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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Events
09/30/2021 (Thu.) Guest Day  9:00am  

Guest Day (80)

All slots filled
Tom Chicca (2)
playing with Jeff Stevenson 15.1 handicap index
Fred Chiccone (2)
Playing with Dennis Ayers (Rattlewood)
Richard Fields (2)
With Bill Knott 12 index
Andy Finkel (2)
Playing w Paul Littman, Hobbits. Both walking
Steven Feldstein (2)
My partner will be Bill Norton - He has a 13.2 index and his handicap from the GOLD is 9
Steve Roderick (2)
Joe Smith HDCP 8.0 Timbers of Troy
Greg Douglas (2)
My guest is John Doherty. I estimate his handicap is 18; he doesn’t keep an official handicap.
Nick Yaksich (2)
Guest - Gary Harris - 14.4 Turf Valley
Randy Maddox (2)
with Derheim(original Guest partner dropped)
Carl Wikse (2)
Playing with Tyler Wikse (son). Handicap 9 from golds. Would like to play with Dave Hohman and guest.
Greg Dickman (2)
with David Krausz
Rick Fornadel (2)
Playing with Rey Thomas estimated handicap 13
Brad Greene (2)
W/ Mitch Orcutt 10.9 HCP
Nick Girardi (2)
Playing with Frank Frodyma 22.8 index.
David Hohman (2)
Playing with Ron Ries from Leisure World index 28.5
Kevin Kokes (2)
With Bruce Winstead
Reg Hahne
Walking...Match Play with Tim Seelaus
Len Moyer (2)
guest: Tim Kowalchick, Montgomery CC index 14.9
Chris Lehner (2)
w/Bruce Wallick, HDCP index, 18.2
Dwight Johnson (2)
Guest is Don Wheeler (estimated handicap 24)
Jim Bona (2)
Guest Pat McMann hdcp 15 from gold
Keith Thompson (2)
Guest, Art Crisafuli, from Argyle CC
Robert Smith (2)
Walker, Guest Joe Cherry, estimated index 24.2, Est Gold Handicap 20
Mike Caporaletti (2)
guest is Mike (James) Tuck Index 31.3 @ Timbers of Troy. Same foursome with Chicca/Stevenson
Bruce Johnson (2)
playing with Hank Weiss, Leisure World, 12.9 handicap
Ian Sumner (2)
Eric Sumner, no Hcp, estimate @ 18
Felton Satterfield (2)
Barbara Collins 31 handicap will be playing with Mason Sebastian and his wife Joanne
Mason Sebastian (2)
with my wife, JoAnne, playing with the Satterfields
Mark Feinberg (2)
guest David Delaney handicap 22
Dave Thomas (2)
Tom Deck is my guest 8.8 handicap
Mark Cardwell (2)
with Ray Akerson
Cecil Phillips (2)
Guest: Bill Hopkinson Index 27.6
Mac Ramsey (2)
Don Pollock index 16.8
Rich Roca (2)
Guest is Reed Harrison. Handicap Index is 26.2.
Lew Shipp (2)
Susan Shipp
Neil Bucklew (2)
Neil Bucklew Tim Whalen. Tim's handicap at Hobbit's Glen is 16
stevon sutton (2)
stevon sutton, guest Charles Robinson --H/C 16
Mark Wichlin (2)
Walking with Steve Pope
Tim Seelaus
walking; play match with Reg Hahne
Doug Brooks (2)
Warren Gift index20.4
Rick Bergin (2)
Partner with Mike Doyle
10/07/2021 (Thu.) Championship Series #6  9:00am  

Players (72)

33 of 72 slots filled
Ian Sumner
Gerry Logue
Craig Ostrom
John Weiss
Rick Fornadel
Jerome Carr
Mark Wichlin
Greg Douglas
Mac Ramsey
Chuck Berger
Bruce Winstead
Mark Cardwell
Tim Seelaus
Jim Burrows
Fred Chiccone
Mike Caporaletti
Charles Schwenz
Robert Egge
Curt Island
Keith Thompson
Carl Wikse
Wayne Moore
stevon sutton
stevon sutton
Robert Smith
Reg Hahne
Dave Thomas
Brooke Greer
Steve Pope
Jim Freiert
Bill Stetka
Neil Bucklew
Steven Gaudio
Doug Brooks
MISGA Norbeck, cost $60, cash, check or credit card  9:00am  

Players (24)

Anything over 22 will result in a lottery. Sign up will close on 10/1/21

10 of 24 slots filled
Pete Marcelli
Andy Finkel
David Krausz
Richard Violette
Tom Chicca
Richard Fields
Greg Dickman
Bruce Johnson
Ralph Bowe
Joe Duklewski
10/14/2021 (Thu.) 4Man ABCD  9:00am  

A Placeholder

Ian Sumner
10/20/2021 (Wed.) Naval Academy   

A Place Holder

Richard Violette
MISGA: Holly Hills  9:00am  

A Placeholder

Pete Marcelli
10/21/2021 (Thu.) Ian's Choice  9:00am  

A Placeholder

HGSGA Signup
MISGA Hampshire Greens  9:00am  

A Placeholder

HGSGA Signup
10/28/2021 (Thu.) 2-Man Scramble  9:00am  

A Placeholder

HGSGA Signup
11/04/2021 (Thu.) TBD  9:00am  

A Placeholder

11/11/2021 (Thu.) TBD  9:00am  

A Placeholder

11/18/2021 (Thu.) TBD  9:00am  

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