LD 48

Annual Picnic

Hi LD 48ers!

We hope you all join us for our annual picnic at the Crossroads Park shelters #1-3! This is a barbeque, with meat, veggie, and gluten free options available. Senator Patty Kuderer will be joining us and give a short speech. Endorsed candidates will also speak. Please sign-up to bring food and help out. Note, we do not need any cutlery, plates, or cups. We will only be needing food and drinks. 

Keep up with the Facebook page and emails closer to the event date, for last-minute details and alternate location in case of smoke.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at [email protected], or (425) 647-6965.

Date: 08/14/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm PDT

Location: Crossroads Park
16140 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98008

Created by:   Fiona Murray

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Side Dish (15) - Please tell me what you're bringing!
  14 of 15 slots filled
Christy Bear
Pea Salad
Karen Tennyson (10)
Not sure
Janet Schmitt
Greek salad with feta cheese
Phil Hymel
Margie Ye
Tea eggs
Vegetarian Side Dish (15) - Please tell me what you're bringing!
  3 of 15 slots filled
Catherine Minch
Cheese Slices
Hanna Floss
Cassidy Faber
Dessert (10) - Please tell me what you're bringing!
  6 of 10 slots filled
Bill & Barbara Galler
Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake
Jane Paige
berry crisp
Janet Schmitt
Watermelon slices
Doug Hightower
No Bake Oreo Cookie Cheesecake
Aaron Tam
Homegrown plums
Oolaa kay
Gluten Free Dessert (5) - Please tell me what you're bringing!
  1 of 5 slots filled
Jessica Forsythe
GF dessert
Drinks (8) - Please tell me what you're bringing!
  2 of 8 slots filled
Lisq Weber
2 cases of water, regular and fizzy
Zachary Collins
3x12-pack soft drinks
Help Set-up (3)
  1 of 3 slots filled
Kate Butt
Myself and willing hands.
Help clean up (3)
  2 of 3 slots filled
Lisq Weber
2 pairs of hands.
Laurie Scott
salad, fruit ?
Help serve/manage food (3)
  1 of 3 slots filled
Margit Moore
Fruit and/or appetizer
Responses:     Yes: 22     No: 0     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 35     Maybe: 1

YES (22) -  

Zachary Collins (2 guests)

Cassidy Faber (2 guests)

Jessica Forsythe (1 guest)

Margit Moore (1 guest)

mary wirta (1 guest)

Aaron Tam (2 guests)

Margie Ye (2 guests)

Phil Hymel (1 guest)
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Jane Aras (2 guests)

Doug Hightower (2 guests)

Janet Schmitt (1 guest)

Hanna Floss (2 guests)

Jane Paige (2 guests)

Laurie Scott (1 guest)

Lauri Deaton-Grein (1 guest)

Kate Butt (1 guest)

Bill & Barbara Galler (2 guests)

Lisq Weber (2 guests)

Karen Tennyson (1 guest)

Catherine Minch (1 guest)

Christy Bear (4 guests)

Fiona Murray (1 guest)

MAYBE (1) +