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Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat CAR Sign Up Sheet

Thank you for signing up to host a TRUNK!! You and your car/ truck are so important in making this event fun and impacting the community. I know that sounds silly, but it's true! We want to encourage you to have FUN with your trunk!! Pick a Theme, Decorate BIG, engage with those stopping by, and just have FUN!! 

Here are some things to expect as you prepare to host: 

1. Please have your car in place no later than 1:00pm. The event will be from 2:00-4:00pm. After 1:30, the driveways will be closed to cars so that we can provide a safe walk through area. Your car will need to be in place until after the event ends and the driveway area is opened back up. The parking area will be available to you by 12:00 to begin decorating your trunk. 

2. Please have some sort of GIVEAWAY. It can be candy, a bag of chips, a pencil... A great idea would be to pick a theme for your car and then choose your giveaway based on that theme. An example would be a StarWars theme trunk giving away Milky Ways or Milk Duds (something galactic) or a Finding Nemo theme trunk giving away Swedish Fish candy or Goldfish. Have fun and be creative. Also, we are planning on 500 community and church friends coming through so be prepared! If you need help with this, please let us know! Please let us know your "theme" so that we don't have 50 Star Wars or 50 Mickey Mouse or 50 Noah's Ark. It can be any theme as long as it's honoring to the Lord! 

3. Because of the timing of our morning worship and the event, we will be providing lunch to your family/team who is volunteering for the afternoon. We want to do this as a way to say thank you but also to make life a little easier on that Sunday! Please make sure to let us know if you plan to need lunch or if you will be providing your own. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Lauren Morris or Leslie McCoy as they organize this part of the our fun afternoon! 

Date: 10/31/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm EDT

Location: VCOM in the Northside

Created by:   Kimmy LaMee

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Trunk Team (100)
  58 of 100 slots filled
Aubrey Welborn
Toy Story
Kendall Humphries
Arielle Pruitt
Pink/Black/Orange Pumpkins
Megan Chitwood (4)
Kid friendly spooky
Melody Brady
Cookie Monster/ Sesame Street
Deandra Comer
Candy Land
Todd Williams
Shannon Fike
Baby Shark
Caroline Goodman
Jurassic Park
Kim Howell
Star Wars
Brooke Jones (2)
Concession Stand / Napoleon Dynamite
Jennifer Barone
Kim Meeks
Wizard of OZ with a Toto (therapy dog)
Matt Kuhn
Madison Biggerstaff
dgroup- Pirates of Caribbean
Margaret Stephens (2)
Melanie Wiley
winter wonderland
Lori Barwick (3)
Up Movie
Melissa Slonim (3)
Allison Waugh
Not sure
Jeni Allred
Ezekial - these bones will rise again
Stacy Davis
Janet Barone
still deciding
Quazar Partington
Mayte Sandrin
Scarecrow and sunflower
Tessa Porter
Dr. Seuss
Sharon Welborn (3)
Chase Humphries (2)
Duck Duck Jeep
Boyce Warton
Carmeisha White
Narda Morris
Will Ford
Delaine Gilden
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween
Melanie Rhyne 9th grade girls D-group (5)
Chris Gardner
Kerri Redding
Farmer and Animals
Shae Wall
Lesa Banks
James & Dunn
Holy Ghosts!
Sondra Biggerstaff
Clay & Brandi Phillips
Something Eye-related
Responses:     Yes: 52     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 216     Maybe: 0

YES (52) -  

LOUIS MARTIN (6 guests)

Clay & Brandi Phillips (5 guests)

Sondra Biggerstaff (2 guests)

James & Dunn (2 guests)

Dawn Ford (6 guests)
10th grade Girls Dgroup

Lesa Banks (2 guests)

Hannah Deahl (4 guests)

Shae Wall (10 guests)
9th grade DGroup boys

Kerri Redding (14 guests)
8th grade girls d group

Chris Gardner (4 guests)

Melanie Rhyne 9th grade girls D-group (5 guests)

Delaine Gilden (5 guests)

Will Ford (6 guests)
Williams home group

Narda Morris (6 guests)

Carmeisha White (6 guests)

Boyce Warton (2 guests)

Chase Humphries (2 guests)

Leah Guerrero (6 guests)

Sharon Welborn (3 guests)

Tessa Porter (3 guests)

Megan Zuercher (2 guests)

Mayte Sandrin (4 guests)

Quazar Partington (4 guests)

Janet Barone (5 guests)

Stacy Davis (6 guests)

Allison Waugh (6 guests)

Melissa Slonim (3 guests)

Lori Barwick (3 guests)

Jeni Allred (1 guest)

Melanie Wiley (9 guests)

Margaret Stephens (1 guest)

Meredith Savage (2 guests)

Madison Biggerstaff (6 guests)
So excited!! 10th grade girls dgroup

Matt Kuhn (5 guests)

Kim Meeks (1 guest)

Jennifer Barone (2 guests)

Brooke Jones (5 guests)

Kim Howell (5 guests)

Angie Crowley (2 guests)

Caroline Goodman (4 guests)

Shannon Fike (4 guests)

Todd Williams (1 guest)

Ashley Landon (5 guests)

Lindsay Gregory (2 guests)

Deandra Comer (2 guests)

Jessica Sizemore (4 guests)

Melody Brady (2 guests)

Megan Chitwood (5 guests)

Arielle Pruitt (4 guests)

Lindsay Mercer (6 guests)

Kendall Humphries (2 guests)

Aubrey Welborn (4 guests)

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