middle East

Becky Leatherbury

5:00-5:15PM Middle East


5:15-5:30PM Middle East


5:30-5:45PM Middle East

Karen McPike
Trusting God to have His will here.

5:45-6:00PM Middle East


6:00-6:15PM Middle East


6:15-6:30PM Middle East


6:30-6:45PM Middle East


6:45-7:00PM Middle East

Ayla Lawrence

7:00-7:15PM Middle East


7:15-7:30PM Middle East


7:30-7:45PM North America & Caribbean

Erin Kisch

7:45-8:00PM North America & Caribbean

Erin Kisch

8:00-8:15PM North America & Caribbean

Kelly Linedecker

8:15-8:30PM North America & Caribbean


8:30-8:45PM North America & Caribbean


8:45-9:00PM North America & Caribbean


9:00-9:15PM North America & Caribbean


9:15-9:30PM North America & Caribbean


9:30-9:45PM North America & Caribbean

Stephanie Anderson

9:45-10:00PM North America & Caribbean

Pam Hall

10:00-10:15PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries

Pam Hall

10:15-10:30PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries

Colleen Tiffany

10:30-10:45PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries

judy strong strong

10:45-11:00PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries


11:00-11:15PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries


11:15-11:30PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries


11:30-11:45PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries


11:45-11:59PM International Headquarters & USA Ministries

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