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Catholic Community of Hampton/Richland Township

Mass Attendance June 27-July 2

Please Follow the Directives Below Before Mass Signup

  • Because the obligation to attend Sunday Mass has been lifted, if you have a flexible schedule, please consider receiving the Eucharist during a weekday Mass where the attendance will be lighter than on the weekend.
  • Social distancing and proper sanitation will be observed.
  • Those over the age of 65 with vulnerable health conditions are encouraged not to attend Mass in person.
  • If you are experiencing any signs of illness (cough, runny nose, fever, etc.), for the safety of others, please do not attend Mass in person.
  • You must wear a face mask. Masks may only be removed when receiving Holy Communion.
  • All those entering the building must use hand sanitizer as they enter and exit.
  • Holy Communion will be distributed after Mass to all those in attendance. Please follow the directions of the ministers of hospitality for how to receive Holy Communion while maintaining proper social distancing.
  • The Precious Blood will not be distributed during Holy Communion.
  • You must leave the church immediately following your reception of Holy Communion - do not return to your seat – go directly to your vehicle.
  • You must sit in the designated pews and leave at least 6 feet in between families. Please follow the directions from the ministers of hospitality.
  • Holy Water fonts will remain empty.
  • All hymnals and worship aids have been removed.
  • There will be no holding hands at the Our Father, and no Sign of Peace.
  • If you have not yet signed up to make your financial contribution online, please drop your offertory envelope in the designated bin in the narthex when you enter or exit the church.

In order to give all those who wish to receive the Eucharist the opportunity to do so, please be considerate and sign up for only

ONE (1) Weekend Mass OR ONE (1) Weekday Mass.

Created by:   Lisa Cuzzo
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
06/27/2020 (Sat.) St.Catherine of Sweden 4:00pm  

Weekend Mass (150)

101 of 150 slots filled
Bill Farmer
Dorothy Ley
Joan Carey
Carol Nover
Greta Stash
Thomas Eberle
Alexandria Gavin (2)
Art Groll
Mary Anne Kilburg (6)
Lynne Hays
Anna Norman (4)
Pauline Parker
Robert & Doris Smith
Robert & Doris Smith
Glenn Amurgis
Lisa Wagner (4)
Chris Yakim (4)
Willie Slebodik (2)
Jim Kaczynski (2)
Fran O’Toole
Ann & Dennis O’Connor
Charles @ Jackie Raco
Mary Zik
Nancy Michel
Mark & Donna Blasinsky (2)
Donna Kelly (3)
Reine, Kimmy
Bob& Millie McDonough (2)
Katherine Plany
Chris Cottrill
Bill Evancho
Wayne Wagner
Betsy Wagner
Ann Meyer
John Carson (2)
Robert Prislipsky (2)
Nancy Best (2)
Claudia Slusser
Michael And Lori Hinson (2)
Kathleen Monroe (2)
Thomas Lavelle (2)
Michele DeLeonibus
Linda Fisher
Tina Fedko (3)
Lisa Ference (3)
Janet & Sam Stojanovic (2)
Mary Kay Roth (2)
Michael Laffin (3)
Susan Profeta (2)
Gretchen Homer
carol henn
M Firrell (4)
Becky Kaercher (4)
Greg Smith
Jeff Porter (3)
John Gruendel
St. Richard 5:00pm  

Weekend Mass (150)

133 of 150 slots filled
Ginny Donahoe
Sheila Ryan
Chris Conly
Josie and Bobby Crooks (2)
Ted Anthony
Mike and Sarah Benca (2)
Lou and Edie Vitti (2)
Joan Schick (2)
Norma Mancuso
Rob Mercer (5)
Joyce Purdue (2)
Diana & Grady Toa (2)
Dorothy Danko
Benjamin Stalder (3)
Kathy Parsons
Cheryl Schoone (9)
Karen Monfredi (3)
Bob, Karen & Megan Monfredi
Jerry McNalley (2)
David Cowgill (2)
Mary Jean Goodrich
Patty Lusnak
Martina Allison (2)
Maria Jaksec (4)
Maureen Connolly
Larry Weigand (3)
Susan Mutschler
Mel Abuyo (2)
Dave & Val Dobies
Sister Marie Fidelis Sledgeski (3)
Ron & Claire Molinaro (2)
John Slagel (2)
Jacklynn Good
Judy Ranalli
Joseph Vargo
stephen chulick
Mike & Mary Ann Gerken (2)
Michele Elder (2)
Jessie Thompson
Chris Cottrill
Theresa Talarico (2)
Linda Fortuna
Richard Guernsey
Melissa Sullivan
Greg and Carol Krivacek (2)
hospitality minister
Donna Gillespie
erica ledonne (2)
Sarah McGarry (3)
Sarah, Michael, Jacob
sean holleran
Michael McDonough (3)
Melinda McDonough & Maggie McDonough
Amanda Crocco (4)
Jackie Weigand (2)
Eric Domitrovic (2)
Chuck Leitsch
Robin Betza (3)
David & Leah Dieteman (2)
Sue DiCello (2)
Jerry Muth
bob muth (2)
Joseph Lafko (2)
Bowling Family (2)
David A. Winsko
Philip Canzian (2)
Jack Miller (3)
Deb & Joe Petak (2)
Garret Hansen
Charles Schellhaas (6)
Doug Schwab (3)
06/28/2020 (Sun.) St.Catherine of Sweden 9:15am  

Weekend Mass (165)

153 of 165 slots filled
Michael Tulley
Peggy Krigger
Monica Mannerino (9)
Jim & Cathy Tolley (2)
Eileen Poppa
Colleen Pfeifer (2)
Janet Briski (2)
Cynthia Rivosecchi (2)
Kevin and Margaret Lacek (2)
Chas & Mary Ann Knoer (2)
paul Bogdon
barbara Bogdon
Joe Beri
Mary Holmes (2)
Mary and Trisha Holmes- Trisha is altar serving
Tom and Paula Duffy
Tom and Paula
Mary Lou Kisic (2)
Carolyn Talerico (3)
Bert Murhammer (2)
Karen Henderson
Matthew Veazey (4)
Mary Lamagna
Kate Dunn (4)
Stephanie Thompson (4)
Sheila Monarko
Lori Clinton
Jonathan Gruber (4)
Eileen Austin
Mike Monaco
Paul Palmer
dennis kuremsky (2)
Jay Anderson (2)
Vanessa Harrison (3)
Joel Norman
Sabrina Knox (2)
David Dunn (2)
Thomas Lynch (2)
Colleen Turcsanyi (5)
Richard DeFilippo
Kate Bergman (2)
Ron & Kate Bergman
Allison Ware
S Luksik (4)
Jo Luther
Greg Norman
With Joel Norman
Thomas Eberle
Marissa Foht (4)
Dave Smiddle
Weibel Family (3)
Ray Loscar (2)
Joe Austin (13)
sean holleran
Karen Brienza (4)
Kathleen Matesic (2)
with Teresa Plunkett
Gregory Secen
Russell and K.C. Demor
Kara Mosbacher (4)
Tracy Reich
Jerry and Jean Thimons (2)
Walt Broniszewski
Jay Zaharko (6)
Chris Ritz
Lou Tierno
Cassy Kuzniewski (5)
Ben Giovannelli (2)
Patty & Ben
Mike Susi
Mike & Janis Mottola (2)
Richard Matessa (2)
David Drnevich (3)
St. Richard 10:00am  

Weekend Mass (175)

153 of 175 slots filled
Diane Rudolph
Angela Gross
Bob and Linda Norris (2)
Gary and Patti Deschamps (2)
Craig O'Connor
Ave Bacher
Doris Nypaver
Ray and Alice Bender (2)
Larry Burwinkel (2)
Barbara Pollak
Stephen Gaughan
Ernest Kosty
Kevin Conley (4)
Michele Acker (3)
Jithesh Louis (4)
Tom Bridge (6)
Mary Minerd
Deborah Lechien
Cindy Cresta (3)
Cindy Cresta
Sarah Fisher (2)
Frank Riegler (2)
We can work if you want
Renee Frazier (5)
Nate, Renee, Colton, Weston and Collins Frazier
Fred and Joyce Matko
Carl R. Mele
Christine Wateska (3)
Mary Moretti (2)
Debbie Brumberg
Loretta Metz
Nancy Krepps
Joseph & Terry Wentz (2)
Tom O'Connor (2)
Brock Malky (2)
Ave Bacher
James Rice
Elizabeth Rice
Jane Hromika
Melissa Sullivan
Hardy Family (4)
Joanne Giovannini
Mark Ryan (2)
Ellen Davis (2)
Linda Celigoi
Jim Hull (3)
Antoinette Matessa (2)
Joseph Sharp (6)
Nadine Tripodi (2)
Cynthia Foley (2)
Aaron Domitrovic (3)
Doug Keverline (7)
Tami Greene (4)
Greg Smith
Katy Wygant (5)
Katherine Kolber (2)
Lisa Fleming (2)
Mark McCoy (4)
Smallwood Family (4)
Mary Perko (2)
Vincent Ambrose (4)
Family of 4
Patty Laurent
Matt Karczewski
Galvez Family (3)
Linda Gladziszewski
Chris Conrad
Joe Buck (3)
Katy Johnson (2)
Mary Folmer
John Moffett
Eva Moffett
Sarah Jancy (5)
06/29/2020 (Mon.) St. Catherine of Sweden 9:00am  

Weekday Mass (100)

33 of 100 slots filled
Greta Stash
Madeline Reuther
Thomas Eberle
Chas Knoer
paul Bogdon
Denise Oberst
Thomas Merhaut
dennis kuremsky
Barbara Wilson (2)
Plus one guest
Mary Weber
Tina Benedek-Grimm (7)
Cynthia Rivosecchi
Dave Smiddle
Robert Sementelli
Debbie Salibi (2)
Denise Scanlon (2)
Beth Murray
Beth Palmer (2)
Joni Mulvaney
Leslie Mitros
s luksik
kenneth hartman
Bridget Laffin
06/30/2020 (Tue.) St. Richard 9:00am  

Weekday Mass (100)

40 of 100 slots filled
Rich and Rosie Becker (2)
Thomas Eberle
paul Bogdon
Sister Marie Fidelis Sledgeski (6)
Greta Stash
Mary Jordan
Brock Malky
Linda Wallace
Melissa Sullivan
dennis kuremsky
Stacey Ribar (3)
Mike, Stacey, Rowan
Louis Corbelli
Matt Karczewski
Jean Gabor
Debbie Salibi (2)
Beth Murray
Janet Lefler
Tom Kull
mike & mary ann gerken (2)
Michael Tulley
Nancy Sanick
Neal Murphy
James Rice
Elizabeth Rice
Lenore Novak
Tom and Paula Duffy
Tina Fedko
Dave Obermeier
Chrissie Yeschke
Mary Weber
07/01/2020 (Wed.) St.Catherine of Sweden 9:00am  

Weekday Mass (100)

37 of 100 slots filled
Greta Stash
Madeline Reuther
Thomas Eberle
Chas Knoer
paul Bogdon
Wil Barber (2)
Marie Claus
Barbara Wilson
Shannon Mesko (2)
Shannon and John Mesko
Maura McDowell
Suzanne Zasloff
Linda Gladziszewski
Beverly Klinefelter
Fran O'Toole
Ann O'Connor
Jacki Weaver
Robert Sementelli
Beth Murray
Leslie Mitros
Sandy Dunmire
Janet Lefler
Tom Kull
Mike Palbus
Jackie Good
Marilyn Lynch
Mary Weber
Philip Cox
Justin Probst
Joni Mulvaney
s luksik
Meg Kirby
Elizabeth Rice
Emily Cunningham (2)
Dave Obermeier
07/02/2020 (Thu.) St. Richard 9:00am  

Weekday Mass (100)

53 of 100 slots filled
Thomas Eberle
paul Bogdon
Sister Marie Fidelis Sledgeski (6)
Carolyn Talerico (2)
Greta Stash
Mary Jordan
Brock Malky
dennis kuremsky
Vanessa Harrison
Matt Karczewski
Mary Sanaonetti
Debbie Salibi (2)
Beth Murray
Tom Kull
Michael Tulley
Linda Celigoi
sean holleran
Judy Young
Thank You!
Peg Harding
Thomas Merhaut
Stu & Peg Nutter (2)
mike & mary ann gerken (2)
Linda Duessel (2)
Christine Gates (2)
Eileen Karpuszka
Jim and Dee Hughes (2)
Dave Smiddle
Debbie Brumberg
Teresa Betz (2)
Teresa and Mariah Betz
Robert & Virginia Muth (2)
Alex Gust
Ellen Davis
Ginni Slomkowski
Justin Probst
Tina Fedko
Lori Hinson
Len & Margie Weidner (2)
Joni Mulvaney
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